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    Student of the Month: The Guide to Inclusive Achievement Awards

    Student of the Month: The Guide to Inclusive Achievement Awards

    In the era of the participation trophy, individual student achievement awards have become slightly controversial. Is it better to give token awards to all students regardless of performance, or does this type of unconditional reinforcement contribute to a “slacker society”? Does only rewarding high[…]

    Emergency-Notification Systems Ultimate Guide Schools Businesses

    Emergency Notification Systems: The Ultimate Guide for Schools and Businesses

    An emergency notification system (ENS) is a tool or a set of tools that lets you pass urgent messages out quickly to everyone who needs to know.

    The Best Chrome OS Media Players

    The Best Chrome OS Media Players

    Everywhere you look in schools, you see Google. Millions of students rely on Google’s suite of tools (including Google Docs, Sheets and Slides), over 25 million have Chromebooks, 30 million use Google Classroom, and more than 80 million are using G Suite for Education. It’s no wonder why so many[…]

    School Social Media

    School Social Media: How to Build and Engage Your K-12 Audience

    Overview Developing and nurturing a presence on social media for your school is a great way to engage your student body, and to keep parents, students, and staff informed. But it can be a challenge to build and delight an organic audience (emphasis on organic) and to be a follow-worthy account[…]

    How to create an information board for your school

    How to Create an Information Board for Your School

    School information boards have been a primary way of communicating with student bodies for centuries. It’s easy to forget that at one point in time, schools didn’t have email, social media, digital displays or even the ability to print out flyers. The information board - or bulletin board - has[…]

    Digital Signage Best Practices

    Digital Signage Best Practices

    When designing content for your business or organization, it’s important to ensure that your signage accommodates for accessibility and visual appeal. Making use of the following best practices when it comes to developing and designing your signage project will ensure that you are engaging your[…]

    You Need This Hardware for Digital Signage

    You Need This Hardware for Digital Signage

    You’ve seen digital signage even if you didn’t know it. It’s what menu boards are at fast-food restaurants, what finance labs use for marketwalls. But what do you need to get started at your school?

    Digital Signage Trivia

    How to Use Your Display as a Digital Trivia Game

    Do you know what M&M's stands for? Or the name of the first female to run for U.S. President? How about how many people in the U.S. are injured each year by a toilet?! People love trivia!

    Create an Inspiring Display With RSS Quotes.png

    Create an Inspiring Display With RSS Quotes

    Quotes inspire, motivate, cause reflection--and people love them! So, of course, having them on your display is an excellent way to engage your audience. But that seems like a lot of work--you’d have to add quotes daily if you don’t want people to get bored of it, right? Wrong! Adding in a very[…]

    Creating a Cost-Effective Financial Literacy Lab

    Creating a Cost-Effective Financial Literacy Lab

    Finance jobs are growing. How fast? According to the Bureau of Labor, between 2016 and 2026, jobs in the industry will increase by 10%. High schools offer business-related courses to teach students what they can expect in the workforce, but schools that want to help their students have an edge as[…]


    Using Chrome OS with Digital Signage

    Chrome OS is a popular operating system for schools and businesses created by Google. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and helps avoid some of the common digital signage problems like pesky Windows popups. If you’re considering using Chrome OS for your digital signage, this guide is for you. Read on!

    Menu Board Design Tips and Tricks

    Menu Board Design 101 - Best Practices, Tips & Tricks

    Digital menu boards are quickly becoming a popular choice for restaurants, cafes, and cafeterias when it’s time to decide on a behind-the-counter, wall-mounted menu. Not only do they make customers feel like they’re dealing with a 21st Century Business, but the staff also enjoys the fact that[…]

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