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    4 Creative Ways to Get Funding for Digital Signage

    4 Creative Ways to Get Funding for Digital Signage

    In 1948, you could get a brand new B&W 16 inch TV for the bargain price of $795! By the end of the 20th century, you could get an RCA 36 inch color TV for only $1400! Flash-forward 20 years and you can get an HD 40 inch TV for less than $200 with the right bargain hunting. TV prices have fallen a lot over the past few years. That’s good news for schools that need digital signage! Most schools, however, love their digital signage so much that they don’t want to settle for one display --they want to have an entire network. With plans starting at just $10, this is affordable with Rise Vision. Unfortunately, even at $200 a display, the cost starts adding up quickly. How do you grow your digital signage network on a budget? We’ll show you 4 creative ways in this post.

    Where Do You Need Displays

    Rise Vision is the easiest way for schools to put their message on displays.

    We have hundreds of templates, so you don’t have to spend time creating content: it’s all created for you.

    With hundreds of templates, the possibility of modernizing your school with digital signage that informs both students and staff is not only a reality but something that is effortless.

    Most schools that have one display, quickly realize it’s so effective that they want more. Make a wish list.

    If you want to have the districts most innovating school and make sure students and teachers see your message, where do you need displays?

    Here are some examples of where schools commonly put their displays:

    School cafeterias

    school lunch menu digital signage template

    Start with this template

    Administration office

    Announcements Campus Signage Template


    Start with this template

    Athletic facilities

    School matchup digital signage template

    Start with this template

    Wayfinder maps at the campus library and quad

    campus wayfinding digital signage template

    Start with this template


    guest speaker digital signage template

    Start with this template

    Financial Literacy Labs

    financial literacy lab

    Start with this template

    Next, determine what you need to make it happen. If you’re not sure what you need for digital signage, take a look at this post.

    How to Raise Money For Digital Signage

    Once you know how many displays and media players you need, add up the cost and then start thinking about creative ways to get the money.

    Some of the most common places we’ve seen (which will be covered in more depth below) are:

    • Crowdsource campaign
    • A donation program
    • An affiliate program
    • Grant

    We have templates (see below) to help you get the most exposure out of your fundraising program.

    referral digital signage template

    Start with this template

    Amazon Referral Program Digital Signage

    Start with this template

    Amazon Referral Program Digital Signage

    Start with this template

    Crowdfunding for Digital Signage

    Thousands of business startups get funding through Kickstarter. But crowdfunding isn’t just for businesses.

    Websites like DonorsChoose let schools set up programs that they need funding for; parents, relatives and complete strangers have a chance to read about it and donate money towards it.

    Parents are more receptive to give money when they know what it’s going towards; this is a way for you not only to show it but to let them watch its progress. It’s a chance to make them feel involved in every step of the way.

    A Donation Program for Digital Signage

    1080p is nice, but you know what’s better? 4k! There are people who have HDTVs in good condition that are thinking about upgrading to the newest technology. Give them a chance by encouraging parents and staff to donate unwanted displays.

    Some schools are even building their own media players, which can be done with donated computer parts.

    Setup An Affiliate Program for Digital Signage

    If you don’t have an affiliate program set up for your school, then you could be losing out on hundreds of dollars that could be used to fund hardware such as digital displays and media players.

    affiliate digital signage program

    Once the one thing that every parent, teacher, and student does? Shop! Amazon, Walmart, and Target each have affiliate programs.

    Those are just the big box stores. Nearly every large retailer has an affiliate program: from Home Depot to Etsy. With Etsy, students could even donate their artwork and have an online art gallery where parents and relatives could purchase the work, and the school would make a commission.

    Grants for Digital Signage

    There are millions of dollars available to school through grants.

    Grants come in all shapes and sizes; some grants are to send teachers to conferences, others are just for school supplies, and others are to fund improvements to your campus. We’ve compiled a list of over 40 grants that are perfect for schools who want to get funding for digital signage.

    More and more donors are looking for schools that apply the money toward STEM programming. That’s not a problem with digital signage. This article shows how to create a STEM project with your digital signage.

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