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Days Without Accident Signs

Ensure workplace safety and compliance with our digital days without accident or incident signs. Our digital signage solutions help you maintain a safer workplace by keeping everyone informed and engaged. Easily display the number of days without accidents or incidents using a custom days without accident sign to promote a culture of safety.

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Days since last accident
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We can build and submit information electronically. Awesome tool to use. I love the fact that we don’t have to rely on uploading USB sticks and installing them on TV’s. With this system and technology it is easier and user friendly to submit information. I love Rise Vision!

Earlina Penson
Safety Supervisor
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Examples of Days Without Accident Signs

A digital sign in a manufacturing facility breakroom showing 221 days since the last accident.

Bilingual Safety Signs

Communicate safety messages effectively across a diverse workforce with bilingual safety signs. These digital displays ensure that all employees, regardless of language, receive important workplace safety information clearly.

Days Without Incident Sign

Show previous record and display the days without any incidents to encourage a culture of vigilance and safety. Digital signs ensure that everyone is aware of the current safety status in real-time.

OSHA Safety Tips

Share crucial OSHA safety tips on digital signs to keep your employees informed about best practices and regulatory compliance. This continuous education supports a safer workplace.

Days Without an Accident Sign

Highlight your company’s safety achievements by showcasing the number of days without an accident or add a new record with ease. A digital safety scoreboard is easily updated and visible to all employees, reinforcing a commitment to workplace safety.

Days Without a Lost Time Accident Digital Signs

Keep your workplace informed and motivated with a digital display showing the number of days without a lost time accident in their department. This real-time counter helps promote safety and accountability across all locations.

Motivational Safety Signs

Inspire your team to prioritize workplace safety with motivational signs that display encouraging messages and safety statistics, such as previous record without injuries. These digital signs boost morale and reinforce a culture of safety throughout the workplace.

A digital sign in a warehouse break room showing a message that says "Good Housekeeping Promotes Safety. Do Your Part."

This Many Days Without an Accident Sign

Celebrate safety milestones with digital signs that prominently display the number of accident-free days. It’s an effective way to boost morale and keep safety top-of-mind.

Near Miss Safety Incident Explanation

Educate your workforce about near miss incidents with digital displays explaining what they are and how to report them. This helps prevent actual accidents by addressing potential hazards early.

Days Without Injury Sign

Track and display the number of days without an injury using digital signage. This helps maintain a high standard of workplace safety and keeps everyone informed.

A digital sign in an industrial facility that says "Be Careful. Report all incidents, accidents, and injuries to your supervisor immediately."

OSHA Days Since Accident Sign

Stay compliant with OSHA regulations by displaying the number of days since the last reportable injury or accident. Digital signs are an efficient way to ensure that this crucial information is always up-to-date.

Safety Incentive Programs

Promote your safety incentive programs throughout the departments with digital signage that highlights rewards for maintaining a safe work environment. This encourages participation and adherence to workplace safety protocols.

Days Without a Lost Time Accident vs Previous Record

Motivate your team to beat previous safety records by displaying the current days without a lost time accident alongside the best previous record. These digital signs encourage continuous improvement in workplace safety practices.

Report All Accidents

Reinforce the importance of reporting all accidents with a digital sign that acknowledges and tracks these reports. This helps improve safety protocols and prevent future incidents.

Days Since Reportable Incident

Use digital signs to show the number of days since the last reportable incident. This transparency helps foster a safety-conscious work environment.

Safety Milestone Celebrations

Celebrate safety milestones with dynamic digital signage that highlights key achievements, such as reaching a new record for accident-free days. These celebrations help foster a sense of pride and commitment to maintaining a safe work environment.

Rise Vision has been an intricate part of enhancing our safety program. It has enabled a constant visual reminder and an optimized platform to communicate safety information throughout the entire organization efficiently and effectively.  This method of communication and the information has impacted our safety frequency by increasing the awareness and understanding of past incidents, also future risks. 

This ability to quickly share incidents and best practices throughout our teams has allowed us to see a reduction in corporate IT cyber threat incidents and workers comp incidents reported. 
The Rise Vision system has also provided a platform that positively supports the HR team with communicating important information, which in turn has created a positive impact in employee satisfaction.

Joseph Hunt
Warehouse Operations Analyst
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Benefits of Days Without Accident Signs


Real-Time Safety Updates

Keep your safety information current with real-time updates on digital signs. Immediate recognition of safety milestones and quick response to incidents help maintain a safe working environment.


Remote Management of Safety Messages

Easily update and manage your days without accident signs from anywhere using your phone, tablet, or laptop. Ensure your safety messages are always relevant and up-to-date without being tied to a desk.


Customized Safety Messaging

Tailor your safety messages based on time of day and location. Share daily safety goals at shift start, display ongoing safety metrics during the day, and provide lighter content as employees leave.


Promote Safety Culture

Highlight accident-free days prominently with digital signage to instill a strong safety culture. Regularly updated accident-free metrics remind employees of the importance of safety protocols, helping reduce workplace incidents.


Boost Morale and Engagement

Celebrating accident-free days can significantly boost employee morale and engagement. Recognize and reward employees for their commitment to safety, fostering a sense of pride and motivation within the workforce.


Enhance Regulatory Compliance

Ensure your organization stays compliant with OSHA and other safety regulations by tracking and displaying accident-free days. Digital signage makes it easy to demonstrate your commitment to safety standards.

[Rise Vision helps us] get important information out to our employees quicker. This is a large company so we need to be able to communicate to our employees and ensure they all have the chance to receive the information we have for them. We are able to do this by placing screens in our breakrooms. Our screens show announcements and things such as how many job-related injuries we had that month.

IT Administrator
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Why Rise Vision for Days Without Accident Signs and Improving Safety

Easy to Use

Manage communications across your organization with our easy software and support for any hardware. 


Easy Software

Our software makes it simple to delegate managing your days without accident digital signs to employees across multiple departments and locations.

Any Hardware

Save money, don’t get stuck with proprietary hardware, and get more out of existing devices with our extensive hardware support. 

Multi-Location Communications

Manage communications across your organization with user roles, unlimited users, single sign-on, account hierarchy, emergency alerts, and expert help.


Amazing Templates

Save hours of content creation time with 600+ templates,
integrations, and weekly recommendations.

600+ Templates

Save hours of content creation time every week with 600+ professionally designed, animated, and customizable templates.

Popular Integrations

Automatically pull content from services like Power BI, Microsoft 365, local weather, news, Google Workspace, Canva, and more.

Weekly Recommendations

Stay inspired all year and keep your digital signage fresh with our weekly template recommendations and annual template calendar. 

The Best Service

Get amazing service, free training, and fast free support from our knowledgeable team.


Free Support

Replies in less than a business hour, phone, email, and remote desktop support all for free from a team backed by a 99% customer satisfaction rating.

Free Training

Don’t pay for costly training sessions. Get your organization up to speed fast on Rise Vision with our free training sessions.

Affordable Pricing

Save hundreds with our simple, transparent pricing. Options for every business, volume discounts, and hardware as a service to eliminate capex.  

We use Rise Vision in our manufacturing plants. It is great for communication to our employees! To let them know about safety issues, employee recognition, etc. The software is super easy to use. If you know PowerPoint, Rise Vision is better and easier. They also have excellent templates. Two thumbs up!

Shane Clemons
Manufacturing IT Systems Manager
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Create a Days Without Accidents Sign In 3 Easy Steps


1. Pick a template

Pick from over 500 templates to improve communication


2. Customize it

Easily customize any templates


3. Push to your display

Activate displays throughout your organization

We are now able to communicate effectively to a large workforce in a manufacturing setting. The displays are set up in the lunchrooms and break rooms at our multiple facilities, so employees are able to get up-to-date information when it works best for them. We also are running an RSS feed at their request so they are able to get news from outside the company when they don't have access to their smartphones.

Tyler Zeutenhorst
Operations Technology Specialist
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