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    K-12 School Digital Signage 

    K-12 School Digital Signage 

    On May 11th 2016, Ryan Cahoy along with the Kent School District, and the Manor Independent School District sat on a live panel with the Digital Signage Federation to discuss leveraging k-12 school digital signage.

    New Digital Signage Templates

    We Just Released 5 New Digital Signage Templates!

    They were designed based off of feedback from a number of higher education customers. However, they can be used in all sorts of settings. These templates are designed to be simple and easy to customize. You can use them in a set or, pick and choose, it’s up to you. The bright colours, transitions[…]

    Easy and Inexpensive Beautiful Digital Signage

    Quick, Easy, Inexpensive Beautiful Digital Signage

    We have just released a new service: Rise Custom Templates! How does it work? Browse through our library of templates, once you find one that catches your eye head over here and purchase Rise Custom Templates.

    9 Free Digital Signage Backgrounds

    9 Free Digital Signage Backgrounds

    A couple weeks ago we published a blog post with 8 free digital signage backgrounds that you could use. It ended up getting a lot of attention so we decided to create 9 more! You can download them by right clicking and selecting "Save image as".

    Restaurant Digital Signage

    Digital Menus at Famous Famiglia

    The Participants is a solutions-driven digital menu board and software provider determined to deliver the highest-quality, most user-friendly digital menu board software and hardware available.

    8 Free Digital Signage Backgrounds

    8 Free Digital Signage Backgrounds

    Vivid backgrounds and images are an important aspect of your digital signage. They can make or break your design and help you catch the attention of your desired audience. We thought we would help you out by creating 8 free digital signage backgrounds for you to try out. Read on to see the sample[…]

    How to Create Great Digital Signage Content

    How to Create Great Digital Signage Content

    Previously we have provided advice, tips and tricks for those that are actively creating digital signage - be it for 30 screen rollouts across a large organization or two displays for a small business. If you are currently considering digital signage as part of your overall signage this entry will[…]

    desinging digital signage content

    Good, Better, and Best Digital Signage Content

    In this previous post I went over how to plan out your digital signage set up. Once you’ve done that you get to do the fun part… Building the content. Sometimes people get a little excited (I am definitely a culprit) and try to put as many things on their display as possible. The problem is that we[…]

    Planning your digital signage content

    Planning Out Your Digital Signage Content

    Digital signage is typically a glance medium. There are cases where someone will be sitting or standing in front of the screen for long periods of time. But usually you have a few seconds to get your message across. To have the highest impact in that short period of time you need to know what your[…]

    Digital Signage in Manufacturing

    Digital Signage in Manufacturing: Kapco Inc.

    About Kapco Inc. Kapco Inc. is a manufacturing company headquartered in Grafton, Wisconsin. It was founded in 1972 and within the span of a decade was employing hundreds of people. They now have five manufacturing plants throughout the state of Wisconsin and employ over 400 people. Each plant runs[…]

    Rise Vision at CATC by the Water

    CATC (Computers Across the Curriculum Group) by the Water is a professional development event. It’s hosted by the Waterloo Region District School Board’s CATC Group. Teachers attend the camp on Lake Simcoe. While there they’re provided with an extraordinary facilitated learning experience.[…]

    Lewis bus group digital signage

    Using Digital Signage to Improve Company Communication

    Lewis Bus Group Lewis Bus Group sells and services buses. They are a tight knit company and treat all of their customers like family. To them, safely and successfully moving people requires more than just a vehicle. It requires a match of your needs and circumstances with the perfect bus.

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