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Customer Profile: Rutgers University

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Modernizing a Piece of History: How Rutgers University Used Digital Signage to Reach a New Generation of Students

Rutgers University is one of the oldest and largest colleges in the United States. They have several locations across New Jersey that over 50,000 students call home. Their alumni includes Nobel Prize winners, poet laureates, governors, senators, and supreme court justices. Their prestige, however, doesn’t mean they don’t face the same challenges that hundreds of universities also face: how do you successfully modernize a campus that was founded before electricity was discovered?

A Big School With a Very Common Problem

Steven DeFeo, one of Rutgers' IT Computing Managers, was tasked with finding the best way to blend history and technology together through digital signage. The university had already been doing digital signage the manual way: sticking a PowerPoint presentation or several images on a USB drive. This method worked when there was only a handful of displays, but as their network of displays grew and their content was always being updated, they needed something that would grow with them.

The Solution

DeFeo looked at many solutions, but was attracted to Rise Vision because it was cloud based with no software to install, and would run on Raspberry Pi. DeFeo was also eager to find a solution that would run off multiple platforms, so it would be future-proofed as their network expanded even more, or their presentations needed to be shown at a higher resolution. He knows eventually their needs might surpass the capabilities of what Raspberry Pi can offer.

Rutgers’ began using Rise Vision in early 2017. The software helped streamline their displays on a budget that pleased school administrators. Even better, DeFeo didn’t have to spend half his day manually updating displays one by one with a USB, which gave him more time to spend with the schools other IT challenges.

Because of the campus size, Rutgers is using the educational enterprise plan to create different sub-companies for their many departments; each department has very specific needs they need to fill. Sub-companies helps the school stay organized and share responsibilities.

The school is already busy creating templates for their departments to use; this will help them save even more time. Soon, students and staff will enjoy digital signage that promotes upcoming events, gives updated times for their campus bus schedule, and announcements. In the future, the school is hoping to push the limits of digital signage even further by having live video content displayed (such as sporting events and campus news).

Take a look below and see some of the great presentations they’ve already done.

Rutgers Main Template

The schools main template

Rutgers Slideshow

A slideshow from the American Studies department

Rutgers Sports Clip.gif

A video presentation from the Athletic Department

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