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Senior Living Digital Signage

Digital signage has become the number one way senior living facilities can improve communication between staff and residents.

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Senior Living Nursing Home Digital Signage
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From displaying smiling faces of grandchildren to reducing unnecessary staff engagement - digital signage is the safe and effective communication system that every senior care facility needs today.


Why choose Rise Vision?

Since 1992 Rise Vision has been providing over 9,000 organizations across North America with affordable and easy to use digital signage solutions. When it comes to digital signage software, we’re a top choice for schools, universities, and senior living facilities.

Easy to Operate Digital Signage

Easy To Operate

Rise Vision was designed to be easy to use and substantially reduces the time required to manage digital signage. We’ve found that our customers were spending up to 16 hours a week scheduling and creating digital signage content. We’ve reduced that workload down to minutes.

Additionally, our templates gallery has hundreds of pre-made templates designed to save you time. Simply pick a template, edit the text, insert your logo and you’re done!

Easy to Read Digital Signage

Easy To Read

All Rise Vision templates are designed to be scalable at any size. Every template has been vectorized which means they will look perfect at any resolution. This is particularly helpful for elderly audiences who prefer large text at high contrast.

Operating System Agnostic Digital Signage

Operating System Agnostic

Rise Vision was designed to work with all major digital signage operating systems. Whether you’re running Windows, Chrome, Linux, or even Raspberry Pi - Rise Vision will work seamlessly. If you ever decide to switch or upgrade to different signage technology, Rise Vision can easily adapt to whatever technology you choose.

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“We use Rise Vision to display marketing videos, safety videos, consumer The vividness of the displays and "pop" they have on our tv's is impressive. It is like an ad one might see on tv. This is not a fancy power point. It is on a whole different level.”

— Jeff Heck, Evansville Christian School
Evansville Christian School
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Why Senior Care Facilities Use Digital Signage

Congregate living facilities present their own set of challenges when it comes to keeping residents and staff effectively informed. Whether you are sharing news from one floor to another or one building to the next, or room to room, digital signage can be programmed from one location to meet a variety of needs. They facilitate a level of communication that saves staff time for the all-important, day-to-day interactions with senior residents.
At a time when many facilities are operating with reduced staff digital signage allows less staff to interact with seniors at one time, helping to limit unnecessary exposure during this COVID-19 environment.

Share Family Photos

Creating a sense of community can be a challenge within senior care facilities. The children and grandchildren of residents often live at a distance from the care facility. So, interactions between staff and residents take on heightened importance. Yet, when employees are stretched thin, technology can help! Photos of grandchildren can be shown to brighten everyone’s day. With Rise Vision, you can display running slideshows of the residents’ grandchildren or personalized videos from grandchild to grandparent, reducing isolation.

Resident Recognition - Birthdays, Events, & Milestones

Who doesn’t like a bit of recognition? Celebrating birthdays by displaying them on a digital board can make residents feel appreciated and seen. Digital signage is also a great way of highlighting milestones – anniversaries, volunteer tenures, grandchildren graduating grade levels, the possibilities are unlimited.

This has the added benefit of encouraging communication between residents, giving people something fun and lighthearted to share and talk about. Digital signage can be used as a way to increase community and reduce isolation.

What’s for Lunch?

That is a common refrain in congregate settings. Under normal circumstances, mealtimes are seen as an opportunity to enjoy nourishing food in the company of other residents. Curiosity about lunch, what’s on the menu, when will it be served are questions easily answered through digital signage, without the hassle of having to mark-up a whiteboard and deal with concerns about legibility. Our templates can adjust the size of the font, so clarity and legibility cease to be of concern. They are easy to edit, from mealtime to mealtime.

Daily Events

Keeping seniors engaged requires ingenuity. Before COVID-19, it was common to see easels holding a bulletin board of some kind, listing community events that seniors sign up at the front desk to attend. Transportation was provided by the facility or other senior service nonprofits. Today, those same events are being streamed into homes and facilities. Annual film festivals, museum tours, and other activities have pivoted to virtual events, available through the internet. Digital signage is a great communication tool for staff to get the information and convey it to individual residents confined to their rooms and in serious need of some form of interaction or entertainment.

In that vein, Rise Vision created a digital template that offers recorded bingo sessions that you can pull up on a schedule.

Display Emergency Notifications

Emergencies can happen at any moment. Whether it’s a fire or natural disaster, we all need systems in place to make sure we keep people safe. In a senior facility, it can be even more important.

Rise Vision has partnered with PunchAlert to provide instantaneous emergency notification broadcasting. Any facility that uses PunchAlert and Rise Vision can automatically push emergency notifications to all digital signage during an emergency situation. When minutes count, as in the recent California wildfires, this technology can save lives.

Tis The Season!

Rise Vision offers many pre-made templates that are themed for various seasons and holidays. This is a huge time saver for departments in charge of announcements and orchestrating seasonal events.

Healthcare Awareness

It’s imperative during these times to reinforce personal hygiene tips and facts. Equally important, you must be able to communicate the latest news on the progression of pandemics and other health issues that pertain to seniors.

At Rise Vision, this has been a primary focus for 2020. We’ve developed several COVID-19 themed templates to help everyone stay up-to-date with the latest healthcare tips and announcements.


It’s never too late to learn! Rise Vision is a leader in educational digital signage. And we know that seniors need to keep learning as well.

Rise Vision is an ideal platform for anyone who plans on educating groups of seniors (at their facility). Whether it’s education regarding Medicare enrollment, staying healthy, or retirement information - digital signage is the modern and more effective way to deliver educational content to groups.

This is also an ideal platform for staff educational team training. With so much in flux, when it comes to safely managing healthcare settings, this is a great tool.

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What do you need to get started with Rise Vision?

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To share Rise Vision to digital signage you need a digital signage display or TV and a digital signage media player if it isn't built into the TV.

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