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    What is a Digital Sales Board?

    A sales professional discussing digital sales board data with a colleague.

    Technology has been developing at a rapid pace, which is forcing businesses to adapt to stay ahead. In the age of digital transformation, the key to remaining competitive and effective is learning how to leverage new technologies to improve business operations. 

    Sales teams are notorious for resisting digital transformation, comfortable with traditional processes and cold-calling techniques. But to excel in the digital age, they need to harness the power of new digital signage technologies — one of which is a digital sales board. 

    What is a Digital Sales Board? 

    A digital sales board provides real-time data and information about the sales process in a visual and interactive format. It gathers and analyzes data from multiple sources and presents it in a dashboard, giving sales teams a comprehensive view of their processes, performance, and customer interactions. 

    Benefits of Using a Digital Sales Board 

    A digital sales board is a hub of information, empowering sales teams to harness data to improve their operations. It yields several key benefits, including: 

    Access Data in Real-Time

    With a dashboard filled with real-time information about the sales process, sales teams can ensure that they get access to up-to-date data for informed decision-making. This can also enhance customer interactions, allowing them to respond to customer inquiries promptly and with accurate and updated information. 

    Better Decision-Making 

    A digital sales board empowers sales teams to make decisions based on real-time data, ensuring they make the most strategic decisions grounded on facts and trends instead of relying on gut feelings. 

    Improved Communication

    Miscommunication and collaboration issues can be a thing of the past with a digital sales board. Allowing individuals to share updates, give feedback, and provide essential information to other team members, a digital sales board helps facilitate seamless communication and team collaboration. 

    Increase Productivity

    Digital sales boards reduce the need to manually gather and analyze data, automating the task and streamlining the process for sales teams. This allows them to reduce time spent on mundane tasks and focus on more important aspects of their roles. 

    More Visibility of the Sales Pipeline

    A digital sales board provides data about the sales pipeline at a glance, giving sales teams instant access to the information they need to identify bottlenecks, uncover new opportunities, and spot potential issues before they arise. 

    Key Components of a Digital Sales Board 

    A sales team discussing the data in a digital sales board.

    To reap all the benefits of implementing a digital sales board, it must have the following essential components: 

    Data Integration

    A data dashboard is meaningless without its data sources. A well-designed digital sales board must be able to integrate with various data sources, including CRM systems, customer databases, marketing platforms, and more. 

    Performance Metrics

    For a digital sales board to be valuable to sales teams, it needs not only to provide them with data but also to allow them to assess how the data is playing into their goals and sales targets. Key performance metrics should be displayed on the board for more visibility of the team’s conversion rates and revenue. 

    Customer Relationship Management 

    Sales teams can leverage digital sales boards to improve customer relationships and experiences. They can use the dashboard to display customer profiles, communication history, and other notes that will facilitate effective customer relationship management. 

    Sales Pipeline Management 

    A digital sales board should provide a visual representation of the sales pipeline, showing sales teams data on their sales stages and deal values. This will allow them to assess their progress and make decisions to manage their sales opportunities. 

    Reporting and Analytics

    A digital sales board with advanced reporting capabilities can provide sales professionals with unprecedented insights into their operations, improving data-driven decision-making. 

    Integration with Other Business Tools 

    Lastly, the digital sales board must be capable of integrating with other tools used by the business. This can include email and calendar applications, among others. With everything all in one place, sales teams can work productively and efficiently. 

    How to Implement a Digital Sales Board 

    A sales team discussing sales analytics displayed on a digital sales board.

    If your team is interested in building a digital sales board, here’s an easy step-by-step approach to get you started. 

    Assess Your Needs 

    A digital sales board shouldn’t be implemented on a whim. Before you make that decision, assess your business’s sales objectives and challenges. Determine the areas where a digital sales board can be most valuable.

    Choose the Right Technology

    Once you have a clearer picture of your sales targets, you are in a much better position to choose your technology. Find a digital sales board solution that aligns with your business’s needs, budget, and existing systems. 

    Ensure Compliance with Data Security Standards

    Adopting new technologies comes with the responsibility of ensuring compliance with data security regulations and standards. Make sure your digital sales board solution has measures in place to protect sensitive company and customer information. 

    Train and Onboard Sales Teams

    To maximize your use of your digital sales board, make sure the entire sales team knows how to navigate and utilize it effectively. Offer initial training and onboarding as well as ongoing support. 

    Monitor and Improve 

    As you use your digital sales board, monitor its performance with feedback from your sales team. Assess which features are the most useful and which are underperforming and make adjustments as necessary. 

    Build Your Digital Sales Board with Rise Vision 

    The benefits of using a digital sales board in your business are vast. And the technology is only going to get better. Years from now, we can expect digital sales boards to adopt the latest trends in artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, and natural language processing to make them easier to use and more valuable for sales teams. 

    Ready to get started building your digital sales board to take advantage of these opportunities?

    First, you need powerful software to manage your tech and update dashboard content. Start a free trial of Rise Vision to learn more about how our free digital signage solution can serve your business’s goals and requirements.

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