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    Digital Signage Gym Fitness Centers

    A photo of a gym interior featuring a number of gym equipment.

    In gyms and fitness centers, people usually do their own thing, focused on their workouts without engaging much with the staff and other gym goers. But despite this highly individualistic environment, communication and community are still important in a fitness center. 

    To communicate with clients and improve their experience in your facility, it’s well worth looking into digital signage solutions. Their use cases in gyms and fitness centers are vast, from communication and education to entertainment and advertising — there’s much digital signage can do for you. 

    Benefits of Using Digital Signage in Gyms and Fitness Centers 

    Digital signage in gyms and fitness centers serves a lot of different purposes. They help increase client satisfaction, create unique experiences, attract new patrons, and ultimately, increase gym revenue. Here are the benefits of using digital signage in your fitness facility. 


    Digital signage is difficult to ignore, making it a good platform to communicate important information and announcements to gym goers. Whether it’s about class schedules, membership rates, events, or promotions, digital signage can keep our clients and staff informed. 


    An entertained woman working out at a gym.

    Not everyone who goes to the gym actually likes being there. To keep them engaged and entertained, you can use digital signage to broadcast entertaining videos, stream movies, or play music. 


    Fitness centers are the perfect places to advocate for health and wellness. Use your digital signage to educate your clients on how to achieve a better quality of life, whether that’s through informative videos on exercises and diets or infographics on how to create their own training routines. 


    Digital signage, with its flexible and versatile features, allows you to show customized content at different times of the day. This gives you the option of showing relevant and engaging content that resonates with your gym goers and fits the situation. 


    Digital signage allows you to promote your gym's products and services to your clients. You can use them to display new services or amenities, encourage membership renewals, or inform about special discounts and limited-time offers. 


    A woman staying motivated while lifting at a gym.

    If there’s one thing a gymgoer needs the most, it’s motivation. Digital signage can make you a partner in your client’s fitness goals. Use it to motivate your clients by sharing quotes, featuring inspiring stories, or broadcasting a message from your trainers. 

    Safety and Security

    Digital signage can help make your fitness center a safer place for your staff and clients. Allowing you to deploy content in real-time, you can use your screens to broadcast emergency alerts when needed. Even in the absence of emergencies, your digital signs can be valuable sources of safety information, whether about gym etiquette, preventive measures, or equipment use. 

    Revenue Generation 

    For an additional source of revenue, your gym can rent out digital signage space to other businesses related to your niche. This will allow them to show ads for their products or services, like sports equipment, gym attire, or nutritional supplements, for example. 

    Cost Savings 

    Digital signage might sound like an expense. But if you think about it, it’s actually going to save you money in the long run. You’ll no longer have to print out fliers, have clients fill out paper forms, or post sticky notes on your bulletin board. Everything you need to communicate can be broadcast on your screens in real-time. 

    Ways to Use Digital Signage in Gyms and Fitness Centers

    If we’ve convinced you to invest in a digital sign for your gym or fitness center, now it’s time to determine how you can use this technology to reap its benefits.

    Promotions and Branding 

    Gymgoers are not the type of people to hang out in the reception area to hear about your new products and services. They keep to themselves and leave when they finish their workouts. 

    Digital signage can give you the platform to communicate and promote your brand without having to disturb your members for a sales pitch. Use it to make them aware of your amenities, promotions, services, and other special offers. 


    People exercise in gyms not only because of the equipment and space but also because of the ambiance and culture. That’s why they go out of their way to drive to your facility instead of working out at home. 

    You want to make sure that your gym is an entertaining and dynamic place for them. Use your digital signage as a source of entertainment, whether that means streaming movies, showing fun videos, or playing energetic workout music. 

    Information and Announcements

    Chances are, you have a bulletin board in your gym that no one ever takes the time to peruse. People who go to the gym arrive with a purpose — to work out. They won’t go out of their way to stand in front of your bulletin board to read your memos. 

    You have to provide them with a more engaging way to receive announcements and retrieve information. Digital signage can do just that. Presenting visuals that can get 94% more views than text-based information, digital signage can help you get your message across more effectively. 

    Class Schedules

    gym-classesGymgoers joining a fitness class at a gym.

    Digital signage can make it easier for you to communicate class schedules to your members. No longer does your front desk staff need to keep track of dates and times. You can broadcast fitness classes, courses, and schedules right on your digital signage screen. This also gives members a glimpse of their options to try something new and make working out more fun. 

    Training Equipment Details 

    Learning how to use gym equipment can be daunting for beginners. To help them navigate your equipment seamlessly, use digital signage to provide important information like what the equipment is for, how to use it, and safety precautions. 

    You can even present how-to videos on screen to make it easier for members to understand how the equipment works. 

    Gym Perks 

    Use your digital signage to inform your clients of additional perks that come with their membership! They might not know what amenities they can use or benefits they’re entitled to, and digital signage is a straightforward and effective way to communicate that with them. This also gives you the opportunity to upsell your services — a win-win on both ends! 

    Employee Feature

    A gym trainer assisting a woman in her workout.

    Aside from your advanced gym equipment and fun workout classes, your trainers are one of your main selling points. Give them the spotlight they deserve in your digital signage. You can showcase their accolades, accomplishments, and specialties, along with a short story or bio. 

    This will not only improve trainer morale but will also give your clients insights about which trainer can best help them achieve their fitness goals. 

    Diet Charts

    Exercise and diet go hand in hand. While your facility supports the former, you can give your members more value by providing them with diet tips. Use your digital signage to display diet charts, recipes, etc. Your members will appreciate the extra help you’re providing for their holistic well-being. 

    Client Education 

    You want what’s best for your clients, so you should be there with them every step of the way. You can use your digital signage to facilitate client education, showcasing exercise do’s and don’ts, diet tips, health and wellness guides, and other informative content that will help them advance in their fitness journey. 

    New Members Welcome

    Gyms and fitness centers can be intimidating places, especially for first-timers. You want to make sure that your new members feel as welcome and comfortable as possible. Consider placing digital signage in your reception area focused on displaying content that helps put them at ease or builds their trust. Make sure they feel valued and welcome in your facility. 

    Attract Members

    Digital signage shouldn’t be reserved for your reception area or workout zones. Don’t be afraid to invest in outdoor digital signage solutions. That way, you can promote your fitness center to a wider audience and attract new members. 

    Client Milestones 

    Boost your members’ motivation and morale by giving them a special feature in your digital signage. You can showcase their success stories and milestones, motivating them to work harder to reach their fitness goals. It validates their hard work enough to want to keep going. 

    When people see stories like these, it’s human nature to empathize. Doing this can also be a way to inspire other gymgoers to follow in others’ footsteps. 

    Motivational Quotes

    A simple quote or inspirational phrase can go a long way in positively impacting your members’ emotions. Give them the extra nudge they need to work out and do their best by displaying motivational quotes on your digital signage screens. You never know who might need it to finish that last set. 

    Social Wall

    Another way to use your gym's digital signage is by transforming it into a social media wall. Use it to stream feeds from platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, showcasing fitness content from other members, influencers, or brands. 

    You can also optimize your social wall to feature good reviews about your facility, building trust and loyalty among your clients. 

    Elevate Your Gym or Fitness Center with Digital Signage 

    Free cloud based digital signage is a valuable addition to your gym or fitness center, giving you more opportunities to relay information, keep your members updated, and improve their gym experience. 

    Start your gym digital signage investment with the right software. Rise Vision’s cloud-based digital signage software has all the features you need to roll out your displays and communicate your message. Book a free trial today.