storage image Important announcement regarding Storage pricing

We are about to launch Storage, our media library for digital signage, for $10 per month, per Company, with no variable charges or limitations, as long as you are using Storage for Rise Vision digital signage.

If you are using Storage now you will automatically be enrolled in a free 90 day trial when Storage launches. During the trial period you can move your media assets to another library if you no longer want to use our service and simply reference those assets by URL in your Presentations. And if you are interested in creating your own media library we have published Storage as open source on GitHub here Feel free to contribute to our code if you think something is missing or take it and use it for your own project.

For awhile now many of you have been asking for us to set our price for Storage so that you can budget for what your digital signage costs will be. Our apologies for how long this took as we had to both figure out a model that would give you one simple and predictable number each month, and, we needed enough data on usage and development costs for us to understand what we need to cover. Our usage is based upon managing digital signage with Rise Vision and for this reason we have to maintain one caveat on this pricing. If you use Storage for something other than your digital signage with Rise Vision, and that usage is outside of what normal usage would consume, we will throttle your bandwidth consumption. We hope that you will use Storage for what it was intended for, your digital signage on Rise Vision, at one predictable price per month.

Many thanks for your patience while we worked this all out!


peertopeertraining Digital Signage Learning Opportunities

Peer to Peer Digital Signage Dealer Training

If you are new to Digital Signage and looking to expand your business, check out this  two and a half day interactive training workshop put on by Display Solutions Group featuring Peerless AV, NEC Display, BrightSign, C2G and Rise Vision.  

The session will help you understand the flow of digital signage, best business practices, and about content creation / management.  The training will start at 1pm on Monday, August 11th and finish up around 4pm on Wednesday the 13th.

Check out the training outline and topics.

color 1 300x150 Digital Signage Learning Opportunities


On Sept. 17th examine the opportunities and implications of technologies such as microprocessors, new operating systems, HTML5, Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons, cloud services and much more.

DSrupted is decidedly different from typical conferences:

  • Full hours are being devoted to specific subjects, with ample time for questions and follow-ups;
  • There are only five speakers, all of them hand-selected for their subject matter knowledge, insights and speaker skills;
  • All the speakers come from outside, or the edges, of the traditional digital signage eco-system, providing a refreshing new perspective;
  • There’s no associated trade show or sponsor demo fair that day. It’s all about learning.

Rise Vision is sponsoring because we believe the subject matter is important, and deserves the quality time of a full-day conference. If you are involved in the digital signage business– and want to understand not only where it is but where it is going – you should put DSrupted on your schedule for Sept. 17th

You’ll find full details and booking information on the dedicated DSrupted website

We hope to see you on Sept. 17th! in downtown Toronto.

Did you know an EMC running 24/7 with a 10 second change rate shows over 3 million messages per year?

holiday signs 1024x768 Rise Vision for Electronic Message Centers

If you are looking for an Electronic Message Center (EMC) for your shopping mall -check out what Holiday Signs is doing with their full color LED displays leveraging our free open-source platform.

Current software from most EMC provider’s is focused around having one person manage the content from a dedicated computer that is inside their building. This architecture is a huge drawback for Mall Operators who want to delegate control to their tenants. Holiday Sign took our open source platform and modified it specifically for a mall owner to set up the display, and then tenants get a portion of the sign. Each tenant’s login allow them to manage their part independently from the rest of the sign. The Mall Owner has an approval loop that allows them to verify content on the sign.

In addition, the team at Holiday Signs has created tools that help users maintain best practices to maximize your investment. The graphical scheduling tool simplifies the process of managing your schedule with drag and drop playlists, interactive day-parting, automatic seasonal background changes, proof of play reporting, and yearly prescheduling for holidays and special events. After all, opening up the sign to the tenants only works if you make it easy enough for them to use effectively. The advertising brings the value, but the non-commercial content like the current time and weather forecasts draw the eyeballs so they have plenty of customizable widgets.

The team at Holiday is just entering a limited beta and is compatible with Watchfire, Daktronics, Optec, and Vantage LED with a full launch targeted for the end of the year.

If you want to learn more check out their website and reach out to Jason and the team

If you are interested in learning more about Digital Signage from users and key industry vendors check out the following Google video hangouts sponsored by the Digital Signage Federation next week.

Each hangout will feature a panel of 4 members with different perspectives from users, content, system integration, and vendors.  Live attendees can interact with the panel and submit questions, but if you can’t make a live session don’t worry – the panel discussions will be recorded and available on the Google Plus event page.

Education – Tuesday June 24th at 2pm Eastern

hangoutheader.001 Digital Signage Federation Hangouts

Financial - Wednesday June 25th at 2pm Eastern

hangoutheader.002 Digital Signage Federation Hangouts

Healthcare – Thursday June 26th at 2pm Eastern

hangoutheader.003 Digital Signage Federation Hangouts

Restaurants – Tuesday July 1st at 2pm Eastern

hangoutheader.005 Digital Signage Federation Hangouts

We are very excited to announce that we are getting ready to roll out the first change of many to support our Store launch!

By the end of this month you will notice that the Playlist ‘Add’ > ‘Gadget’ has become ‘Add’ > ‘Content’ and when selected the Store will open allowing you to pick all of the same Gadgets and Widgets that you could have selected before. And don’t worry, all of our Free Content is still Free!

update1 Store integration and changes to how Content is added to a Playlist

update2 Store integration and changes to how Content is added to a Playlist

Quick overview on how to add Content to your Playlist from the Store.

Custom Gadgets shared by a Parent Company in the Shared Gadgets list will now be available from the ‘Content Shared with You’ menu option.

update3 Store integration and changes to how Content is added to a Playlist

Gadgets added to your Company will now be available from the ‘Your Content’ menu option.

update4 Store integration and changes to how Content is added to a Playlist

Adding a Gadget by URL will now be available from the ‘Content by URL’ menu option.

update5 Store integration and changes to how Content is added to a Playlist