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    The Playbook for Unleashing School Spirit with Digital Signage

    The Playbook for Unleashing School Spirit with Digital Signage

    Digital methods and social media connect schools to their communities like never before. Taking your school’s sports team online opens up a whole new world of opportunities and allows schools to spark even more support from a larger audience. 

    Our partner, ScoreStream, presented a webinar unveiling the playbook of strategies for leveraging the potential digital reach in ways schools may have yet to consider. 

    Watch the Webinar Recording

    Dive in now as we share some strategies using digital signage to pump up school spirit, snag media spotlights, turn student achievements into athletic scholarships, and much more.

    The Power of Rise Vision & ScoreStream

    First, let’s look at some benefits to leveraging the power of Rise Vision and ScoreStream in your school’s athletics program. 

    Creates an Engaging Sports Program 

    Encourage more students to participate in your school’s sport programs which in results promotes a culture of inclusivity and physical activity. Healthy students have improved overall health and better academic performance. The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) reported that students who play a sport have higher GPAs than those who do not.

    But that’s not all. By promoting your athletic program, you showcase your school’s commitment to student development. This in turn, can attract new students and their families to your school and increase enrollment rates.

    Elevates School Spirit

    Boost morale by using digital signage to create a sense of belonging and unity among students, staff, and the community. When everyone rallies behind your teams, it can create a positive atmosphere and shared sense of pride. A high level of school spirit can positively impact your overall school culture resulting in: 

    1. Increased school pride
    2. Better attendance rate
    3. Improved attitude towards learning

    Strengthens Community Ties

    Increase the overall community involvement and support of your school by attracting community members, parents, and local businesses. This also opens up opportunities for sponsorship and increased revenue earning potential (make your digital signage work for you!)

    Strengthening your community ties goes beyond the basics though. For school leaders, this can also look like building positive relationships with school leaders and community members. Face to face engagement helps build relationships, get feedback, and demonstrates the school’s commitment to being an active member of the community.

    These benefits contribute to a vibrant school culture, increased student engagement, and improved community relations, all of which positively impact the overall educational experience and the long-term success of the school.

    It’s Time to Leverage Rise Vision & ScoreStream for Maximum Exposure

    Ignite school spirit

    According to a survey conducted by the NFHS, more fans attend high school basketball and football events than the same sports at the college and professional levels combined - that’s over 510 million fans attend high school sporting events!

    This is where your school can leverage Rise Vision’s partnerships to get maximum exposure for your sport programs and for your student athletes. 

    The Benefits of Maximizing Exposure

    If you aren’t already convinced that it’s time to use digital signage to maximize your exposure for your sport’s programs and to pump up the school spirit, there are even more reasons to consider.

    Increased Revenue

    You can make your digital signage work for you - and generate revenue that can be used for so much more in your school. Here are some ways digital signage can increase revenue:

    • Increased ticket sales - higher attendance to your games means more tickets sold, increased concession revenue, and more merchandise purchases.
    • Boosted fundraising opportunities - being able to show sponsors and donors how much exposure your programs gets more people willing to invest in your school’s teams.  
    • Potential for merchandise sales - if you don’t have merchandise already, a popular sports program could generate demand for branded merchandise such as team apparel, accessories, and more.

    Opportunities for Athletes

    Generating more exposure for your school’s athletic programs can not only help your school, but can benefit student recruitment as well.

    • Improved student recruitment - getting your student’s in front of the right people by maximizing their game play exposure can positively impact student recruitment to university or college-level programs. Plus, students may be drawn to enroll at your school. 

    Community Involvement

    Lastly, you could also see an increase in overall community involvement which can benefit your school in multiple ways. 

    • Facility rentals - if your school has a well regarded sport program, you may see an increase in demand for renting the sport facilities. 
    • Community partnerships - forge relationships with local businesses and organizations to generate sponsorships, donations, and support.
    • Potential media deals - with all this media coverage, your school could attract even more media attention leading to other opportunities for broadcasting or streaming of games. 
    • Increased event attendance - getting your school’s name out into the community could also increase attendance at events and fundraisers hosted by the school. 

    Promoting and gaining exposure for sports programs not only enhances school spirit and community engagement but also offers numerous monetary advantages.

    Watch the Webinar Recording

    Practical Tips for Implementing Digital Signage to Unleash School Spirit

    Now that we have looked at the benefits of maximizing your sports program exposure, it’s time for us to reveal to the playbook how to execute these strategies. Let’s look at some practical tips for implementation.

    Start early - The time to make the most of digital signage is now! Plus, if you’re using a platform like ScoreStream, pre-schedule your widgets for sports early so you can cross that task off your to-do list.

    Recruit your school’s ambassadors - A great way to get your school and community involved in your sport’s programs is by recruiting ambassadors who can show up to the games, take photos and videos of the live events, and live stream the score for anyone who is watching from their mobile device.

    Spread the word on social media - Social media is a great way to spread team spirit. Post information on your social media channels letting people know how they can get involved and where they can watch live streams of your events.

    Use a program like ScoreStream to live showcase real-time scores and updates - Plus, you can connect your ScoreStream to Rise Vision to easily share updates directly onto your digital displays.

    Promote games and events on your digital signage - Increase fan awareness by promoting events early on digital signage across campus and on social media.


    Highlight athletes on digital signage and social media - Use digital signage to highlight student athlete achievements and generate even more buzz around your programs.


    Keep the student community informed - Post last night’s game highlights and scores so students and staff are up to date even if they couldn’t attend in person.


    Partner with local businesses - When your digital signage program is up and running, partner with local businesses to display updates on their digital signage or sell advertising time on your scoreboards/digital signage to generate some revenue.

    Level Up with Rise Vision Digital Signage

    With this playbook of strategies for leveraging digital signage to pump up school spirit, snag media spotlights, turn student achievements into athletic scholarships, and more, it’s time to level up with Rise Vision. 

    Watch the Webinar Recording: Unleashing School Spirit: Engage Fans and Empower Students with ScoreStream and Rise Vision

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