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    Vehicle-Mounted Digital Signage 101: Benefits and Applications

    Digital signage has taken over the advertising and communications space by storm, with many businesses taking advantage of all the benefits it can bring. Digital displays are everywhere — in elevators, offices, hotel lobbies, on buildings, and now, on top of cars. Car-mounted signs aren’t exactly new. They have been used, mostly for advertising purposes, for a while now. However, with digital displays, this medium is taken to a whole new level. Additionally, it has proven to have a wider application than traditional, non-digital signs. Let’s dive deeper into the major benefits and uses of vehicle-mounted digital signage.

    Benefits of Vehicle Digital Signage

    So what is it that makes vehicle digital signage so great? Some of the main benefits include:

    • Wide Reach: Since vehicles are used for commuting, they have the potential to be seen by a much higher number of people than stationary signs.
    • Attention-grabbing: Even though vehicle-top signage isn’t a new thing, digital signs still have the power to attract attention and make passers-by look twice.
    • Content Flexibility: Unlike non-digital signs, digital displays can play multiple pieces of content. This means that an ad space on a digital sign can be sold to multiple advertisers at the same time, accounting for higher ad revenue.
    • Road Safety: Vehicle-mounted signs aren’t only used for advertising. They can also promote road safety by improving visibility, especially on larger vehicles such as trucks. However, certain regulations may appply to vehicle-mounted signs due to public safety concerns.

    3 Uses of Vehicle-Mounted Digital Signage

    A car with vehicle-mounted signage is driving by.

    This type of digital signage has a fairly wide application, from displaying promotional content to improving road safety. Let’s take a look at some of them.


    According to Forbes, the average person spends upwards of 50 hours a year sitting in traffic. That is a pretty large window of opportunity for advertisers to pitch their products and services to drivers and their passengers. This, paired with the extended reach achieved by car mobility, makes vehicle-mounted digital signage the perfect candidate for brands looking to advertise. 

    Another characteristic that makes on-vehicle digital signage attractive to advertisers is that the content can be optimized in accordance with the time of day or the location of the vehicle. For instance, clubs, bars, and pubs will probably be interested in advertising in the late afternoon and evening, rather than in the early morning hours.


    Entertainment-focused digital signage might not have its place on vehicles due to safety concerns, but it certainly belongs inside vehicles. Public transit, taxi cabs, shuttle buses, and similar, might want to display entertaining content to their passengers to make the ride more enjoyable and provide a better user experience. 

    Road Safety

    One of the most practical uses of vehicle-mounted digital signage is the promotion of road safety. Driving behind large vehicles such as trucks can be somewhat of a challenge. However, a digital sign on the back of the truck paired with a dashboard camera on the front can help tackle this issue. By streaming real-time footage of the traffic in front of the large vehicle, the display offers the drivers behind it a better insight into the traffic conditions, safe times to overtake the truck, upcoming speed bumps, and so on.

    The Future of Vehicle-Mounted Digital Signage

    Vehicle digital signage is here to stay, and one can only assume that its application will become even more diversified. For instance, it might find its use in public service announcements, emergency alerts, and similar messaging relevant to the public. In terms of advertising, we can certainly expect to see even more precise targeting and personalization of on-vehicle digital displays.

    Put Vehicle-Mounted Signage on Your Fleet

    Whether you’re doing it to generate additional ad revenue, entertain your passengers, or make road conditions safer for everyone involved, installing vehicle digital signage is the right step. But to make sure everything works just right, you will need reliable digital signage software running things in the background. Rise Vision’s free cloud-based digital signage solution comes with an intuitive content management system, wide player compatibility, a long list of available integrations, and extensive client support. Request a free demo to learn more and see how it works first-hand.

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