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    50+ Ways Schools Can Use Digital Signage

    50 Ways Schools Can Use Digital Signage

    The big moment has arrived: your school has decided to invest in digital signage. You signed up, purchased your displays, and you learned how easy it is to use the online software. But what do you actually display?!

    Don’t fret! We’ve created a list of over 50 content ideas that you can display for students and faculty.

    Are you doing something that’s not on this list? We’re always eager to hear how educators are communicating their message to their students, and we’d love to hear from you!

    1. Weather

    Who doesn’t like to know what the weather is outside? Showing the current weather is the perfect way to engage your students, and have them spend some time looking at your display.

    2. Images

    Showcase your school, new and exciting developments, events, staff, etc. with a picture gallery or slideshow. Update them often, and you will always have a new way to catch your audience’s attention.

    3. Internet Connectivity

    This is perfect if you offer free wifi. Minimize questions and frustrations by explaining how to connect to the internet on a prominent display. Your audience will quickly catch on and appreciate the info.

    4. Coupon Code

    Running a special school promotion? You can easily change and update promo codes or coupon codes as needed to offer savings and drive sales.

    5. FAQ’s

    Answer your most common questions in an easy to read format and showcase it for all to see. This could address topics such as holidays, upcoming testing, security concerns, or when grades will be posted.

    6. Headline News

    Featuring news headlines with trending topics is great especially if you know students will have more time to read, such as in a office waiting room or cafeteria.

    7. New Faculty Members

    Make it easy for students to get to know new staff by featuring the individual with a picture, short bio, and some fun facts about what they bring to the school. This helps increase visibility since this person may not have a chance to personally introduce themselves to everyone at the school.


    Everyone loves a good inspirational quote. This can be changed daily or weekly and is an easy way to bring in positivity into your space.

    9. Trivia Quiz

    Show random trivia questions and offer the viewers the correct answer with a more detailed explanation. This is a fun way to get more eyes on your display.

    10. Countdown For Special Events

    Share your excitement by counting down to a special event or holiday. Customize it to meet your needs and use it over and over again as there are always exciting things to look forward to!

    11. Calendar

    Highlight important dates, events, meetings, testing days, etc. for every viewer to know what to expect and to look forward to in the near future.

    12. Stream Live Events

    Give your audience a real-time look at a live event (such as sporting events or assemblies). It’s excellent for increasing engagement and getting more eyeballs on your digital signage.

    13. Interactive Games

    Smart signage can offer interactive games and trivia to create unique social experiences for any user. The uses are endless - from working to instill a stronger school spirit or interacting with visitors on a more personal level.

    14. Special Guests/Visitors

    Give a warm welcome to special guests and visitors by featuring a picture, short message and their contact details for everyone to see.

    15. Facebook

    Let students see a glimpse of your online personality and how they can connect with you online. There’s no better way to improve engagement and make your digital signage more social than showing real time stories from your feed.

    16. Instagram

    Showcase your Instagram feed to show off your pictures of your school or events while giving viewers more insight into your social media personality.

    17. Twitter

    From breaking news to funny quotes, connect your Twitter presence to your digital displays. This can be used to promote your brand, engage your audience or to simply entertain!

    18. Menu Offerings

    Bring your school menu to life by adding animated content such as a steaming cup of coffee. This is also a fantastic way to highlight nutritional information, ingredients, etc. School cafeterias can automatically update their menus depending on the time of day, promotions, or new items.

    19. How to Videos

    Show students how to do interesting things. The possibilities are endless here so get creative and don’t limit yourself!

    20. School Rules & Regulations

    A simple way to showcase relevant regulations and school policies.

    21. Digital Directories

    An innovative alternative to traditional building directory boards, allowing you to inform and engage your visitors as they enter your school lobby.

    22. Fundraising

    Increase awareness of your fundraising efforts, leading to a more successful campaign and show real-time progress towards your goal. Whether it’s advertising before a school event or broadcasting when it goes live, digital signage can help your efforts become a success!

    23. Virtual Tours

    Stream a video tour of your school while showcasing the most interesting parts in a captivating manner.

    24. Awards Received

    Inform your viewers of important awards you have received to give your school credibility and show off the results of everyone’s hard work.

    25. Sports News

    Let your audience follow the world of school sports as it unfolds by providing the latest sports coverage, scores and milestones.

    26. Donors

    If your school has benefitted from donors, it’s always nice to show your appreciation by listing their names and recognizing their contribution. You may also add photos, videos, audio, and text that gives more background and describes your current and future projects and highlights your success. Check out some of our donorwalls here.

    27. Conference Room Schedules

    This one is a must if you have multiple conference rooms in your library. You can have a digital display outside each room, which increases transparency within the organization by giving everyone a look at what's going on. It also helps decrease scheduling conflicts.

    28. Welcome Sign

    Give campus visitors a warm welcome and customize it by adding their name or any other piece of information to show you took the time to personalize a message just for them.

    29. Birthday Messages

    Let everyone know it’s a faculty / staff members birthday by featuring their name, picture and well wishes for the day. There’s no better way to reach the greatest number of people while making the receiver feel recognized on their special day.

    30. Lost Items Announcements

    Help students retrieve lost items by showcasing a message informing all viewers of what has been lost and where. Can easily be updated as information changes.

    31. Volunteer Opportunities

    If you’re school has volunteer opportunities, consider adding a post to your digital signage. It can catch the eye of the perfect candidate, or a viewer who is not a good fit may be able to recommend someone once they know there’s an opportunity.

    32. “How To” Topics

    Whether you’re talking about topics at your school or thinking outside of the box, a quick sentence or few bullets is the perfect way to make your digital signage a trusted resource. Since you can cover virtually any topic, the possibilities here are endless.

    33. Web Pages

    You can point to any URL and display it on your screens. Your home page, an online calendar, or anything else that already exists on the web can be displayed which means you don’t have to recreate it to share it with your audience.

    34. Group Schedules and Instructors

    If you offer several classes simultaneously, help your audience out by displaying the rooms, times, and instructors of each class. This helps to minimize confusion and saves paper since you don’t have to make print copies.

    35. School Hours

    Relatively straightforward - but your audience will appreciate it nonetheless.

    36. Internships/Scholarships

    Promote any internships or scholarships you may be offering with details such as due dates, instructions, and any other relevant information.

    37. Holiday / Calendar Changes

    We all know the holidays come with many changes. If you have an updated schedule, special events, or seasonal products you can easily let your audience know by featuring this on your displays.

    38. Staff/Student Profiles

    Whether you chose to feature every person in the building, or rotate and feature someone new each week, this is the perfect way to increase recognition and create a closer community environment.

    39. Special Milestones

    Announce important milestones like awards, work anniversaries, faculty publications, etc. and easily share them with everyone to increase inclusion and strengthen school spirit.

    40. Interesting Facts

    Keep your audience on their toes by presenting new facts which will foster creative leaps and help generate new ideas.

    41. Movie Trailers

    Grab the attention of your audience by showing previews of old favorites or the newest releases. Another option is to feature work done by those in your school or local artists.

    42. Question of the Week

    You may already have a FAQ section on your site, but why not expand it into a longer form answer? These could be questions about your product or service, or more general ones related to your school.

    43. In Case You Missed It

    Give your audience short and sweet updates on what you have accomplished in the past week so they can stay up to date without overloading them with too much information.

    44. Behind the Scenes Moments

    Show visitors a "Day in the Life" of your students and staff. These can be short snaps, but they’re an excellent way to connect with your audience and show them what your school looks like.

    45. Top 10 Lists

    This doesn’t have to be exactly ten, but you get the point. Numbered lists related to your school that can talk about trends, insights tips, things to avoid, etc.

    46. Infographics

    Regardless of your school, you can create an infographic to illustrate your point quickly. They’re a fun way to draw comparisons, outline a process, or show the benefits of a product or service. If you’re passionate about something or want to get a message across quickly - an infographic is the way to go.

    47. Life Hacks

    Hacks, tricks, or shortcuts. Call them whatever you want, but there seems to be a hack for everything these days. People love them. You can share general life hacks or those related to your school. The list is endless so get creative and help your audience get quick results in their everyday lives.

    48. Memes

    These are insanely popular amongst millennials and an excellent way to grab their attention and bring some humor to their day. Memes are often videos and images with humorous text that typically go viral and are particularly relevant if you’re trying to connect with a younger audience.

    49. School News

    This can include school updates, events, and any topics that will affect customers of your organization. It can be used for internal business communication or in a lobby or front office for all to see what your company has been up to.

    50. Giveaways

    Entertain your audience and promote giveaways that you plan or are currently running. Include instructions and make it easy for a viewer to digest the information they need to enter and exactly what they will get out of it.

    51. Safety Messages

    Increase school safety and maximize your message reach by showcasing safety procedures and instructions for all to see. Update it to reflect changes as procedures evolve.

    Need even more examples? Here’s a list of 101 content ideas!

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