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    Case Study: Zencorr Builds Community for 350 Residents with Digital Signage

    Zencorr Builds Community for 350 Residents with Digital Signage


    Many companies use digital signage to keep employees and customers informed. For Zencorr Management LTD, Rise Vision digital signage software helped them do more than just share information. Regular updates on their digital displays helped to build a sense of community and create a solution for connecting with the population of senior residents. Read on to learn more about the ways this company benefits from using digital signage in their properties.


    Communication Is Key

    Taking over a large, multi-family apartment complex was a major undertaking in 2014 for the Pennsylvania-based property management company, Zencorr. The building had 350 residents under one roof and this meant that communications had to be a top priority. Anastasia Blaszczyk, Anastasia Blaszczyk Zencorrthe forward-thinking Community Manager, saw the need for a digital signage solution right away. “I also handle marketing here for Zencorr, so I wanted a way to interface with these residents, and I was looking for a way to do that.”

    Before Zencorr took over the property management, residents had to make do with taped paper signs or random flyers shoved under their door, to stay informed about what was happening in the building. This method was neither elegant nor effective in keeping everyone updated. Anastasia was determined to find a better way. However, the first challenge she met when she began her research was that many solutions were not only expensive but also clunky and complicated to operate. “If you asked me, they had a huge price tag and required a lot of technology components. A lot of programming, a lot of hardware, and that's not what I was looking for.” 

    Flexible, Affordable Solution

    That’s where Rise Vision digital signage software came into play. To start off, the company strategically placed two digital displays in the most high-traffic areas, so residents would always know what was going on in the building. Rise Vision quickly became the go-to solution for getting important notices, announcements and updates publicly posted. The convenience of customizable templates allowed Anastasia to update the signage regularly while keeping it fresh and noticeable. “I wanted something that could be updated really easily. I'm creative and so I wanted something that would allow me to have flexibility on what I was showing.”

    A Communications Tool That Builds Community

    In addition to being easy to update and providing lots of options for content, using Rise Vision created another layer of benefits. The attractive signage had the unexpected yet welcome effect of building community among the residents. Originally, the demographic make-up of the building was largely seniors - 80% over 80 years. “They thought it was the coolest thing they've ever seen,” the Community Manager says.  “They were sitting in front of the display and watching it so that they could be caught up on what was going on. It was almost a ritual. It was great. They loved it.” 

    Today, the demographic makeup of the residents may be different, but the digital signage is a permanent fixture. Whether they are talking about the current weather or seeing updates on the latest news, digital signage can help foster connection among residents and keep people feeling connected. This is even more important now than ever before, with so many people facing isolation and feelings of disconnection due to social distancing regulations.

    full screen news and terrarium weather extended new

    Digital Signage Software Keeps It Interesting

    Today Zencorr is looking forward to the future. Over the next 6 to 12 months the company is slated to undertake more renovation projects in its properties. As the company’s needs have grown, their digital signage solution has grown with them. In addition to updating and informing residents, they also now use it to communicate with visitors to the building. They can leverage the high-visibility areas to market and promote the new construction plans that are underway. “One of the highlights about Zencorr is we're always forward-thinking. We're into property management and asset management and we're always interested in introducing technology in this industry.”

    With new floor plans to advertise and new technology implemented for secure building access, Anastasia wanted to make sure everyone entering the building would be aware of what was new. “How do I tell people who are coming to the property, “Hey, here's what's new” but also do it in a visually jazzy way? Rise Vision right now is helping me with communicating those updates to new people who are coming into the building.” 

    They also plan to implement more digital signage in areas like their laundry facilities and other high-traffic areas - nearby the new elevators that will be installed, for example. This means that the unique Rise Vision template library, with over 400 professionally designed digital signage templates will be an excellent resource for quickly creating relevant, good-looking signs for those displays. Rise Vision customers also have the opportunity to submit requests for the types of signage templates they would like to use for their particular needs. 

    rise vision digital signage fire safety template

    Future Forward

    As Zencorr looks towards acquiring new properties in the future, they will depend even more on the flexibility of and remote management capabilities built into Rise Vision.“Definitely, the remote updating capability is really key because people are in different places all the time. So that's really really key” Anastasia says. “I am probably Rise Vision’s biggest supporter. Just the flexibility of what it can do is limitless. I just can't imagine a business, not really liking the product.”


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