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Digital Hall Of Fame

Are you running out of space on your walls for plaques? What about that dusty trophy case? Are you still using bulletin boards to honor your employees of the month? Looking for new ways to honor outstanding students, MVP athletes, generous donors?

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Digital Hall of Fame
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Instead of a plaque on a crowded wall, you can use digital signage to create a hall of fame that can be updated instantaneously and give your star students, staff, and alumni the recognition they deserve.

Ditch the traditional boards and save precious time and money with our cloud-based digital signage system. Imagine being able to create a digital hall of fame that reaches multiple screens, all from just one device. With cloud-based technology, you can seamlessly display content within a matter of minutes.


Why go digital?

Walls don’t have to be boring. Give your visitors an engaging, visually-stimulating display that your staff, donors, outstanding educators or star athletes deserve for their achievements. You can bring your static dedication walls to life with our wide range of digital signage features.

Digital signage is easy, legible, and saves you money. With our cloud-based digital signage, you can seamlessly display all your content from one place. From university lobbies highlighting staff achievements, to boards honoring first responders who have risked their lives to help their communities, to gymnasiums displaying high school track team records, Rise Vision has easy, intuitive digital signage recognition for your every need.

Traditional recognition boards – like plaques, notices on corkboards, trophy cases or posters take time. It’s labor-intensive and costly to maintain traditional boards, which need to be updated on-site. Every traditional sign change requires new printing and/or installation fees which can be costly and time-consuming.

Nowadays, over-filled dedication walls covered in metal plaques which only bear names can look tired and boring. Digital signage allows you to add video and photos, use bright graphics, and a number of features to keep your audience engaged and add a face to the names of employees, teachers, or students you wish to honor.

Imagine how easy it will be for an athletic director to pay homage to the history of your school’s achievements in sports, alongside their current MVPs.

At Rise Vision, we also save you the time of having to design your own signs. Simply fill out one of our many dynamic, stylish, and easy-to-read templates to make digital signage easy for you.

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Easy Digital Hall Of Fame Signage

Rise Vision makes building a digital hall of fame easy for you with our innovative cloud-based software that allows you to update and switch out information on digital signage from anywhere, at any time. Display your employee of the month throughout multiple offices or honor your university professor who just received a prestigious award across campus with the click of a button through our cloud-based technology.

Your school basketball team just won the division title over the weekend? You can greet them with congratulations on a digital hall of fame board easily by Monday morning.

Save 16 hours a week with our easy-to-use free templates. Let us do the heavy lifting for the hard work of designing flexible, dynamic digital recognition board templates you can fill out yourself. With Rise Vision, you don’t have to design your own signs from scratch.


If you are an educator, digital signage is a great way to communicate inspirational information about outstanding staff, students and supporters. Rise Vision is your one-stop-shop for your educational signage needs.
Honor outstanding achievements and highlights with student and alumni bios, staff and faculty achievements, athlete records, and more all in one cloud network.

Reward Teachers For Great Work

Looking for a way to reward your teachers for their great work?

From birthday messages to kudos and shout outs, to “Teacher of the Month,” or “Teacher of the Year” awards, digital signage is a great way to recognize outstanding teachers for their hard work. Display teacher achievements and awards in a busy hallway for all the student body to see!

Student Of The Year

Student Of The Month/Year

A digital hall of fame is an easy and great way to create a student recognition program that will motivate your students to succeed and reward them for their accomplishments. Create a “Student of the Month,” or “Student of the Year” digital hall of fame to showcase your star pupils! It’s possible to choose from our wide array of templates to create any number of accolades – from best essay of the month, to outstanding achiever, etc.

Athletic Team Recognition

Athletic Team Recognition

Want to honor members of your High School Sports teams? As an athletic director, you can stay current with a digital hall of fame highlighting your famous sports alumni or the current MVP on each of your school’s athletic teams.

You can create renewed interest in your teams’:

- All-State Players
- Sport Records
- Sport Club Activities

This can help you create the kind of buzz that attracts teachers to take on the role of coaches.

A Rise Vision digital hall of fame can serve all your sports teams through one board. This cloud-based system can rotate through each of the teams to highlight the accomplishments of a winning season and single out the MVP’s that helped to make those wins possible. You can include a team season overview, record, accomplishments, and even videos and images.


Universities face even greater challenges than high school campuses, in getting the word out to a broader audience. Student recruitment draws upon a worldwide pool. Academic standards and the achievements of a university’s athletic teams compete for new students. A digital hall of fame can generate interest in both. You just might catch the eye of a generous donor or two, while you are at it.

Star Professors Digital Signage

Star Professors

Award and recognize the achievements of exceptional university professors through digital signage. Include more information than a name and a plaque on the wall by adding pictures of your outstanding professors so that your student body can put a face to each name.

Star Athletes Schools Digital Signage

Star Athletes

If your university relies on name recognition to draw students, you may be relying on your sports teams to boost that recognition. If your sports teams are helping to put you on the map, give them the recognition they deserve on campus. Digital signage can go deeper into a star athlete’s achievements than a trophy in a case could ever do.

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Additional Use Cases

Highlight Employees Digital Signage

Highlight the employees that make your business stand out with digital signage.

What better way to reward and recognize employees who go above and beyond to hit amazing goals than through a digital network, where their achievements can be seen in every office?
With Rise Vision, you can spotlight outstanding employees throughout your business with employee birthdays, workplace achievements, and more. The screens are everywhere and looked at frequently. This can motivate your other employees and boost morale.

Employee Recognition Digital Signage

Want to recognize your valued donors with a stunning visual display?

Honor your generous donors with the recognition they deserve with a digital donor wall. Say goodbye to the traditional walls of names on metal plaques – no longer will you just see a name on a wall, but a comprehensive, interactive, and personal digital board that tells your donor’s story and shows their face. Allow your donors to be found with a quick search, and include photos, quotes, bios, and more.

Honor First Responders

Honor First Responders with the personalized recognition they deserve.

Thank those first responders who have risked their lives to protect us with a signage solution that says much more than a mere name on a plaque. Commemorate those heroes who have fallen or done courageous things to help their communities with a digital board that can allow you to add a bio, picture, and more to honor them and their selfless service.

Real Estate Agent Digital Signage

Showcase your top Real Estate agents with a digital display.

Honor your top real estate agents with a stylish digital board that showcases your agency’s top real estate agents by including photos, a biography, and their achievements. A digital board with our cloud-networking software allows your top agents to be displayed throughout your agency’s offices, across multiple cities and counties. Spotlighting your top real estate agents with digital signage will not only give your valuable agents recognition for their achievements, but motivate their peers to drive more sales and earn the title of agent of the next month.

“We absolutely love our Halls of Fame display and have received a lot of really positive feedback about it.”

— Sarah E. Freeman, Grady College
University of Georgia Grady College
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Teacher Spotlight

Celebrate your outstanding teachers with our Teacher Spotlight template. Customize the picture and blurb to make your recognition special and personalized.

Student Spotlight

Use our Student Spotlight template to honor star students who go above and beyond in the classroom. You can make this template your own by adding your own logo, customizing the image, and changing the background. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to make your students feel special!

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How do you get started with a digital hall of fame?

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Pick a template

To get started with Rise Vision digital signage software,  you’ll need to first pick a template from our website or from this page and then sign up for a free Rise Vision trial account.

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After picking a template and then creating a Rise Vision trial account, it's time to activate your display.

To share Rise Vision to digital signage you need a digital signage display or TV and a digital signage media player if it isn't built into the TV.

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“We love our hall of fame display, it allows us to showcase and highlight our alumni and history of Platte County Athletics.”

— Phil Dorman, Platte County High School
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