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    5 Reasons Your Digital Signage Sucks

    10 Reasons Your Digital Signage Sucks - And How to Fix It

    At first, you were excited to start a new digital signage project, but after you created an account, purchased a display, and created a presentation you started wondering. You’re wondering why your displays seem mediocre (at best), why engagement is trickling, and why despite your best efforts,[…]

    Spotify Uses Rise Vision

    Spotify Uses Rise Vision: Office Digital Signage

    Spotify, the popular digital music streaming service, is using Rise Vision in their New York and Stockholm campuses. They use office digital signage as a way to share news and information with their employees around their office.

    Opportunity Cost Digital Signage

    Benefits of Digital Signage

    Why does almost every digital signage newbie think digital signage is just a more expensive way to create printed ads? And why do they find themselves so focused on the price as opposed to the value that digital signage can have on their business?

    color theory in digital signage design

    How to Use Color Theory In Digital Signage Design

    What Makes a Good Digital Signage Design? There's a science to colors that extends to business. Did you know one of the most common colors in the entertainment industry is red, for example? Red can create a sense of excitement and energy that fit the industry. Blue creates a sense of trust and[…]

    5 Questions You Should Ask Before Starting A Digital Signage Project

    5 Questions to Ask When Starting A Digital Signage Project

    I know what you're thinking... A digital signage project… just a TV on a wall and some content... Piece of cake... But let me just stop you there. To get your project off to a good start, you and all your stakeholders should have the following 5 questions asked and answered before an RFP is sent or[…]

    Digital Signage Dashboard Design

    Digital Signage Dashboard Design

    Written by Nikta Kanuka Digital Signage Dashboard Design Dashboards are increasingly becoming an indispensable business acceleration tool, and for good reason too! Dashboards can help streamline day-to-day operations and unite your team around common targets.

    In Home Digital Signage Project

    In-Home Digital Signage

    We have seen digital signage used in schools, universities, restaurants and retail shops, but now it’s making its way into the family home. Mat Meiers, one of our team members, has created his very own in-home signage project which he has designed to display calendar events, grocery lists, to do[…]

    Guide to Low-Cost Digital Signage Media Players

    Our Guide to Low-Cost Digital Signage Media Players

    The search for the right media player can be difficult. In fact, it’s one of the most commonly asked questions we receive through our in-app messaging service and the Community. So we decided to test a variety of Presentations on three low cost media players to see how they held up. Our Toronto[…]

    Free Digital Signage Templates Pokémon Go

    Free Digital Signage Templates: Pokémon Go

    If you have seen groups of people gathered in the streets, staring into their phones, chances are it’s because of the new game- Pokémon Go. This game has taken over the world recently, and now you can use it to your advantage. We've joined the Poké hype and have released two new Pokémon Go themed[…]

    Customer Day

    Welcome To Customer Day!

    You may be noticing some new Rise faces showing up from time to time in our Community and messaging services. New to you, but not new to us. A few months ago we realized that the best way for us to solve the Job To Be Done for our customers is to make sure that everyone in the company knows what[…]

    How We Are Using Jobs To Be Done

    How We Are Using Jobs To Be Done

    We have spent the last several years investing heavily in our software development process. Moving from Java to Javascript using frameworks like Angular and now React. We have been able to deploy new releases every minute rather than once per quarter like we had historically done, building out[…]

    K-12 School Digital Signage 

    K-12 School Digital Signage 

    On May 11th 2016, Ryan Cahoy along with the Kent School District, and the Manor Independent School District sat on a live panel with the Digital Signage Federation to discuss leveraging k-12 school digital signage.

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