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Manufacturing Digital Signage

Cut sign purchasing costs, improve production quality, and share important safety information with Rise Vision manufacturing digital signage.

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Why use manufacturing digital signage solutions?

Manufacturing facilities and industrial sites are large and typically full of potentially dangerous equipment. Sharing safety information and training videos is one of the most important jobs a manufacturing digital signage solutions can fill in your facility. Positioning workplace safety signs in break rooms, cafeterias, and high traffic areas is an effective way to improve safety by educating employees and keeping them safe from manufacturing incidents or illness. Manufacturing digital signage can also be used to improve productivity and performance of your manufacturing facility. They can help workforce and floor managers understand their impact on the company's overall goals by sharing real time data and company results. Lastly, digital signage for manufacturing can help reduce paper printing costs and the time required to distribute pamphlets or posters throughout your facility. From the comfort of your home or office and at the click of a button you can update all of your signs.

Improve Production Line Safety

Improve Production Line And Employee Safety

Improve the safety of your production staff in your manufacturing facility with safety protocols signs. Quickly customize your safety messages, create Occupational Safety and Health Administration safety signs, 5S signs, chemical safety signs, electrical safety signs, fire safety signs, emergency alerts, hazmat signs, traffic control signage, and more. Then share all of the safety messages and signs you create to TVs in your manufacturing facility.

Increase Productivity And Kpis

Increase Productivity And KPIs

Manufacturing digital signage can help you reach your productivity goals and improve results in your production floor. Share company goals using real time data to help production staff see how they are impacting the company's overall performance. With digital signage for manufacturing you can share quality KPIs, charts, tables, rework, scrap, failed audits, on-time delivery, days since the last accident, profit per employee, and more. Putting these digital signage solutions in highly visible areas at your factory floor will help improve employee and facility performance metrics.

Engage And Entertain Employees

Engage And Entertain Employees

Upgrade your break room and cafeteria with a branded company TV channel. Manufacturing digital signage lets you share company activities, announcements, new product launches, world news, the weather, and more alongside your logo and colors. Entertain your factory floor staff and get them involved in all of the great things happening in your company.

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“We were able to save about $2000 per year in the budget for our town using Rise Vision. Other digital signage services we looked at can cost upward of $1500 per location.”

— Joe Hannay, Critical Concepts Web
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Create A Sense Of Community And Culture

Digital signage for manufacturing can be placed throughout your factory floor and used for internal communications to transmit important company information and initiatives. Consistently repeating your values, mission, and vision to your manufacturing staff on your digital signage display helps build company culture. Sharing initiatives, bonus programs, health programs, and more can also create a sense of community in your facility, improve employee communication and team cohesiveness.

Change Signs Based on The Time of Day and Location

Change Digital Signage Templates Based On The Time Of Day And Location

Share daily announcements and goals at the start of shifts when personnel first come in, switch to goals and KPIs throughout the day, and then switch to news, weather, and lighter information with images as employees are leaving. With a manufacturing digital signage you can target your messages based on following data: time of day and the location of your digital signage throughout your manufacturing facilities.

Remotely Manage Your Manufacturing Sign

Remotely Manage Your Manufacturing Digital Signage from Your Phone, Tablet, or Laptop

Change the content of your digital signage for manufacturing from the comfort of your home, office, or on the go. You don't need to be at your desk or use clunky and complicated desktop digital signage software or tools to keep your signs up to date. You can create and schedule your signs all from your phone, tablet, laptop, or stationary computer.

Create Your Manufacturing Sign In Minutes

Create Your Manufacturing Digital Signage in Minutes

Access a library of animated and engaging manufacturing signs that anyone in your company can use. Get rid of the servers and clunky on-premise software. You won't need IT involved to keep your signs up to date with Rise Vision. Ditch dealing with printed manufacturing signs, messed up orders, and increasing costs. Switch to manufacturing digital signage and you'll be able to keep them updated at the click of a button.

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Trusted By Hundreds Of Leading Manufacturing Companies, Including:

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The Multifaceted Role of Manufacturing Digital Signage

Company Values And Culture

Build a strong culture in your manufacturing facility, share your company values, and the key themes that are important to your organization.

Manufacturing Safety Signs

Create and distribute custom safety messages or OSHA signs throughout your manufacturing facility to increase the safety of your employees.

Employee Recognition Sign

Share birthdays, anniversaries, and recognize employees for their tenure or accomplishments. Build a sense of community and make employees feel proud with an employee recognition sign in your manufacturing facility.

“Being part of the team for our digital manufacturing signs is one of my favourite tasks. It’s gratifying to see results---from concept to design to someone responding to what they’ve seen.”

— Danny Clayton, Kapco
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Cafeteria TV

Use digital manufacturing signage to keep employees informed and entertained in your breakroom, lunchroom, or cafeteria. Share the weather, your social channels, videos, and company information.

Company Events And Announcements Digital Sign

Company Events and Announcements

Connect your manufacturing sign to a calendar to share company events and announcements with your employees. Help them get more involved in your company and improve employee engagement.

Manufacturing Welcome Sign

Use digital signage for the factory to welcome your partners, customers, employees, and visitors to your facility. Highlight your brand, share your company history, values, and unique value proposition.


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"My electronics company decided to update our lobby welcome sign from a simple PowerPoint slideshow to something more interactive. I have been very pleased with both the product as well as the support from the team at Rise Vision. The content options available for this simple application are good, as is the ability to take a stock template and tweak it to our own look & feel. Thanks!"

— Douglas Hitchcock, Exide
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