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    How to Use Digital Signage for Corporate Communication

    Corporate workers helping each other to use digital signage for corporate communication.

    Businesses invest in digital signage with the primary goal of communicating with and marketing to their customers. They use this technology to attract their target market, keep them engaged, and ultimately, improve sales. 

    While digital signage is compelling for this application, businesses are overlooking another target demographic — their employees. Digital signage is first and foremost a communications tool, which means that it should be utilized and taken advantage of in the corporate setting. 

    Digital Signage and Corporate Communication 

    Internal communication is one of the most important factors for successfully running and managing a business. The ability to relay and exchange information to staff clearly and effectively is a skill that every executive or manager must have (or learn). 

    Especially with the growing pace at which information comes and goes, traditional signage and communication strategies, like posters and memos, commonly used in office settings are no longer able to keep up. Luckily, there’s the option of digital signage. 

    With dynamic displays that can’t be ignored, digital signs have proven to be effective in relaying information to staff members and keeping them engaged in the workplace. These benefits and more make corporate digital signage a powerful tool for corporate communication.

    Uses of Digital Signage for Corporate Communication An old fashion example of how digital signage can improve corporate communication.Digital signage has a broad range of applications in the corporate setting. But in general, they are used to improve internal communication, enhance employee engagement and productivity, organize operations, and strengthen employee satisfaction and corporate culture. 

    Create a Digital Signage Ecosystem 

    Inter-department communication and collaboration can be challenging feats in the workplace. Since each department functions as one separate body, it can be difficult to interact with other teams and maintain a good flow of information. 

    Digital signage can help in that regard. Replacing emails, memos, and corkboards with digital displays can create a digital communications ecosystem that will make it easier and faster for different departments to communicate. 

    Keep Employees Informed

    Employees should be working towards a common goal instead of doing their own thing and sidetracking the path to the desired output. But that’s easier said than done if the employees aren’t aligned with company goals and developments. 

    Digital signs keep employees updated on all the information they need to know to do their jobs properly. From insights on company sales to changes in the industry, it’s an effective way to deliver information quickly and ensure that everyone has the proper information on hand to move forward. 

    Show Important Alerts and Updates 

    Digital signs can also be utilized to promote workplace safety or deliver important information that requires fast response times. Emergency notification systems that can be incorporated into digital signs can deploy crucial alerts in real time, giving everyone more time to take the necessary course of action. 

    Organize Scheduling 

    Meetings and regular huddles are the lifeblood of collaboration in the workplace. But often, setting up these meetings is even more tedious than attending them. Digital signs can be used to streamline scheduling, allowing companies to announce meeting times, book conference rooms, and notify attendees. 

    Especially compared to traditional emails and printed memos, digitalized scheduling can secure attendance and make it easier to hold meetings regularly. 

    Promote Company Culture

    A presentation showing Rise Vision core values.

    A strong company culture is key to productive and motivated employees. Use your digital signs to communicate your corporate culture, instill your values in your employees, and create a lasting sense of value and belongingness. 

    It’s as simple as displaying your mission and vision, streaming motivational quotes, or simply showing photos from your last team-building activity. 

    Build Stronger Relationships with Employees 

    Digital signage opens up multiple opportunities for you to build better relationships with your employees and motivate them in the workplace. Things like broadcasting a friendly message or recognizing an “employee of the month” can go a long way in boosting morale and making workers feel valued. 

    Digital Signage Ideas for Corporate Communication 

    Now, you know how you can utilize digital signage to boost internal communication. But you probably aren’t sure about what types of content to display for the best results. 

    Latest Industry News and Trends

    Developments in your company and industry play a big role in employee decision-making. Keep them on track with the latest news and trends by integrating digital signage RSS feeds or streaming relevant news outlets. 

    Social Media Wall

    Social Media wall improves corporate communication.

    Browsing social media is always a fun and entertaining pastime. Consider using your digital signage to display social media feeds, complete with engaging videos, fun posts, and informative content. 

    Corporate Dashboard 

    In order for employees to make the right decisions and work towards the company goals, it’s important that they know the progress they’re making and how that’s translating in terms of results. You can keep them on tabs with a dashboard that displays important company data in easy-to-digest charts and graphs. 

    Company Awards and Achievements

    Your employees will appreciate knowing that the work they’re putting in is actually helping the company achieve important milestones and goals. That said, it’s a good idea to showcase company awards and new achievements in your digital display.

    Let your employees know they helped you get to these heights — this will go a long way to motivating them to exceed expectations. 

    Real-time Announcements 

    Digital signs are hard to ignore and in the office setting, very difficult to miss. Thus, they’re powerful platforms to make announcements. Whenever you have something important to announce, whether a new event or activity, a meeting, or a product launch, deploy the message onto your digital signage for maximum reach and visibility. 

    Training & Development 

    Every day in the office is a new learning opportunity. Use your digital signs to continue growing your staff’s knowledge about your company and industry or their roles. Whether in the form of short articles or bite-sized how-to videos, you can boost your training and development efforts passively with digital signage. 

    Employee Recognition 

    Your employees are the lifeblood of your company. And as such, it’s your job to make them feel visible and valued. Your digital signage can be a platform to do just that. Use it to recognize employee achievements, celebrate birthdays, or congratulate employees for a job well done. 

    Customer Reviews and Testimonials 

    What customers have to say about your company also reflects on the work that your employees put in. It’s a good idea to display customer reviews on your digital signs as a way of providing feedback to your employees. Good reviews will solidify their hard work. On the other hand, bad reviews will motivate them to do better. 

    Best Practices for Digital Signage in Corporate Communication

    Digital signage at the office improves corporate communication.

    Digital signage content is not something that you can just set and forget. To maximize it, you need to have a concrete content plan that will drive results. When setting up your digital signs for corporate communication, keep the following best practices in mind. 

    Make Content Fresh

    If you display the same content in your digital signs over and over again, your employees will stop engaging with them at some point. After all, no one likes seeing the same static things day after day. 

    Make it a point to update your content every now and then. Luckily, this is easy to do with digital signage. Armed with a strong and versatile software and content management system, you can switch up content with little effort when you need to. 

    Consider Your Target Audience 

    As evident in social media and ad marketing, people don’t engage with content that is not relevant to them. Think about it. You won’t really care to take a second look at a digital sign promoting cheeseburgers if you follow a vegetarian diet, right? 

    The same principle goes for your employees. The marketing department doesn’t want to see a congratulatory message for someone in the accounting team that they barely know, nor will your HR staff care about IT data. That said, you need to know what kind of content to display and where. 

    Ask yourself what information is relevant to your employees. Chances are, that’s going to include content about their specific roles, the industry they work in, etc. Then identify the most appropriate place to display that content to the target audience. Will it work better in your office lobby? In the elevators? Or in meeting rooms? 

    Avoid Distractions 

    There’s a difference between engaging your employees with a good digital sign and completely distracting them from doing their jobs. Make sure your digital signage is not too overpowering that it keeps your employees from being productive. 

    Avoid loud background music and mind your display’s location. It’s probably not a good idea to place a display right above an employee’s desk, for example, which may make it incredibly off-putting. 

    Improve Corporate Communications With Digital Signage 

    Internal communication plays an important role in employee engagement and productivity. And according to a study by Rise, highly engaged employees translate to over 21% more profit for businesses. 

    That’s more than enough incentive for you to start incorporating digital signage into your corporate communication strategy. By improving how you communicate and collaborate with your employees, digital signs can level up your operations and ultimately, boost your bottom line.

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