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Linux Media Player

Linux media players are an excellent and surprisingly inexpensive hardware option when you need to power a digital signage system. Many of the preferred operating systems for digital signage are, in fact, Linux-based.

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Linux Media Player

What is a Media Player?

A media player is a compact computer specifically designed to broadcast high-definition video, sharp-looking presentations and digital signage campaigns. Generally, media players come self-contained in a case without peripherals such as a keyboard, display, or mouse.

It’s common for media players to be used in auditoriums where projected videos and presentations are displayed. However, their primary use is to power digital signage displays that have been installed around facilities such as:


    Grocery Stores & Supermarkets
Places of Worship
Shopping Centers
Manufacturing Facilities
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What is a Media Player?

Linux powered media players are a popular choice for many reasons. The primary reason is that Linux is an open-source operating system (OS) which helps to reduce the overall cost for both media player manufacturers and end-users. As a matter of fact, Chrome OS (another increasingly popular media player operating system) is a Linux-based operating system which indicates that Linux is becoming the fastest growing media player OS.

Linux Media Player Widely Supported

Widely Supported

Here at Rise Vision, we’ve been supporting Linux based digital signage for nearly two decades. Our digital signage software runs on Linux (as well as Chrome OS, Windows, and Raspberry PI operating systems). We regularly recommend Linux based digital signage media players to our customers because we’re very familiar with the Linux operating system. Additionally, since the operating system is open-source, there’s a lot of support and resources available on the web.

With that said, if you choose to use a Linux media player, you’re not tied down to one company’s operating system and domain. You’ll be free to adapt to other systems and platforms that meet any future requirements.

Linux Media Player Lower Cost

Lower Cost

Not only are some Linux distributions completely free, but other digital signage operating systems require a license or become costly in maintenance and upkeep. For instance, Chrome OS media players require a Google administration license per device. This can quickly increase the cost of a multiple display digital signage system (especially if you’re a university or large business complex).

Windows digital signage tends to require more attention and monthly maintenance. Windows also requires a license, however, the real hidden cost is that your IT staff may need to spend more time troubleshooting software issues throughout the year.

Windows Update Linux Media Player

Avoid The Dreaded “Windows Update”

It’s common for Windows-based digital signage systems to show a Windows update message during a campaign. This can completely disrupt the tone and aesthetic of a digital signage campaign. Linux-based digital signage systems tend to have fewer operating system interruptions during active campaigns.

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“It’s been a lot easier to share news and promotions with our customers while still keeping them entertained. We also just added a display in our back office and have had great feedback from the team!”

— Mary Fowler, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)
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What Do You Need to Get Started With Digital Menus?

Step 1

Pick a template

To get started with Rise Vision digital signage software,  you’ll need to first pick a template from our website or from this page and then sign up for a free Rise Vision trial account.

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Step 2

Activate your display

After picking a template and then creating a Rise Vision trial account, it's time to activate your display.

To share Rise Vision to digital signage you need a digital signage display or TV and a digital signage media player if it isn't built into the TV.

Share Digital Dignage Anywhere Rise Vision

Linux-Based Digitial Signage

In order to share via digital signage, you’ll need a media player. If you’re in charge of procuring the hardware for the digital signage system at your organization, it’s much more time and cost-effective to purchase a pre-configured Linux media player from a reputable vendor.

The time required to design, source parts, assemble, and troubleshoot each media player can be an enormous project that can threaten any timelines you need to adhere to. It’s much easier to have all your Linux media players shipped at once and installed that week.

To display digital signage, you’ll need to install digital signage software on your media player. Rise Vision is a cloud-based digital signage content management system designed to work with Linux media players. With Rise Vision you can:

- Program and schedule digital signage campaigns to multiple displays
- Choose pre-made templates from our templates gallery
- Remotely access your displays and content management system from any computer in the world

There’s no need for you to have to physically access each media player to update, edit, or change any of your digital signage campaigns. Everything can be managed from via any computer or mobile device in the world.

For a step-by-step video guide on how to set up your Linux media player with digital signage, click here.

Step 3

Keep it interesting

Remember to continue communicating better by subscribing to our free weekly template recommendations and be sure to attend one of our free weekly training sessions. Also, we’re standing by if there’s any problem, feel free to contact us anytime.

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