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    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Safety Signs

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Safety Signs

    Publishing signs throughout your building, is an effective way to communicate the steps your organization is taking to keep people safe. We have created free coronavirus safety and reopening signs that can be used on digital signage or as printed signs to help you communicate.

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    You can share them on digital signage, print them out and put up posters, post them on social media, publish them to your website, or include them in emails.

    Temperature Check Sign

    Organizations are beginning to implement temperature checks to prevent people who might have the coronavirus from entering. If your organization is checking peoples temperatures position this sign near your entrance or the checkpoint to let people know.

    covid temperature check sign

    Wear a Face Covering Sign

    Wearing masks has been proven to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. Many organizations are now implementing policies preventing people from entering if they are not wearing a mask. Use this sign to inform people of your face covering policies.

    covid sign use face masks

    Keep Left and Keep Right In This Hallway Signs

    Implementing rules on how to navigate hallways is can help people maintain a safe distance.

    A coronavirus sign to help people stay socially distant in hallways

    A COVID-19 sign to help people stay socially distant in hallways

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    Download Free COVID-19 Safety Signs

    Proper Hand Washing Signs

    Properly washing your hands and following basic hygiene procedures is one of the most effective ways to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19.

    Sharing information on how to properly wash your hands will help your audience, especially students or young children, stay safe.

    A sign explaining the steps to properly wash your hands and prevent the coronavirus.

    Max Capacity Coronavirus Safety Sign

    Max capacity signs help inform people and keep them safe if your organization has implemented policies that limit the number of people allowed to enter.

    A sign showing maximum capacity rules for a building to help stop the spread of coronavirus

    Do Not Enter If You Have COVID-19 Symptoms Sign

    Share this poster to remind people to stay home and not enter your building if they have COVID-19 symptoms.

    A coronavirus safety sign telling people not to enter if they have symptoms

    A sign explaining that you should not enter the building if you have recently experienced coronavirus symptoms

    Maintain Safe Practices Sign

    Share all of the coronavirus prevention best practices in one easy to digest safety sign.

    maintain safe practices coronavirus safety sign

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    Download Free COVID-19 Safety Signs

    Coronavirus Assistance Programs

    If your organization offers programs or policies you can enter your website in the blank space to direct your audience to your resources.

    A sign to share COVID-19 assistance programs with your audience.

    Coronavirus Contact Reporting

    Encourage employees or visitors to let you know if they or anyone they have come into contact with has tested positive for COVID-19. This will help your organization respond to potential cases and ensure others stay safe.

    coronavirus contact reporting safety sign

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    Download Free COVID-19 Safety Signs

    COVID Social Distancing Signs

    Social distancing or “physical distancing” is one of the best ways to reduce the spread of the coronavirus disease per the CDC. These signs can be used to encourage people to stay 6 feet apart and not gather in groups.

    covid social distancing safety sign

    A sign to promote social distancing and slow the spread of COVID-19.

    CDC COVID-19 Prevention Signs

    This set of coronavirus signs is available in French, English, and Spanish. They cover all of the best practices such as covering your cough, avoiding close contact with people who are sick, cleaning surfaces frequently, and washing your hands.

    A sign showing CDC COVID-19 prevention tips.


    Thank and honor the heroes in your community who are working hard to make sure we have access to essential goods. Support your local first responders and essential workers with this #honorheroes sign.

    A sign to honor first responders and essential workers.


    Show your gratitude for front line workers by lighting up your building with this sign.

    coronavirus light it blue campaign signage

    Coronavirus Prevention Tips Chrome Extension

    Install this Chrome extension to keep your family or business safe and stop the spread of the coronavirus every time you open a new tab in your web browser. The extension will show a different tip from the World Health Organizations “Do The Five.”

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    Coronavirus Reopening Plan

    As many countries and states start to reopen and publish their coronavirus reopening plans it’s important for you to consider how your business, school, or organization needs to prepare. Many government agencies, such as the CDC, have put out resources to help you develop, implement, and maintain your reopening plan.

    As part of your reopening strategy determine what needs to be regularly cleaned and disinfected, what policies and procedures need to be put into place, and how you’ll communicate the actions you’re taking.

    To help prevent the spread you’ll want to:

    • Increase air circulation
    • Encourage people to bring their own food and water
    • Close shared spaces such as cafeterias
    • Discourage the use of shared objects
    • Have ample cleaning supplies on hand

    Some key information to communicate is:

    • Wearing cloth face coverings
    • Avoiding touching faces
    • Staying home if sick
    • Frequently cleaning and disinfecting surfaces (follow CDC cleaning and disinfection guidelines)
    • Practicing social distancing (stay 6 feet away)
    • Wash hands thoroughly and often

    Get FREE COVID-19 Signs to Communicate Key Information

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    Download Free COVID-19 Safety Signs

    Our COVID-19 signs are also available to all Rise Vision users in an animated and eye-catching format, to get access click Start Free Trial below.

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