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    The Best Weather Gadget for Digital Signage

    digital signage weather gadget

    The one thing everyone wants to know about is the weather.

    So we made a better Weather Gadget, giving you more options to customize the layout and visual look and appeal.


    Here are the updated features:

    1. Build your own style

    You can now define your own custom style (as an XML file accessible via URL) for the Gadget, developing a layout that's perfect for your Presentation.

    2. Landscape or Orientation

    Depending on your placeholder size, the Gadget will orient to either Portrait or Landscape.

    3. More Weather Icons

    We have added several new icons to better show both the current conditions and the forecast. You can see all the available icons in this public Google Doc here.

    4. Location

    You can show any geographic location with the title, or you can create a custom title.

    5. Layout

    You can choose from three different layouts: current weather, forecast, or both.

    6. Fonts

    You can customize the fonts, including size, type, and color, for the current temperature, the forecast temperatures, the day of the week, the location, and other elements like wind and humidity.

    All in all, the new Weather Gadget gives you much greater control over the layout to complement your entire Presentation.

    You can find the help page for the Weather Gadget here. This is released to the open source community on our project site. And, as always, we are happy to chat with you about this Presentation on our forum.

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