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    Educating Parents About STEM Programming

    Educating Parents About STEM Programming

    John F. Kennedy challenged the world over 50 years ago that if we were going to open the space frontier, then we needed to push our minds: we needed to foster more technology-driven education. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education was not started with JFK, but it can[…]

    11 Ways to Keep Students Engaged the Last Week of School

    11 Ways to Keep Students Engaged the Last Week of School

    It’s the end of the school term and you should be celebrating! But you are too busy getting ready for the end of the year to think about celebrating: there’s exams, field trips, graduation--it should be the calmest time of year, but instead it’s the most hectic!

    20 PLUS Office Welcome Sign Ideas

    20+ Office Welcome Sign Ideas

    You’ve made the plunge: you’ve bought a brand new display that will be a cornerstone of your office. Now what?! In theory, the purchase was a good idea, but putting digital signage on it that is professional and eye-catching takes a lot of time and energy. Digital signage doesn’t have to be a time[…]

    Rise Vision Teams Up with ATLIS for an Interactive Workshop

    Rise Vision Teams Up with ATLIS for an Interactive Workshop

    On April 15th - 18th, the annual Association of Technology Leaders in Independent Schools (ATLIS) Conference was held in Washington DC. Rise Vision had the opportunity to be part of one of the engaging tech-driven workshops: Digital Display Systems Workshop. The session introduced attendees to Rise[…]

    How a Live Stream Got Students Engaged

    Q&A: How a Live Stream Got Students Engaged

    Lori Bakken, Administrative Professional Principal at Fulda Elementary School, is like most users: always searching for ideas for engaging viewers. The school has had great success with using a live stream on their Display, and we asked them to share their experience below.

    Best Live Streams For Digital Signage

    The 11 Best Live Streams for Digital Signage

    There are many ways to create digital signage that stays fresh without having to continuously update it. One of the best ways is to show a live stream on your display. But what live streams should you show? Below are over 10 live streams that are perfect for digital signage.

    20 Ways Schools Can Use Twitter

    20+ Ways Schools Can Use Twitter

    Both students and educators alike are using the social platform to connect and interact with one another. To meet the high demand of schools using Twitter, our Creative Team has launched an easy-to-use digital signage Twitter Widget; to go with the widget, the Creative Team has also designed[…]

    Hey! Did You Know Your Digital Signage Display is Broken?

    Hey! Did You Know Your Digital Signage Display is Broken?

    Have you ever passed by one of your displays and saw a big error message? Or maybe nothing at all? Worst, you say to a colleague, “Hey, I just noticed the display was down,” and they reply, “Yeah it’s been like that for a week.” Yikes! As you grow your network, it becomes harder to quickly keep[…]

    20+ Teaching Activities With Twitter

    20+ Teaching Activities Using Twitter

    If you’re looking for more ways to incorporate technology into the classroom, then you’ve probably thought about using Twitter. But how do you turn a social platform into a learning tool? Here are over 20 ideas to get you started!

    Rise Vision Twitter for Digital Signage Widget

    Rise Vision’s Twitter for Digital Signage Widget

    In the second it takes you to read this sentence, 6,000 tweets were sent out; by the time you finish reading this post over 350,000 people have tweeted! Twitter is huge, and we’re making it even easier to engage your students with our new Twitter widget.

    Bitcoin in the classroom

    Bitcoin In Your Classroom?

    You’ve heard a Bitcoin. Everyone’s heard of Bitcoin. Even your Grandma’s heard of Bitcoin! But what on Earth is Bitcoin?! Is it just a buzzword or does it really matter? And, if so, how should you use it in your classroom?

    Eco Friendly Digital Signage Templates

    Go Green With These Templates!

    Here are some facts about the environment: The average school uses 250,000 pieces of paper annually. The cost $25,000 a year! Paper accounts for 25% of landfill waste! Every tree produces enough oxygen for three people to breathe!

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