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    A digital signage screen in the middle of a transportation hub.

    The Use of Digital Signage in Transportation Hubs

    Daily transportation, whether by plane, bus, train, or another vehicle, sees an influx of travelers all day — all of whom need instant access to travel schedules and other important details for a safe and successful trip.

    27 Event Signage Ideas to Get You Noticed

    We may not notice it, but we interact with some form of signage every single day. From the traffic signs on the road on our way to work to the directional signs showing you how to get to the mall restroom. Signs, regardless of form, are deeply embedded in our lives, helping us find our way or[…]

    How to use stadium digital signage

    How to Use Stadium Digital Signage

    A staple in sports or concert venues are those large LED screens mounted above the audience or on either side of the stage. Typically live streaming the show or providing game stats, these screens help improve the audience’s experience and allow them to stay on track with what’s happening on stage[…]

    The Benefits of Digital Signage in Healthcare

    The healthcare industry is one that relies heavily on sharing and exchanging information. Let's look at the benefits of digital signage in the healthcare industry.

    How to Make Digital Menu Boards

    The first thing that customers look at the moment they enter a restaurant is the menu. Some establishments have waiters bringing printed menus to the diner’s table, while others are taking advantage of technology and flashing their products on a large display right above the ordering counter.

    What is Wayfinding Signage?

    Digital signage software is a communication tool that is primarily used to inform its viewers on items important to them, whether about a new product launch or an important safety announcement. In settings likeschools, malls, buildings, airports, and hospitals, among others, you’ll often find a[…]

    5 Uses for Airport Digital Signage

    Airports are always buzzing with activity, from people checking in their luggage to passengers boarding their flights. It’s a transportation hub that never runs out of action, which calls for a well-organized and efficient system to manage foot traffic and keep people informed of their flight[…]

    What is DOOH Advertising?

    Advertisement collaterals have been around for centuries – we see them everywhere, from large posters mounted from the top of tall buildings to billboards we see as we drive down the highway. Categorized as out-of-home (OOH) advertising, these collaterals have always been an effective medium for[…]

    How Does a Digital Signage Advertising Network Work?

    We see digital signage everywhere — along the streets as we walk across our city’s central business district, in the subway during our commute to work, and maybe even the moment you step into your office lobby.

    Corporate workers helping each other to use digital signage for corporate communication.

    How to Use Digital Signage for Corporate Communication

    Businesses invest in digital signage with the primary goal of communicating with and marketing to their customers. They use this technology to attract their target market, keep them engaged, and ultimately, improve sales.

    Best RSS Feeds for Your Digital Signage Screens

    The most common use for digital signage systems is to market a business’ products and services. But it serves an even bigger purpose — to inform. From introducing a movement to announcing safety information, digital signage solutions are first and foremost a public communications tool.

    The School That Encourages Student Expression with Digital Signage

    Dexter Community School is a mid-size school district located in Dexter, Michigan. Nestled along the banks of the Huron River and Mill Creek, Dexter is a friendly town just outside of Ann Arbor, home of the University of Michigan. The high school has about 1,200 students while the entire district[…]

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