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Digital Bulletin Boards

Stay In The Loop With Digital Bulletin Boards

Nothing beats the good old-fashioned bulletin board for a quick run-down of school and office news. Simple yet effective, bulletin boards have been around for ages.

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Digital Bulletin Boards
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Digital bulletin boards, also known as digital signage, are an invaluable tool to keep everyone at the office or school abreast of the news. Whether it’s the staff informing students that the gymnasium showers won’t be working during the week because plumbers will be on-site or a fellow worker announcing a meetup, bulletin boards are the answer.

Also, a bulletin board helps workplace guests visiting a building for the first time. Visitors get general information about the building and fresh news about company activities.

Bulletin boards have evolved over the years. Physical push-pin mounted boards cluttered with sticky notes, poster, or flyers are giving way to digital bulletin boards. This begs the question...


Digital boards boards versus traditional bulletin boards. Which ones are better?

While you may be convinced about the power and purpose of workplace bulletin boards, you might wonder whether to go for the traditional version or the contemporary board. Here’s why digital bulletin boards are better than traditional cork bulletin boards:

Digital Bulletin Board Speed


When you post important information or announcements on a digital company bulletin board, your message gets published instantly. You don’t have to hand over your info to an assistant or department first and wait for it to be published later. In the corporate world, timely publication is crucial to improve internal communication with tight deadlines.



You can publish your bulletin board message using your phone or tablet without moving from your desk to go and physically post your information. No going up the stairs. No time wasted looking for the relevant person. No waiting in line. A digital notice board is an excellent way to reach workers and employees quickly and efficiently.

Digital Bulletin Board Clutter Free


Old-school paper bulletin boards can be messy and confusing. Finding the relevant message under a mish-mash of torn and smudged papers can be a nightmare. It’s easy to miss important messages. Not so with modern digital bulletin boards. All workplace messages are clear, well-organized for all to see with a quick glance.

Digital Bulletin Board Legibility


Let’s admit it. Handwriting can be hard to read. As a result, people struggle to understand the message in front of them. Digital fonts are bold, clear, and easy to read. No need for your target audience to squint their eyes anymore to read notices on your workplace board.

Digital Bulletin Board Elegance


Finally, digital bulletin boards are stylish and aesthetically pleasing. You can experiment with fonts, graphics, and colors until you get the perfect (and professional) look you are after in your workplace.

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“[Our Rise Vision Digital Signage] is seen by hundreds of students daily and there has been an significant growth of attendance at events once we starting advertising on digital signage.”

— Keri Mecham, Southern Utah University
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Use Digital Bulletin Boards to Enhance Mass Communication

Rise Vision digital signage software makes setting up and maintaining a digital bulletin board a breeze. The software has many benefits including:

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Cloud-based signage.

Digital bulletin boards can be controlled by one account anywhere in the world without requiring expensive hardware. You don’t have to squander precious time setting up multiple accounts if you have several facilities.

Easy To Spread Your Message

Easy to spread your message.

Digital bulletin boards can be broadcasted to multiple displays in multiple locations. You can publish your message across departments and businesses at once. It helps companies communicate and deliver their messages easily.

Easy To Update

Easy to update.

Refreshing info is simple and trouble-free. And there are hundreds of templates that help save time. With digital signage solutions, you don’t have to create a board from scratch each time you want to post a message. You can also display dynamic content using a media player.

Quick And Easy Setup

Quick and easy setup.

Our digital signage software isn’t complicated. You can get up and running in minutes even if you are a beginner.

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“Great communication tool in waiting rooms! The software is easy to learn and use. I can control what is viewed on our TV waiting rooms from one remote location in a matter of minutes”

— Brittany Anthony, MHC Coalition for Health and Wellness
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Take a Peek at Digital Bulletin Board Templates That Suit All Your Needs

From weather updates to graduation day notices, from building directions to upcoming theater performances and more, we have a template for every situation.

Weather Current Day Forecast

Knowing what the day’s weather will be like helps students and coworkers plan for the long day ahead. In times of severe weather, the Weather Day Forecast screen can be a lifesaver. Use the full-screen visually attractive weather template to show current conditions for your location. You can change between Celsius and Fahrenheit, as well as add your own logo and matching background.

Cover Your Cough

Keep your students or workers healthy and strong through health-related bulletins. Remind them to cover their noses and mouths when they cough or sneeze to help prevent the spread of germs in your school and office. Not only do you combat disease on your premises, but you also inculcate good sanitary practices to last a lifetime. All the text fields in this template are editable, so you can personalize this display however you like.

Zoned Slides Directory

Help workplace visitors get wherever they are going using the Zoned Slides directory. First, this template lists all critical departments and staff phone numbers so visitors can call them whenever they want to get the info they need. Notably, visitors get clear directions through big and bold arrows. This versatile and customizable template allows you to add the time, date, weather, and holiday. It’s the perfect presentation to show your visitors as they arrive at your school or complex.

No Cell Phones

We all know that cell phones are a huge distraction for students and workers alike. Solve this nagging problem by displaying the No Cell Phones in strategic places in your classrooms or organization. This reminds students or employees to switch off their phones and stay focused during classes or working hours. A quiet environment makes a good impression on visitors and allows office staff to work with no disturbance. You can even personalize this template by adding your own message and logo.

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“[Rise Vision] made it easier to post flyers on a large TV screen rather than hanging a small sign. I was also able to post schedules for certain rooms to let students know availability. Easy to get the message out on a larger scale.”

— Tracey Englert, Robert Morris University
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