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    The Power of Personalization in Digital Signage Campaigns

     In the past, businesses only needed one message to create an engaging ad that would generate leads and revenue. While that worked well in the time of Mad Men, the consumer landscape has changed drastically.

    Today, people are becoming more conscious of cookie-cutter marketing strategies. In the age of individualism, consumers want to have personalized and unique experiences with brands, resonate with their message, and be able to connect with them in a more personal way.

    After all, you wouldn’t support a brand, buy a product, or invest in a service that doesn’t speak to you, your interests, or your pain points, right? This increasing demand for personalized marketing pushed businesses to rethink their digital signage campaigns.

    From a one-size-fits-all advertising strategy, they’re putting more focus on personalizing their approach and creating unique experiences for their audience.

    What is Personalization in Digital Signage?

    Personalizing your digital signage campaign means rejecting generic content in favor of more tailored messages. To do that, you have to first understand your audience — we mean really getting to know them, from their demographics and interests to their pain points and behaviors.

    That way, you can create content that resonates with them and foster a personalized experience that will better drive your desired results.

    The good news is that digital signage is in a favorable position to deliver targeted and personalized ads. Through integrations like data analytics and Internet of Things sensors, you can optimize your displays to show the right content to the right people at the right time and at the right place – a technique also known as personalization at scale.

    According to IBM, personalization at scale is “the ability to create individual customer experiences across your entire organization based on the journey undertaken by each customer.”

    In other words, it means balancing the right content in your displays and the right timing of delivery. Achieving personalization at scale allows your business to deliver relevant information to your customers just as they need it.

    That’s something that digital signage can help with. With its ability to display dynamic content and its range of interactive features, you can offer your customers more customized experiences based on their unique preferences and behaviors.

    The Power of Personalization in Digital Signagewoman-with-interactive-digital-kiosk

    The biggest benefit of personalizing digital signage is its ability to capture your audience’s attention and engagement much more effectively.

    Because the content is relevant and relatable to them, you are able to increase the likelihood of connecting with your audience and potentially converting them into paying customers. Not only that, but you leave a strong and lasting impression that will initiate return business.

    According to studies, 72% of customers will only engage with personalized messages while 80% are more likely to make a purchase when a brand offers personalized experiences.

    Whether you display localized ads, user-generated content, or customized recommendations, personalization in your digital signage will enhance the customer experience and in turn, boost engagement and revenue.

    How to Personalize Digital Signage Campaigns

    Now that you know the importance of personalizing your digital signage content, it’s time to find out how you can optimize your campaigns to create unique, individualized experiences for your audience.

    Use Customer Data A woman interacting with a digital sign and inputting her interests.

    To be able to personalize your marketing campaigns in your digital signage, you first need to know your audience, from their demographics to their interests. The easiest way to understand who they are is by analyzing customer data.

    Gather insights about them, including their age, gender, purchasing history, browsing behavior, etc. This will give you unprecedented information about them that will shape targeted content and advertising strategies.

    Digital signage analytics can help you collect data about your customers, revealing additional information about the times of day they view your displays, where they’re looking, what they’re pressing (if your signage is interactive), and more.

    There are also data management tools that you can integrate with your digital signage software to make it easier to retrieve customer data and curate personalized messages.

    Leverage Dynamic Content Management Systems

    As important as it is to understand your audience and create content that’s relatable to them, so is delivering that content at the right time and place. The second half of personalization at scale, you need to be able to adjust your messaging according to location, time of day, or even temperature and weather conditions.

    This, you can do with dynamic content management systems integrated into your digital signage software. These tools allow you to ensure that your screens are showing the right content at different times of day and environmental locations, maximizing your opportunity of showing the most relevant ads to your audience.

    Plan, Test, and Execute

    Personalizing your digital signage displays is not something you can do overnight. Before you even start, you need to have a solid plan in place and a strategy for implementing it.

    To keep your campaign personalization efforts bulletproof, take the time to experiment with techniques like audience segmentation, geotargeting, and A/B testing elements like your call to actions, for example. Try out different techniques and analyze the results so you find the best approach or further improve areas of your campaign for the most optimal results.

    Prioritize User Privacy A woman reading a company’s data privacy policy on her computer.

    While you conduct strategies to personalize your digital signage campaigns, make sure you’re not forgetting about user privacy. This is especially true when collecting data about your audience.

    Studies show that 79% of consumers have concerns about how companies are using their personal data. Moreso, 81% feel that they have no control over the data that is being collected from them.

    Here lies the importance of being transparent. Whichever approach you take for collecting consumer data, make sure you’re proactively sharing with your audience what types of data you collect from them and how you’re using it.

    Personalize Your Digital Signage With Rise Vision

    Personalizing your ads and messages can go a long way in helping you connect with your audience and convert them into paying customers. Digital signage finds itself in the ideal position to deliver personalized content, filled with features and integrations that allow you to make the most of your strategies.

    Get started creating personalized experiences with Rise Vision’s digital signage software. To learn more about how we can add value to your business, start a free trial.

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