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    COVID Wash Hands Optimized 2

    Coronavirus Awareness: COVID-19 Safety Signs

    In an effort to help raise awareness for the precautions necessary to slow the transmission of COVID-19 (also know as the coronavirus), we’ve compiled a free downloadable "COVID-19 Safety Signs" kit you can use to show on your digital signage, to include wherever you share digital media, or to[…]

    10 k-12 edtech influencers you should be following

    10 K-12 EdTech Influencers You Should Be Following

    In a time where technology in the classroom is constantly changing and evolving, it can be hard to keep up with everything that’s new and cutting edge. The days of chalk and chalkboard are long over, and we’ve shifted into a realm where the number of education tools and resources are almost[…]

    The Rise Vision Guide  to Hiring Signage

    The Rise Vision Guide to Hiring Signage

    Hiring personnel is one of the most critical endeavors any organization can undertake. No company, school or organization can grow without employees and hiring for the wrong cultural fit is a potential disaster in the making. One way you can recruit people to join your organization and keep your it[…]

    What software do I need for a digital sign?

    What Software Do I Need for a Digital Sign?

    Digital signage (or digital signs) offers significant advantages over traditional static signage. It’s tough to make a billboard look engaging or feel interactive, while digital signage is objectively more compelling and engaging, especially for younger viewers.

    The Top 10 welcome sign ideas for schools offices and venues

    The Top 10 Welcome Sign Ideas for Schools, Offices and Venues

    It’s safe to say we’re full swing into the digital age. There’s really no turning back now. And when it comes to welcome signs, you can still take the handmade “arts and crafts” route when making a great welcome sign, or you can turn to digital signage.

    Free Stock Images for Your Digital Signage: 9 Websites to Bookmark

    Free Stock Images for Your Digital Signage: 9 Websites to Bookmark

    Using pre-designed, animated Templates on your digital signage is the easiest way to have fresh and engaging content show on your displays without having to spend hours and hours each week creating designs. Templates save time by allowing you to incorporate personalized elements with an existing[…]

    Thames Valley Inspires Creativity with Digital Signage

    Case Study: Thames Valley Inspires Creativity with Digital Signage

    Graeme Plant, Technologies Learning Coordinator, TVDSB

    Student of the Month: The Guide to Inclusive Achievement Awards

    Student of the Month: The Guide to Inclusive Achievement Awards

    In the era of the participation trophy, individual student achievement awards have become slightly controversial. Is it better to give token awards to all students regardless of performance, or does this type of unconditional reinforcement contribute to a “slacker society”? Does only rewarding high[…]

    Emergency-Notification Systems Ultimate Guide Schools Businesses

    Emergency Notification Systems: The Ultimate Guide for Schools and Businesses

    An emergency notification system (ENS) is a tool or a set of tools that lets you pass urgent messages out quickly to everyone who needs to know.

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