Platte County High School Uses Rise Vision to Create a Digital Hall of Fame

The Problem

Platte County High School used to use static displays mounted on the wall to recognize their All-State players, records and trophies. Although it was a good idea at first, they had  reached the point[…]

Interactive Digital Signage Best Practices

We’ve written about digital signage best practices before, but focused mainly on passive content. Interactive digital signage is a fancy way of saying touchscreens. Many of the best practices from passive content apply to interactive but there are a few important pieces that you need to know about[…]

Case Study: Digital Signage for Internal Communications

A case study illustrating how Custom Ink uses the Rise Vision platform to power their internal office digital signage. CustomInk is the leading online provider of custom apparel and accessories for groups and occasions. Their customers are emotionally invested in their orders, allowing CustomInk to[…]

Why You Need Free Cloud-Based Digital Signage in 2017

It’s 2017. Virtual reality lets you feel what it’s like to fall from the sky, Drone regulation is a serious topic, Full(er) House has returned after 21 years, and chances are you know about and understand digital signage.

7 Reasons You Should be Using Digital Signage to Reach Millennials

There are a lot of reasons why it’s time to switch to digital signage, but reaching your young customers is probably near the top of your list. Whether it’s because millennials make up about 25% of the U.S. population, are the first generation to not know a world without the Internet, or because[…]

5 Reasons You Need a Digital Menu Board

Are you spending too much money updating your menus or printing posters about promotions you’re running? Maybe it’s been years since you even considered making a change to your menus. Are you struggling to retain customers and attract a new audience?

9 Benefits of Digital Signage for Retail

Considering the addition of digital signs to your retail space? You're in good company. An increasing number of banks, retailers, malls, hotels, museums, sports stadiums, universities, airports and other public areas are doing exactly that – taking advantage of the dropping prices and attractive[…]

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