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9 Free Digital Signage Backgrounds

9 Free Digital Signage Backgrounds

A couple weeks ago we published a blog post with 8 free digital signage backgrounds that you could use. It ended up getting a lot of attention so we decided to create 9 more! You can download them by right clicking and selecting "Save image as".

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Layout 1 - Restaurant

This is a very simple layout that you could use for a variety of uses. When I created it I thought it would be perfect to display a menu for a signage layout for restaurant

Layout 2 - Multiple Boxes

This is a pretty busy layout. It has room for a text scroller, text or image announcements a 16:9 box for a video and another empty space that could be used with a weather Widget.Digital Signage Background with empty space

Layout 3 - Restaurant with Boxes

This layout is pretty much the exact same as the first one expect the box has been split in two. Perfect for displaying two menus!digital signage layout two boxes

Layout 4 - Coffee Shop Background

A coffee shop background, perfect for displaying your drink selection.Digital Signage Background for displaying drink selection

Layout 5 - Cinema

This one is a trimmed down version of Layout 2, it has a spot for a text scroller and video.Digital Signage Background with spot for scroller and video

Layout 6 - Split Screen with Diagonal Partition

Switching things up with some angles.Digital Signage Background with angles

Layout 7 - Split Screen

Basic layout perfect for displaying text and accompanying images.Digital Signage Background for text and images

Layout 8 - Blue & Yellow Border

Another basic layout with a large area for images and a bottom band for accompanying captions.Digital Signage Background with large area for images

Layout 9 - Coffee Background Split Screen

A slightly different version of Layout 4.Digital Signage Background alternative for displaying drink selection

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