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Chrome Media Player

Chrome media players are a popular hardware option for school and business digital signage systems. They’re well made, secure, and reasonably priced. And the best part? Rise Vision digital signage software works seamlessly with Chrome media players.

Create Chrome-based digital signage with Rise Vision!

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Chrome Media Player

Why choose a Chrome media player?

Chrome media players offer numerous benefits to digital signage users. Most notably, Chrome media players deliver trouble-free digital signage without interruption or security issues. Let’s go over some of these benefits in detail.

Chrome Media Player Security


Having a secure digital signage system is a very important requirement for businesses and schools. Vulnerable digital signage systems can result in digital vandalism and extreme cases can cause physical harm to people in a facility (e.g. false alarms, false emergencies, etc.).

Chrome media players can be locked down by IT staff and digital signage administrators. This feature prevents hackers and vandals from plugging directly into displays or media players and taking over signage campaigns. Chrome media players also provide an excellent barrier from remote digital signage hacks.

Chrome Media Player Hardware Quality

Hardware Quality

Most Chrome media players are made with quality hardware components that are designed to work with Google’s Chrome operating system. Digital signage systems require high-quality components that can operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. When you choose Chrome media players, this high-endurance requirement is satisfied out of the box.

It’s often the case that do-it-yourself digital signage users will try to build a media player from spare computer parts. We strongly don’t recommend going this route. Digital signage media players are designed and manufactured based on specifications that they will experience continuous use and require a high level of endurance.

Chrome Media Player Price


Chrome media players have been on the market for nearly ten years now. High-end Chrome media players can still be upwards of $1,000, but most new Chrome media players are a few hundred dollars.

There’s also a sizable used market that makes Chrome media players a very affordable option. We recommend purchasing used Chrome media players from reputable dealers that have inspected and tested the units prior to sale.

Chrome Media Player Windows Update

No Windows Update Interruptions

This is an important issue for many digital signage users. If not properly configured, a Windows-powered digital signage system can end signage campaigns during Windows updates. It’s possible to have a Windows media player run continuous digital signage campaigns. However, an experienced digital signage technician should be involved in the media player installation process to ensure the Windows-powered media players run interruption-free.

Chrome media players rarely run into interruption issues with OS updates or other system interruptions. That’s why Chrome media players are a good choice for schools or organizations that don’t have dedicated IT staff on-site.

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“In one simple click, I can instantly add my content to multiple TV's. If I need to update a slide, no problem; I could do it from home and the material would update instantly. Rise Vision is a huge time saver and so user-friendly!”

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Chrome Media Player Initial Setup Instructions

Determine how many media players you need

A digital signage system will usually consist of more than one media player. Determine how many displays you plan to have around your school, office, or organization. The number of displays will determine the number of media players you will need.

For instance, if you plan on having a lobby display, cafeteria display, and an elevator bay display, then you will need three media players.

Set up Chrome Device Management

All Chrome media players must be assigned to an Organizational Unit within a G Suite Domain. Additionally, a Device Policy needs to be configured in G Suite to run Chrome media players in Kiosk mode. Instructions on how to set up Chrome Device Management using Rise Vision can be found here.

Test Your Hardware

Before installing your displays, it’s best to plug your media players into your displays and run a test. This will ensure that all your hardware and software are working properly before mounting a single display.

Delight your audience!

Chrome digital signage doesn’t need to be boring! Continue to next section entitled “How do you get started with Chrome media player digital signage?”.


How do you get started with Chrome media player digital signage?

Step 1

Pick a template

To get started with Rise Vision digital signage software,  you’ll need to first pick a template from our website or from this page and then sign up for a free Rise Vision trial account.

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Step 2

Activate your display

After picking a template and then creating a Rise Vision trial account, it's time to activate your display.

To share Rise Vision to digital signage you need a digital signage display or TV and a digital signage media player if it isn't built into the TV.

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Step 3

Keep it interesting

Remember to continue communicating better by subscribing to our free weekly template recommendations and be sure to attend one of our free weekly training sessions. Also, we’re standing by if there’s any problem, feel free to contact us anytime.

Keep it Interesting Digital Signage

Rise Vision + Chrome Media Player = Winning Combo!

Rise Vision Loves Chrome

Rise Vision 💖 Chrome!

Rise Vision is a cloud-based digital signage content management system that works effortlessly with Chrome media players. We have a strong focus in the educational sector where Chrome media players are a popular choice. The fact that Rise Vision works so well with Chrome media players has resulted in our software being used by over 3,000 schools in North America!

Freedom of the Cloud Chrome Media Player

Experience the Freedom of the Cloud.

With Rise Vision there’s no need for you to be on-site to program, manage, and schedule your digital signage campaigns. You’ll never have to walk to each display to make updates or broadcast new signage. You can schedule, manage, and edit digital signage content from any computer in the world.

Easy Digital Signage

Rise Vision Makes Digital Signage Easy

We’ve found that our customers were spending up to 16 hours a week creating digital signage content. To solve this problem, we developed a templates library to cut that work down to minutes! Not to mention, setting up a new Chrome digital signage system with Rise Vision is a cinch.

Google Ecosystem Digital Signage

Love the Google ecosystem? We Have You Covered.

We have numerous templates and integrations that work with popular Google products to make your workflow frictionless. Whether you want to display a keynote presentation using Google Slides, to embedding YouTube videos within a digital signage campaign - we’ve thought of it all!

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Chrome Media Player Choices: Chromebit vs. Chromebook vs. Chromebox

Chrome media players fall into three product types: Chromebit, Chromebook and Chromebox. They all run on Chrome OS (Google’s personal computer operating system).
A Chromebit is a “stick PC”. You can think of it as a USB stick that’s a complete, fully-functioning computer powered by Chrome OS. A Chromebook is a Chrome OS powered notebook computer. A Chromebox is a compact Chrome OS computer without peripherals (i.e. displays, keyboard, and mouse). Digital signage systems that plan on using Chrome media players should always choose Chromboxes (recommended) or Chromebits instead of Chromebooks. Chromeboxes are designed to handle the endurance requirements of continuous digital signage uptime.

Comparing Different Chrome Devices


Chrome Device Good For Digital Signage?
Chromebit Yes
Chromebox Yes!
Chromebook No!


How to Get Support for Chrome Media Player Digital Signage Systems.

Most Chrome media player manufacturers offer online support and documentation. Click on the link below to navigate to the support centers of major Chrome media player manufacturers:

The Rise Vision help center is also a great place to get help and find troubleshooting tips for Chrome media players. You can search for your question or ask new ones.

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