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All digital signage requires software to operate. In some cases, this software can be stored onboard digital signage hardware, can be set up on a local server, or can be cloud-based. As you may have guessed, cloud-based digital signage software is by far the easiest and most cost effective route.

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New advances in cloud-computing have made running a digital signage much easier and have drastically reduced the time required to perform maintenance and to schedule content. These advances have saved schools, organizations, and businesses thousands of dollars a year in operating costs and reduced workloads.

Traditional Digital Signage Software

When digital signage first arrived, all updating, content uploading, and signage campaign scheduling had to be done physically at the media player. If a school or organization had multiple displays around their facility, each media player and display unit had to be updated, programmed, and scheduled individually. Digital signage software then evolved to use on-premise servers and desktop applications on personal computers.
These original systems were an enormous burden to IT staff and everyone involved in digital signage operations. In some cases, deploying, managing, and maintaining digital signage software could take hundreds of hours. In terms of costs, the hidden price of digital signage translated into thousands of dollars a week just to operate!

“Thank you Rise Vision for making awesome [digital signage] software that I can use at my church that runs on a limited budget. Thank you for your prompt response in the forum and helping the community. Keep up the good work!”

— Marcus Wickström, Hedvigslunds
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Why Cloud-Based Digital Signage Software Is Better

Thanks to the progress of internet software services, cloud-based digital signage software has become the industry standard. The advantages are superior. Let’s go over why that is.

Remote Software Updates Digital Signage Software

Remote Software Updates

Whether it’s your office computer or the digital signage system media player in the hallway, all software needs to be regularly updated. With cloud-based digital signage software, updates can be applied to all the digital signage media players within a school, business, or organization instantaneously. There’s no need to have IT staff or employees physically travel to each media player to run software updates.

Additionally, you don’t need to update media player software from inside the physical perimeter of your school or organization. All updates can be controlled and applied from any computer in the world. This allows for enormous flexibility since remote staff or independent contractors can maintain your digital signage software without needing to be on site.

Precise Scheduling

Content Scheduling

Not only can the software be updated remotely, but uploading and scheduling content can be done remotely. There’s no need to have to plug in USB sticks or external hard drives to upload new content or need to physically be at the digital signage media player to schedule or program content. You can pick what dates, times, and locations content should be shown at all from your phone or laptop.

Content Creation

Content Creation

Most cloud-based digital signage platforms provide easy-to-use tools and templates that aid in content creation. Many hours a week can be devoted to creating digital signage content (in some cases, up to 16 hours a week!). Having access to tools and templates that can reduce that time is an enormous benefit of cloud-based digital signage. Sourcing images, image editing, and typography work can be greatly reduced thanks to the tools digital signage software provides.

Emergency Alerts

Emergency Alerts

Cloud-based digital signage allows you to integrate with important services that can broadcast instant emergency alerts and time-sensitive information. At a moment’s notice, emergency warnings can be sent to displays around a school campus or office building. The value this provides students, faculty, and employees is priceless.

“The Rise Vision app made everything functional - it made everything work together– and now that we've created the perfect software solution for Famous Famiglia, we are working on replacing their hardware at every location little by little.”

— Hussain Ali, HD2Menus
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What To Look For When Choosing Digital Signage Software

Digital signage software will allow you to broadcast images to a display and may even allow you to create a slideshow. But you should probably expect a lot more from it, such as:

Content Creation Tools And pre Made Templates

Content Creation Tools And Pre-Made Templates

The digital signage software you choose should have tools that let you quickly create presentations and provide a template library to speed up your workflow. It should also offer integrations to services like GSuite, social media, and the weather, to make keeping your digital signage fresh a breeze.

Intuitive User Interface

Intuitive User Interface

Excellent user experience and an intuitive user interface save you time. The more you have to search for buttons, drop-downs, and features, the longer it takes you to get your signage up and running. A well-designed UI reduces time and workload which also translates to monetary savings.

Raspberry Pi Digital Signage That Just Works

High Uptime Percentage

If you choose a cloud-based digital signage provider, you’re going to want to go with a company that’s known to have a high network uptime percentage. A digital signage software provider that’s only up 75% of the time means your audience misses 25% of your messaging.

Publish Signage To The Web

Ability To Publish Signage To The Web

Why does digital signage have to be confined to displays? Now that most digital signage is cloud-based, signage and important messaging can be broadcasted to any device in the world. This allows organizations and schools to extend their messaging to teams and students that now work and learn from home.

Network Dashboard

Network Dashboard

Your digital signage software should include a network dashboard that lets you see if your digital signs are online or offline, and alerts you if they have gone offline. This helps ensure your digital signage is always running at it’s best. Great dashboards also give you the ability to see screenshots of the content and media player system information.

Enterprise Features

Enterprise Features

Your digital signage software needs to scale with you. Some key features that support that are the ability to set up your accounts in a hierarchy. Unlimited users, storage, and bandwidth within all of your accounts. And, granular user roles so that you can limit what specific users have access to. This helps to get many people involved in managing your digital signage without the risk of them causing problems.

Pssst...You’ll get all of these features and benefits with Rise Vision!

“From an IT point of view, it’s very easy to deploy and is easily scalable. For us, being able to deploy on Raspberry Pi for our simpler signage needs means an entire hardware and software installation at a location can often cost less than the licensing fee alone for other solutions.”

— Iain Brew, Macquarie University
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Procuring Hardware That Works

Picking digital signage hardware that works with your digital signage software is an important step in your project.
We always recommend picking reliable hardware that will meet the needs of your digital signage network. If you plan on running your digital signage 24/7 or all day Monday to Friday and showing intensive content such as video, data, or animations, it’s best to pick commercial hardware that is designed to meet those requirements.
If your digital signage network has less demanding needs, such as running less hours or mainly showing static images and text, then less powerful media players and non-commercial TV’s are an option you can consider.

Why Rise Vision?

Rise Vision is easy to use cloud-based digital signage software. Since 1992 we’ve been helping schools and businesses effectively communicate to their respective audiences. Rise Vision is trusted by over 3,000 schools and 9,000 organizations worldwide.

Save Money

Save Money

Save hundreds and reach more people with our simple pricing. No contracts. Cancel anytime.

Communicate Everywhere

Communicate Everywhere

Keep your community connected anywhere they are. Share your message to digital signage, websites, personal computers, and more.

Grows With You

Grows With You

Share your message with thousands. Our enterprise features, user roles, unlimited users, parent and sub accounts, and expert help make it easy.

Safe And Secure

Safe And Secure

Keep your network safe. Rise Vision is hosted in Google Cloud and undergoes an annual security audit.

Cloud Based Digital Signage Software


No more servers and clunky desktop software. All you need to get started is a browser and an internet connection.

Emergency Alerts

Emergency Alerts

Keep your people safe. Reach your organization quickly with emergency alerts.

Amazing Support

Amazing Support

Say no to bad customer support. Get personalized videos, phone, email, and remote desktop support from our amazing team.

Precise Scheduling

Precise Scheduling

Save time and schedule your messages to show exactly where and when you need them.

No Proprietary Hardware

No Proprietary Hardware

Don’t get stuck with expensive proprietary hardware. We support Chrome OS, Windows, Raspberry Pi, and Linux media players.

Time Saving Integrations

Time Saving Integrations

Look great and save hours. Get templates that integrate with Google Calendar, Google Slides, social media, weather, news, and more.


How do you get started with digital signage?

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- and more!

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