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    2023 Digital Signage Benefits and Statistics

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    The digital signage industry has been growing steadily for years now, and it shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. Businesses all over the world are investing in digital signage systems, be it for advertising, internal communication, or customer services.

    However, if you’re still on the fence about investing in digital signage for your business, we’re sure these digital signage benefits and statistics will help you decide.

    Benefits of Digital Signage

    According to Statista, the digital signage market value in 2023 is almost $33 billion, and it has been experiencing steady growth for some time now. By contrast, in 2016, the digital signage market value was estimated at just under $20 billion, making for an 11% year-over-year growth rate. 

    Such a large market share wouldn’t be possible if digital signage didn’t bring numerous benefits to businesses around the globe. In fact, as many as 64% of businesses that use digital signage have stated that customer engagement has increased thanks to digital signs. Similarly, around 84% of businesses claim that digital signage provides a better brand awareness boost than other conventional advertising channels.

    But businesses are not the only ones to claim that digital signage is effective. Around 80% of consumers have said that they have entered a store purely because they saw its digital sign. The same percentage of consumers is more likely to purchase an item in a store if there is a digital sign present.

    Of course, it’s not all about the money. Research has shown that safety and health messages on digital signage can reduce accident and sickness rates by 20%. 

    Digital Signage Statistics in 2023

    Are you interested in some more digital signage stats? We’ve crunched the numbers below.

    Education Digital Signage Statistics

    • 97% of students have stated that they prefer learning from digital sources over traditional, paper-based ones.
    • 53% of teaching staff would want to use even more digital learning resources.
    • 73% of schools on all levels have expressed that digital signage brings essential advantages for communication development, as well as that it will remain relevant in the future.
    • Digital signage has been used in almost 90% of educational institutions in the United States for the purpose of improving communication and planning lessons.

    Healthcare Digital Signage StatisticsA doctor using a tablet to look at a drawing of the human skeleton.

    • 70% of hospitals in the US have digital communication systems.
    • 75% of patients and healthcare staff claim that digital signage content improves their experience at a hospital. 
    • The same percentage claims that they can recall at least one message they have seen on a digital sign in a hospital.
    • Digital signage has improved the performance of 92% of healthcare institutions that have implemented digital signs.
    • Almost 40% of patients state that digital communication impacts their choices and experience.
    • 83% of patients have fully engaged with a hospital’s digital signage content.

    Hospitality Digital Signage Statistics

    • Digital menu boards in restaurants and bars have the potential to increase sales by over 30%. 
    • Digital menus are one of the deciding factors when ordering for almost 30% of diners.
    • 79% of patrons have stated that technology makes the experience of dining in a restaurant better.
    • 70% of hotel guests find digital signage engaging.
    • 55% of respondents have stated that they would be more likely to book a hotel with a self-checkout kiosk.

    Retail Digital Signage Statistics

    • At 40%, the retail industry has the largest digital signage market share.
    • 33% of customers who have been exposed to digital signage in a store will become repeat buyers.
    • Around 60% of retailers who still aren’t using digital signage plan to start doing so in the next few years.
    • Retail stores can see a 24% boost in foot traffic as a result of putting up digital displays.
    • Retailers experience an average of 46% increase in customer satisfaction owing to digital signage.

    Corporate Digital Signage Statistics

    • By improving internal communication, digital signage can boost employee productivity by 25%.
    • Over 50% of teams are planning to increase their usage of digital signage in internal communication.
    • Around half of communications professionals use digital signage.
    • 60% of employees have stated that they feel more motivated to work when shown appreciation through digital signage messaging.
    • Businesses that use digital signage report a 350% increase in employee engagement.

    Reap the Benefits of Digital Signage With Rise Vision

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