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    How Digital Signage Can Strengthen Community Engagement in Schools

    How Digital Signage Strengthens Community Engagement in Schools

    In the changing landscape of education, effective communication plays a pivotal role in strengthening community engagement between schools and their communities. With the advancement of technology, schools are exploring innovative ways to enhance their communication strategies. One such powerful tool is digital signage.

    In this article, we will explore the different ways digital signage can support a school's communication and marketing plan. From open houses to fundraising events, these dynamic displays offer a versatile platform to showcase school activities, achievements, and important information.

    Having dynamic and engaging content is a powerful way for schools to set themselves apart. This is especially important given that U.S. birth rates declined in last 15 years. In 2022, Education Week reported that the national K-12 public school enrollment fell by over 1 million students - a decline of over 2 percent!

    Screenshot 2024-02-13 at 3.53.25 PMGraphic courtesy of CEL from the Making an Emotional Connection with Your Enrollment Marketing Plan webinar.

    With declining birth rates and more options for families, schools need to find unique ways to strengthen their community engagement and build trust with families to ultimately attract and retain students.

    Engaging with the community isn't just about student enrollment though. Having strong ties to the community helps during school board elections, fundraising, and garnering support for initiatives. 

    What is Community Engagement?

    Community engagement in education means everyone – students, parents, teachers, and local residents – working together. It's more than just talking; it's about sharing ideas and concerns. Digital signage can help with this by sharing information, celebrating achievements, and keeping everyone in the loop. This makes the school community feel connected, trusted, and part of something bigger.

    Ways to Use Digital Signage to Strengthen Community Engagement in Schools

    Let's delve into three scenarios where digital signage becomes an invaluable asset for community engagement.

    School Open House Showcase

    Cornwall Lebanon Wings of PraiseCornwall-Lebanon celebrates their students and staff with the "Wings of Praise" program.

    Imagine the excitement of prospective students and their parents wandering through the school corridors during your school's open house. Digital signage can transform this experience by showcasing the school's vibrant atmosphere, academic achievements, and extracurricular activities.

    Digital Signage Examples to Use at Your School's Next Open House

    • Highlight Reel - Share a dynamic slideshow featuring snapshots of memorable school events and happy faces of students engaged in various activities.
    • Student of the Month - Shoutout all the wonderful and kind students in your school by sharing student of the month or other student recognition templates. 
    • Follow Us on Social Media - Prospective families are going to be looking at your school after the open house, and one way they may do that is by checking our your school's social media. Invite them to learn more about the day-to-day activities by sharing your social media handles on the school's digital signage displays.

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    After-Hours Events


    Hosting events after regular school hours can be a logistical challenge. Digital signage can step in to guide and inform attendees about the schedule, activities, and goals of the event. It can also be a great way to connect with your community and highlight the great things your school is doing that they might find interesting.

    Digital Signage Examples to Use at After-Hour Events

    • Event Schedule - Link your Google Calendar or a spreadsheet to one of our templates and share the event schedule so guests don't miss a single bit of the action!
    • Community Spotlights - Showcase the achievements and contributions of students, teachers and staff, and community members fostering a sense of community pride.
    • Emergency Information - In case of emergencies or unexpected changes, digital screens can display instant updates and instructions to ensure everyone's safety.

    Parent-Teacher Nights

    During parent-teacher nights, schools strive to create an inclusive and informative environment. Digital signage can contribute by providing updates on meeting schedules, showcasing student work, and offering insights into classroom activities.


    Digital Signage Content Examples for Your Next Parent-Teacher Conference

    • Teacher Spotlights - Shoutout your incredible teachers by sharing their teaching philosophy and exciting projects planned for the academic year.
    • Student Achievements - A rotating display of students' outstanding achievements, projects, and artwork, fostering a sense of pride among parents.
    • Upcoming Classroom Events - Invite parents to get more involved in their student's school life by promoting upcoming classroom events like an Ice Cream Social or field trip.

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    Use Digital Signage to Strengthen Community Engagement in Your School

    Digital signage acts as a dynamic bulletin board for disseminating general announcements, important dates, and key information, keeping the entire school community well-informed.

    By using the power of digital displays, schools can create engaging, informative, and interactive experiences that leave a lasting impression on students, parents, and visitors alike. As we continue to advance in the digital age, the collaboration between technology and education becomes increasingly vital, ensuring that schools remain at the forefront of effective communication and community engagement.

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