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Raspberry Pi Digital Signage

Rise Vision has been leading the charge in Raspberry Pi digital signage since 2013. We make it easy for any school or organization that plans on creating a Raspberry Pi digital signage system.

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Raspberry Pi Digital Signage


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Typical Raspberry Pi digital signage is complicated to set up and takes too much time to maintain. You’re often left without support when problems come up, confusing software your coworkers can’t use, and poorly designed content.

Avoid the headaches and let our fresh templates make your project a success for only a few minutes a week! You’ll have happy stakeholders and the time to pursue other initiatives.

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“Rise Vision has been an easy way for us to utilize low-cost hardware (Raspberry Pi) to display digital signage throughout the building. We are able to meet our needs on the free tier which has been a perfect fit for budgetary purposes.”

— James Crawford, Woodbridge School District
Woodbridge School District Logo

Learn How Thousands Of Organizations Use Raspberry Pi And Rise Vision For Their Digital Signage

News And Announcements That Turn Heads

News And Announcements That Turn Heads

Not having any luck with traditional print or poster announcements? Digital signage is proven to effectively get people to notice what you are communicating. Make bulletin boards a thing of the past and modernize your school or organization with Raspberry Pi digital signage.

Menu Boards That Sizzle

Menu Boards That Sizzle

Digital menu boards give traditional boards a facelift with the option to add animations, videos, and more! Update prices, menu items, and images in minutes. Digital menu boards can also be scheduled to change throughout the day. That means you can have a breakfast menu that automatically changes to the lunch menu at the time you set.

Fresh Content Every Week

Fresh Content Every Week

There are almost a dozen federal holidays, and even more popular, but not nationally recognized days, like Saint Patrick’s Day and Mother’s Day. You never have to worry about having content for your display to cover any of these seasonal holidays. We have hundreds of pre-built Templates that can be quickly personalized with your branding. Whatever you need, you’ll find it!

Stay Safe Digital Signage

Stay safe!

Your audience will be safe with our emergency alerts (also known as CAP) integration. You can use your display to share urgent alerts such as extreme weather warnings or campus threats.

STEM Education

STEM Education

Raspberry Pi for digital signage is both a low-cost solution for many schools and an opportunity to teach STEM in the classroom. Make digital signage a learning opportunity by letting students build your Raspberry Pi media player. You can read more about what a school needs to get started in this article. Still not sure if Raspberry Pi is right for your organization? You can read more about the advantages and limitations of using Raspberry Pi for digital signage in this article.

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Why use Rise Vision for your Raspberry Pi digital signage?

Templates that Connect

Templates that connect.

Every week, we release new Templates that will connect with your audience. Templates can be personalized in just a few minutes. They will save you hours of work every week! Our templates save on average 16 hours of content design time.

Raspberry Pi Digital Signage That Just Works

Raspberry Pi digital signage that just works.

All Rise Vision displays ran as expected 98.61% of the time. We understand how important reliability is to you. With Rise Vision, concerns about content not displaying will never be an issue. Your digital signage will play even if your Internet goes down.

Customer Service That Helps You Succeed

Customer service that helps you succeed.

We are there when you need us: in minutes, not hours! We struggle when you struggle. We succeed when you succeed. Our customer service has a 98.2% satisfaction rate (past 90 days).

Easy-Peasy Learning Curve

Easy-Peasy Learning Curve

Our customers made 143,058 eye catching display updates last week. Our software is simple to use. In fact, so simple that new users need only a few minutes to get comfortable using it. Add as many coworkers as you need, and don’t worry about making time to train them! 

Rise Vision - Pioneering Raspberry Pi Digital Signage

Within a year of Raspberry Pi being released to the public, the Rise Vision community began experimenting with using Raspberry Pi to power their own digital signage projects. Thanks to the countless hours committed by the Rise Vision community and a group of passionate employees, a Raspberry Pi digital signage solution was created that the entire world can now use.
Fast forward to today and thousands of organizations (including schools and businesses) are using Rise Vision with their Raspberry Pi digital signage systems. If you’re in the middle of your own Raspberry Pi digital signage project, try a free trial on us today!

Since 1992, thousands of organizations have saved time and money using our digital signage software. Here’s what just a few have to say:

“We were running Cisco DMP's managed with a bare-bones, custom programmed display management system, now with Raspberry Pi’s and what Rise Vision offers we can trash the Ciscos and move ahead into the 21st century.”

— Washington State University
Washington State University Logo

“Compared to many other digital signage platforms on the market, RiseVision was an easy choice for us to make due to the cloud-based architecture, flexibility in being able to deploy on Windows, Linux or Raspberry Pi and a very low cost per display.”

— Macquarie University
Macquarie University Logo
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“We use Rise Vision on multiple screens throughout our school district. Generally, our purpose is to keep all faculty, students, staff, and visitors up to date on the events that are taking place in our buildings. Digital signage has even replaced regular morning announcements in our high school.”

— Hampton Bays School District
Hampton Bays School District Logo

“This small school LOVES RISE VISION! We advertise upcoming events in our halls - Great product Rise Vision!”

— Mooresville Christian Academy
Mooresville Christian Academy Logo

Raspberry Pi Media Player Checklist

If you want to build a Raspberry Pi digital signage media player on your own, here’s a short list of hardware and accessories we recommend you use: 
  • Raspberry Pi 3 or 4 Model B Motherboard
  • Case / Fan / Power
  • Micro SD card
  • Wireless keyboard (optional)
For more detailed instructions, refer to this article.

How To Get Started With A Rise Vision Powered Raspberry Pi Digital Signage System

Step 1

Pick a template.

We suggest starting with a simple template like an entryway greeting sign or calendar. However, feel free to browse our templates gallery to find the perfect template that fits your most urgent needs.

Rise Vision Logo
Step 2

Share it to your Raspberry Pi digital signage.

Get a Raspberry Pi computer and an SD card.

The website lists online stores that sell Raspberry Pi computers (check near the bottom of the page). You will need to also get a flash SD card so that you can load an operating system onto your Raspberry Pi computer. You can download your operating system for free from the Raspberry Pi website. If you want to get started even quicker you can get a NOOBS card that comes pre-loaded with multiple operating systems.

We recommend this kit that comes with a case, heat sinks, SD card, and the Raspberry Pi computer.

Connect the Raspberry Pi computer to a display, keyboard, and mouse.

You will need to use a USB keyboard and mouse. If your display doesn’t have an HDMI port, you’ll need to purchase an HDMI conversion adapter. You may prefer to plug a WiFi adapter into the USB slot if you don’t have a way to connect an ethernet cable to your modem or router.

Connect your Raspberry Pi to the internet and install Rise Player.

Using your newly setup Raspberry Pi media player, connect to the Internet and navigate to our website. Login to your account and click on presentations. The template you selected will be available there. Feel free to make any additional edits to your template and click on “Publish to Display”. Next, select Raspberry PI as the operating system and copy down your Display ID as you will need this ID in the final step.
The final part of this step will prompt you to download the Rise Player software application. Download Rise Player and install the software onto your Raspberry Pi.

Type in the Display ID and see your template appear.

Open the Rise Player application that you’ve just installed on your Raspberry Pi computer. When prompted, enter the display ID you wrote or copied down in the previous step. You now have a fully operational Raspberry Pi digital signage system!

Raspberry Pi Computer Connect The Raspberry Pi Computer to a Display Connect your Raspberry Pi to the internet and install Rise Player Type in the Display ID
Step 3

Keep it interesting by picking new templates each week!

The content creation team here at Rise Vision is continually adding new templates to our template gallery each week. Be sure to visit our template gallery or sign up for our weekly playbook so you can see what’s new. You may find a template that makes your life and workflow much easier! We’ve found that people who use our templates save up to 16 hours of content creation time each week.

Keep It Interesting Digital Signage
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Templates For Raspberry Pi Digital Signage

All Rise Vision customers have access to our vast library of pre-made digital signage templates. These templates were designed to save our customers up to 16 hours of content creation time each week.
Here are a few digital signage templates that are perfect for any school or organization that’s just getting started with their Rise Vision powered Raspberry Pi digital signage:

Events Calendar

An events calendar is a great way to keep everyone informed.

Events Calendar

This simple events calendar template is perfect for anyone running a Raspberry Pi digital signage system. It’s lightweight, not image or video heavy and keeps people informed of more immediate upcoming events.

Weather Forecast Template

This weather forecast template can sync up to your local weather forecast simply by entering your location information in your Rise Vision account.

Emergency Notification Template

Digital signage can be used to create high-contrast emergency notifications.

Emergency Notification Template

Digital signage is great for displaying instant emergency notifications. It’s easily seen by everyone in a building or campus setting. This emergency notification template is extremely lightweight and can be supported by almost any digital signage system.

Further Reading

Over the years we’ve been writing a lot about how your school or organization can use Raspberry Pi as the core of your digital signage system. Please refer to these articles below:

If you’d like us to cover more specific topics, please feel free to contact us at

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