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    What is a POS Digital Signage?

    A man in a fast food restaurant filled with point of sale digital signage.

    Digital signage has emerged as a go-to solution for businesses looking to generate awareness about their brand and convert their audience into paying customers. While its dynamic visuals alone can capture 400% more views than traditional signs, there are ways to further maximize a digital signage solution to reap more benefits for your business. 

    According to research, 74% of purchasing decisions are made at the point of sale. This makes it crucial for you to integrate point of sale (POS) digital signage into your strategy so you can influence purchasing behavior and ultimately, increase your bottom line. 

    What is Point of Sale Digital Signage?

    As its name suggests, the point of sale refers to the time and place where a person conducts and completes a transaction. It’s when they are most intentional about making a purchase, which makes it the perfect opportunity for you to introduce new products they might be interested in or upsell your other offers. 

    POS advertising is all about persuading customers to buy on the spot. With POS strategies integrated into digital signage, you can leverage stunning visuals and interactive imagery to capture the attention of potential buyers and motivate them to make a purchase. 

    POS digital signage is mostly seen in retail stores. In this setting where customers are looking around and already interested in particular products, POS digital signage can cement their purchasing decision and even influence them to buy other products to complement their purchase. 

    We see POS digital signage in the form of small screens at the checkout counter or large displays on store windows. They usually show content that promotes discounts and offers, upsells other products, advertises new products, and reinforces brand value. 

    Benefits of POS Digital Signage 

    POS digital signage makes a strong impact that translates to additional revenue for your retail store. Here are its benefits: 

    Brand Building

    POS digital signage creates an open door for you to share more about your brand with your audience. Through your in-store screens, you can communicate information about your business, products, and other offers to an audience already in the sales funnel. 

    POS digital signage does extra marketing activity for you, pushing customers to recognize your brand at the point of sale. With a recall rate of 83% and a 47.7% effectiveness on brand awareness, POS digital signage can encourage return customers and yield continuous revenue for your business.

    Specific Audience Targeting 

    A woman carrying shopping bags looking at POS digital signage in a shopping mall.

    POS digital signage targets a specific group of buyers who are already prepared to spend money and make a purchase. Although they’re also great at targeting impulse buyers looking around in your retail store. 

    A POS ad acts as a subtle and passive advertisement presented in a way that your audience can’t ignore. When they make contact with POS digital signage, the content can influence them to buy the advertised product right then and there. 

    Build Engagement at the Point of Sale

    While your customers are paying for their orders, POS digital signage can show them other products they would potentially be interested in or present additional offers to complement their purchase. 

    This strategy, studies show, can increase the purchase rate by 45%, leading to higher-value purchases and significantly more returns. 

    Save Money on Advertising 

    Advertising a product on TV or a billboard can help introduce your offer to your audience. But these advertising strategies don’t catch them in the buying mood. In contrast, POS digital signage advertises to people already in-store and are potentially ready to make a purchase, generating more ROI on your ad spend. 

    POS advertising is quick and effective and can complement your other advertising campaigns, allowing you to maximize your advertising budget. 

    Strategic Locations

    Point of sale digital signage takes advantage of its strategic location. Positioned in-store or at a checkout counter, it targets a potential buyer at the time and place they’re ready to initiate a transaction. 

    Seamless Updates 

    POS advertising, when done through digital signage solutions, makes it easy for you to change and update content when necessary. Through a couple of clicks on powerful digital signage software, you can create and deploy new content to suit your seasonal campaigns and promotions. 

    This saves your business time and money compared to traditional printed POS ads that need a complete overhaul when your campaigns change. 

    Measurable Results

    The performance of POS digital signage can be measured and evaluated easily because of its direct impact on overall sales. This allows you to assess the performance of your campaigns and determine whether they’re making a substantial return. 

    If not, you can use your software to instantly change content and adopt new strategies to achieve better results. The ability to measure and test your ads gives you the chance to find the right message that will drive additional sales for your business. 

    How to Set Up POS Digital Signage

    Now that you know how POS digital signage can generate more sales for your business, here’s how you can get started integrating POS strategies into your digital signage network. 

    Identify Your Goals

    First, you need to determine what you’re looking to get out of POS digital signage. This will help you set up a system that aligns with your goals and helps you achieve them. For example, you might want POS digital signage to open up new channels to interact with your customers or share targeted ads with visitors in your retail store. 

    Once you nail down your goals for digital signage, you can craft a personalized strategy that can deliver the results you’re expecting. 

    Set Up Hardware

    A woman interacting with POS digital signage.

    Now it’s time to set up your POS digital signage hardware. This comprises your screens and media players. When choosing hardware for your digital signs, make sure you select the right type and number depending on your needs and goals. 

    Choose Software

    Your software is what’s going to power up your displays and deploy your ad content, which makes it important to find functional and dynamic software that can help you easily manage your displays and track their performance. 

    Rise Vision’s digital signage software is an intuitive solution that works with any hardware and comes with a range of features to make digital signage management a breeze. Save time on content creation with 500+ professionally designed and customizable templates and get free support and training to effectively use and maximize your digital signage solution. 

    Integrate POS With Digital Signage

    The digital signage software you select should allow integration with your POS system. The specific steps for this process will depend on the software you select and your chosen or existing POS setup.

    Create Engaging Content

    The meat and potatoes of your POS digital signage strategy is your content. Create high-quality, engaging content that aligns with your goals and communicates your message effectively. 

    You can use available templates in your software to generate content quickly and easily or take the time to create your own with your in-house graphic design team or online content creation tools

    Make Rotation Schedule

    The beauty of digital signage lies in its dynamic nature. Unlike static displays, you can update content at any time and even create a rotation schedule for your ads. Make sure to leverage this feature and optimize your content to show at the right times of day. 

    Track Progress 

    Digital signage analytics allows you to get data about your POS strategy and assess its performance. Use this data to test your strategy and make improvements to get the results you’re looking for. 

    Tracking your POS digital signage progress can guide your long-term campaigns and help you make the most out of your investment. 

    Create POS Digital Signage with Rise Vision 

    POS digital signage presents you with an opportunity to influence your audience’s purchasing decisions. With dynamic displays that introduce new products or upsell right at the point of sale, you can yield more high-value purchases and get substantial returns. 

    Rise Vision’s free digital signage software solutions can power up your POS digital signage. Start a free trial today.

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