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Content is added to Playlist

New changes to how content is added to a playlist

We are very excited to announce that we are getting ready to roll out the first change of many to support our Store launch!

By the end of this month you will notice that the Playlist ‘Add’ > ‘Gadget’ has become ‘Add’ > ‘Content’ and when selected, the Store will open, allowing you to pick all of the same Gadgets and Widgets as before. And don’t worry, all of our free content is still free!

See details in the Community

Great for developers and designers

At Rise Vision, we believe that with you, we can do something far better than we could on our own. Our content is open and non-proprietary HTML, our applications are open source and our server API's are public.

Web designers: put your web assets on physical on-premise displays. Use our templates to get started, or just create what you want from scratch. We’re happy either way!

Developers: need something else? Take our widgets and applications and make what you need, or just jump into our code and submit your changes. We’ll do our best to incorporate them.

Join us on our journey to bring digital signage into an open, non-proprietary and collaborative web environment!

How do we give it away for FREE?

We're frugal

We don't spend much. We're not watering, feeding and administering a sales team, or dealing with a lot of bills and payments. We keep costs down by running in Google Cloud Platform, and by using a lot of awesome virtual services instead of building our own.

We get out of the way

We apply that same frugal philosophy to our virtual service. And, we feel that with you, we can create and do much more than we could alone. We want you to use our non-proprietary HTML content, public server API's and open source applications to make our platform a unique solution for you.

Our store

This isn’t a bait and switch. The Rise Vision platform will remain FREE. Our store provides our user community with completely optional premium content such as specialized widgets and services to enhance the platform.