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Digital signage doesn’t
have to be difficult.

Since 1992 we have been thinking about how we can help our customers have great-looking displays. It’s an obsession we have.

Today, our primary focus is education and the over 3,000 schools we serve. To deliver on our promise of making sure digital signage isn’t difficult we provide new templates every week (over 500 of them so far) to keep a school’s displays current and engaging for little effort, and we make sure they stay running with greater than 99% uptime.

By 2027 we want to be helping 10,000 K-12 schools communicate better.

Trusted by 9,000+ organizations, including:
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The Team

Adi Turiya

Senior Developer

Alan Clayton

Information Security and Privacy Manager

Alex Deaconu

Lead Developer

Alexey Konovalov

Senior Developer

Ayesha Qayoom

Customer Success Representative

Blake Freeman

Client Services Manager

Brian Loosbrock

Chief Executive Officer

Cameron Reid

Support Representative

Connie Zhao

Senior Accountant

Cory Gaber

Head of Sales

Darryl Serlin

Channel Sales Manager

Dawood Shiaa

Head of Product

Debbie Barrafato

Chief Financial Officer

Ezequiel Conte

Head of Engineering

Francisco Vallarino

Senior Developer

Glenn Matondo

Staff Accountant

Hao Li

Senior Developer

Jennifer Jennings

Growth Marketing Manager

Jon Bale

Support Representative

Johnny Cabral

Customer Success Representative

Joyce Cakmak

Outbound Marketing Manager

Kelly Zacholski

Business Development Representative

Lei-Ley Hull

People Operations Manager

Marissa Grasso

Field Marketing Manager

Mark Merone

Account Executive

Mat Meiers

Senior Web Designer

Meghan Swonger

Head of Customer Success

Natalie Auth

Senior UX Designer

Oleg Khasimkhanov

Senior Developer

Osman Abubakar

Business Development Representative

Osman Karame

Web Designer

Patrick Arsenault

Support Representative
A photo of Rita Liu

Rita Liu

Sales Development Representative

Robb Price

Support Representative
santiago-removebg-preview (1)

Santiago Arriaga Noguez

Lead Developer

Shea Darlison

Head of Marketing

Stuart Lees

Lead Developer

Tyler Johnson

Senior Developer
Our Values
Teams Come First

Teams Come First

We are candid, fair and kind. We always think of the team before individual needs. We are always recommending how to improve the team. We never let the team down, we always deliver as promised.

Aim High

Aim High, Fail Fast, Never Give Up

We set aggressive but highly achievable goals and mitigate risk by delivering and measuring in tiny iterations, always learning and improving, never giving up.

Own It

Own It

We take responsibility for everything. We never blame the team. We don’t wait for someone to point out a problem. We proactively identify, recommend and if logical, resolve it. 

transparency (1)


We always tell the truth and don’t hide information. We tell it like it is, openly and honestly with complete candor. All work and learning is shared and visible to all employees - always.

Strong Convictions

Strong Convictions Loosely Held

We always have an opinion, a recommendation, and actively participate in finding the solution. Our opinions are based on facts, and if the facts prove wrong the opinion is dropped. 

Benefits and Perks

In addition to our innovative and collaborative company culture, here are a few other reasons why you should consider joining the Rise Vision team:

Competitive Compensation

Our people are the most important assets to the company, so we offer a competitive base salary, employer-paid benefits for health and dental, and monthly profit sharing.

Career Development

We are committed to investing in your professional growth by offering $2,000 USD per year to spend on your learning and development.

Retirement Savings

Rise Vision offers employer-matched retirement savings contributions up to 5% of your earnings.

Work-From-Home Equipment

We will supply you with a notebook computer, large monitor, keyboard, mouse and all of the cables required to connect it all together.

Remote Work Culture

No need to spend time commuting to an office.  We are a 100% remote working environment.

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If you share our values and are interested in joining the Rise Vision team, we want to hear from you! 

If you don't see a role that interests you at the time, we'd be happy to have a proactive talent chat to consider you for future opportunities

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Most organizations struggle to easily communicate with their audience. At Rise Vision we provide digital signage that keeps everyone in the know.

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