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Digital Signage Media Player

At the core of a digital signage system is the media player. It’s the computer that broadcasts your digital signage campaign to your displays. As a general rule of thumb, every digital display (or sign) you operate must be paired with one digital signage media player.

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Digital signage media players.

What is a digital signage media player?

A digital signage media player is a compact computer specifically designed to display digital signage media. The hardware used in digital signage media players are selected because they can crisply broadcast high definition images, videos, and animation.

In the past, desktop computers were used as digital signage media players, however, their large, bulky size made them difficult to work well for certain applications. For instance, if the computer needed to be stowed away from the audiences’ sight, then a large desktop tower became nearly impossible to hide. If the computer was to be stowed in a drop ceiling, then weight concerns prevented technicians from installing them in overhead locations. A smaller, more lightweight computer was needed and digital signage media players were developed.

By removing non-essential components, ports, and bulky cases, digital signage media player manufacturers were able to provide a compact, yet powerful solution for any organization that needed to implement a digital signage system in any type of setting.

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How do you choose a good digital signage media player?

Choosing the right media player to power your digital signage system is the most critical step in the digital signage system building process. A few different digital media player operating systems, models, and corresponding benefits are listed below.

Windows Digital Signage Media Players

In the digital signage space, Windows-based digital signage players have the longest-running history.

With such a long track record of being able to handle any digital signage application, they’re an industry go-to for a wide variety of installations. For instance, Windows digital signage media players are the go-to choice for shopping mall kiosks and multiple display video walls.

Chrome Digital Signage Media Players

Chrome OS powered digital signage media players are relatively new to the digital signage world. Chrome OS was released in 2011 and quickly became adopted by the digital signage industry for its affordable prices and the compact design of Chromebits and Chromeboxes.

Linux Digital Signage Media Players

Linux is perhaps the most popular digital signage media player operating system when you factor in both Chrome OS and Raspbian (Raspberry Pi’s operating system) are Linux-based. Since Linux is open-source, it generally reduces costs and the resulting savings are passed on to consumers. Additionally, many digital signage software packages can run on Linux, which makes it an attractive choice for many organizations.

Raspberry Pi Digital Signage Media Player

Raspberry Pi Digital Signage Media Players

Raspberry Pi digital signage is a relatively new movement in the do-it-yourself digital signage world. Enthusiasts who like the challenge of building digital signage systems from scratch tend to go with Raspberry Pi computers as their media player of choice. 


Android Digital Signage Media Players

Android-powered media players are popular for their low cost and reliability. There are a wide variety of Android media players with prices ranging from $30 to $100’s of dollars. It’s best to go with a reputable brand for your Android digital signage media player. There are many cheap brands that are unreliable and running very old versions of the Android operating system that are no longer secure.


Wireless Presentation Systems for Classrooms and Meeting Rooms

Many organizations are getting more out of their investment in wireless presentation systems and meeting room technology by using the devices as digital signage media players when they are not in use. This helps you make the most out of idle displays and gets your message in front of more people more frequently.

Some common wireless presentation systems and meeting room technologies Rise Vision can run on are Airtame, Zoom Rooms, ScreenBeam, Mersive, and Vivi.

Amazon Fire Stick digital signage media player.

Amazon Fire Stick

Amazon Fire Stick is a great low-cost media player for small simple digital signage installations. If you’re a small business, organization, or school planning to show basic digital signage content like images and text the Amazon Fire Stick can be a great media player.

Apple logo

Apple TV Media Player (Coming Soon)

Apple TV is a reliable and low-cost digital signage media player. Apple TV’s are great for use as digital signage media players in classrooms and meeting rooms. Organizations that primarily use Apple products for technology will find that it’s easy to maintain Apple TV as a digital signage media player.

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What’s the lifespan of a digital signage media player?

The lifespan of a digital signage media player is about three to five years depending on how often it’s running and the quality of the hardware used inside the media player. The main reason organizations purchase new digital signage media players is when they wish to upgrade their displays to higher resolutions and/or larger sized displays.

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What’s the typical cost of a digital signage media player?

The price of a digital signage media player can range from $0 (US) to $1,500 (US) on the upper end. A no-cost system would be a situation where an old media player or computer was repurposed to operate a digital signage system. However, to operate a reliable digital signage system, we recommend choosing newer media players since display technology tends to outpace media player hardware technology.

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Where can you stow a digital signage media player?

Depending on the application and the size of the media player, media players can be placed in the following locations:

  • Attached to the display - Many IT departments and digital signage technicians will attach the media player to the back of the display using adhesive velcro strips. Media players tend to be lightweight and will not detach from their velcro connections. 


  • Above the display - In certain instances, media players can be placed above the display either inside a ceiling grid or attached to other support structure.
  • Cabinets and drawers - Occasionally digital signage displays will be placed in cabinets or entertainment system furniture. Media players can also be stowed in these areas.

In each of the cases listed above, the primary goal is usually to hide the media player from view. Not only is it generally more aesthetically desirable, but it also prevents people from hacking digital signage campaigns and stealing media players.

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