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Apple TV Digital Signage

Apple TV digital signage is a great option for organizations that want to maximize their investment in existing technology and have basic requirements for their digital signage. The Apple TV is a reliable, low-cost device that can be used in classrooms, meeting rooms, and other locations for screen-sharing, streaming, and digital signage.

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A digital sign powered by an Apple TV showing a school spirit week message.

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Why Use Apple TV For Digital Signage?

There are many digital signage media player options available, so why choose Apple TV? Let’s review some of the benefits.

Two dollar signs.


The retail price for an Apple TV is significantly less than some high-end media players. The Apple TV often isn’t as powerful as those media players but can be a great option for organizations that want to show simple slideshows and videos. Organizations, like schools, are often able to buy Apple TV’s in bulk at significantly lower prices than retail which makes this an even more attractive option.

A Microsoft Windows computer showing an error message.


Apple has a long history of making very reliable products, and the Apple TV is no exception. Although it’s a consumer product, the Apple TV is a reliable choice for basic digital signage and will eliminate any risk of pesky Windows error messages. The Apple TV can reliably run digital signage content for 8-12 hours a day, 5 days a week, which meets most organization’s needs in spaces like classrooms and meeting rooms. If your organization requires your digital signage to run longer hours and in harsher environments, it’s best to consider a commercial media player.

An Apple TV alongside a TV

Compact Form Factor

Apple TVs are small in size and can easily be tucked behind a display and secured with double-sided velcro. This makes it quick to install and remove. If you’re using Apple TVs in public spaces or classrooms it’s best if you use a proper Apple TV mount that will secure the device in place and prevent it from being stolen. These mounting systems are simple to install and because of the Apple TVs compact form factor, they can be easily tucked behind a digital sign.

A pile of broken computer parts

Technology Standardization

If your organization uses Mac computers, iPhones, iPads, and Apple’s cloud services than the Apple TV is a great solution for your digital signage. Sticking with the technology standard used by your organization greatly simplifies maintenance for IT teams. You can manage all of your devices through an Apple MDM like Jamf to make sure that all of your technology is up to date and functioning correctly.

Dots in a concentric circle connected to each other


One of the benefits of using the Apple TV for digital signage in meeting rooms and classrooms is it’s multi-use. You can get more out of your investment in the Apple TV by using it for streaming, wireless screen sharing, and when not actively being used, it can show digital signage. This lets you use one Apple TV for three popular use cases instead of buying different devices for each use case. 

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Why Use The Apple TV With Rise Vision Digital Signage?

Save Money Rise Vision Digital Signage

Save Money

With Rise Vision and Apple TV digital signage you can save thousands of dollars and reach more people. Rise Vision has simple pricing, there are no contracts, and you can cancel anytime.

Rise Vision Communicate Everywhere

Communicate Everywhere

Apple TV digital signage and Rise Vision will help you expand the reach of your messages to locations like classrooms, meeting rooms, and collaboration spaces. 

Grows With You

Grows With You

Rise Vision grows with you, our enterprise features like user roles, unlimited file storage, account hierarchy, and expert help make it easy. 

Safe And Secure Rise Vision Digital Signage

Safe and Secure

Keeping your organization’s digital signage safe and secure is a top priority. With Rise Vision and Apple TV digital signage you’ll get a secure system to manage your digital signage. 

Rise Vision Cloud Based Digital Signage Software


Ditch the bulletin boards, PowerPoint and USB sticks, on-premise software, and clunky desktop applications. With Rise Vision, you can update everything from the web browser on your computer or phone. 

Rise Vision Emergency Alert Digital Signage

Emergency Alerts

Using Apple TV digital signage and Rise Vision in locations like classrooms and meeting rooms helps you expand the reach of your emergency messages. When a crisis happens you’ll be able to reach every fast. 

Amazing Rise Vision Digital Signage Software Support

Amazing Support

Get amazing support from knowledgeable, kind, caring reps. We respond in hours and provide personalized videos, phone, email, and remote desktop support to help you get up and running fast. 

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Apple TV Digital Signage Use Cases

10 classroom rules Apple TV digital signage template

Classroom Updates

With Apple TV digital signage in your classroom, you can share important messages like upcoming homework due dates, class trips, or exams. You can also remind students of classroom rules or to turn off their cell phones.  

Upcoming events Apple TV meeting room digital signage template.


Using Apple TV digital signage to grab the attention of visitors, staff, and students. Share announcements, upcoming events and sports games, exam dates, and more!

Emergency alert digital signage template for use on an Apple TV.

Emergency Messages

Having an Apple TV in key locations like meeting rooms and classrooms lets you broadcast emergency alerts to those digital signs. This helps you reach everyone very quickly in the event of a crisis. 


How do you get started with Apple TV digital signage?

Step 1

Pick a template

To get started with Apple TV digital signage, you’ll need to start a free Rise Vision trial and then pick and customize a template.

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Step 2

Activate your Apple TV digital signage

Enter your display ID to connect your Apple TV to Rise Vision and start viewing your message.

Share Digital Signage Anywhere Rise Vision
Step 3

Keep it interesting

Share your message to Apple TV digital signage everywhere! In your classrooms, hallways, meeting rooms, and more.

Keep it Interesting Digital Signage
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