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    Universities Save Money with Digital Signage

    How Large Universities Save Money with Digital Signage

    About University of Toronto Mississauga Established in 1967, the University of Toronto Mississauga is the second-largest division of the University of Toronto, Canada’s largest university. The university has 12,600 undergraduate students, 600 graduate students, and more than over 2,000 faculty and[…]

    Digital Signage at a Creative Agency

    Digital Signage at a Creative Agency: Massive Media Client Story

    Last week we spoke briefly with Massive Media, a creative agency based in Grand Cayman about how they have been using Rise Vision's cloud-based digital signage solutions and what they thought of it so far.

    5 Tips for Your Digital Design

    5 Tips For Your Digital Signage Design

    There's a lot that goes into designing a digital signage presentation, in this post were going to go over and talk about a few factors to pay attention to when designing your presentation. 1. Color “Color does not add a pleasant quality to design – it reinforces it.” — Pierre Bonnard

    A Solution for Free Digital Signage Linux Ubuntu Software

    A Solution for Free Digital Signage Linux Ubuntu Software

    Linux compatibility with digital signage software solutions have long been sought after. Linux solutions, like Ubuntu, are free and offer cost savings for businesses. Schools have used Ubuntu and digital signage together to create STEM programming, office signage, CAP alerts, menu boards, and more!

    Best Media Players for Digital Signage

    The Best Media Players for Digital Signage

    Today we crossed 20,000 accounts created on the Rise Vision Platform. Thank you to all of our users and integrators for continuing to help spread the word as we are now installed in 95 countries around the world. With dozens of new accounts created each day a hot topic has been how to find the best[…]


    10 Uses for HTML5 Digital Signage

    Three things have become extremely important for anything connected to the Web. First, people are consuming more multimedia than ever before. Many websites and applications using video playback to create a rich experience for visitors and users. Second, load time is essential to providing a good[…]

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    Dallas Ministry Using Rise Platform To Help The Homeless

    Our Calling Dallas, Texas Twitter: @ourcalling Details: The Dallas-based ministry Our Calling is using Rise Vision’s free digital signage platform as part of its efforts to help the city’s poor and homeless.

    Configuring Linux Ubuntu Players

    User Tips and Tricks 2 - Configuring Linux Ubuntu Players Part 2

    Last week we discussed getting Linux Ubuntu installed on your Display, now let's go over tweaking it and installing the Rise Vision Player on it. Open System Settings, go to"Brightness and Lock" and set it so the screen never turns off or dims. Next, go to "Displays" and ensure you have the correct[…]

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    Converting Powerpoint to Digital Signage Using Google Drive

    This entry is an update using the new Editor and Google Drive Today we will go over what to do when you already have an existing Powerpoint Presentation that you want to display on your digital signage.

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    Convert Flash to HTML5 with Google Swiffy

    ---Note: Google Swiffy was shut down in 2016, and the content in this post is no longer supported--- Using Swiffy to Convert Flash to HTML5 Most everyone who follows web tech has probably already heard about Wallaby, Adobe's experimental tool for converting FLA files to HTML5. Now, Google has just[…]

    digital signage weather gadget

    The Best Weather Gadget for Digital Signage

    The one thing everyone wants to know about is the weather. So we made a better Weather Gadget, giving you more options to customize the layout and visual look and appeal.

    Digital Signage Layout with the Golden Ratio

    Best Practices: Digital Signage Layout with the Golden Ratio

    This is part three in our series on best practices for Presentations in Digital Signage with Rise Vision. Use the Golden Ratio – Using the image referenced in this Forum discussion, all the boxes are sub-divided with the Golden Ratio and hence all elements in the Presentation can be made sizes in[…]

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