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    7 Uses of Community Digital Signage

    The uses of community digital signage.

    Digital signage is often associated with advertising or marketing campaigns, popular as a means to reach more customers and increase sales. However, it has a much wider application than that.

    Digital signs are also being utilized by small communities to keep residents informed and improve their quality of life. Here are just a couple of ways community digital signage is being adopted all around the world. 

    Create a More Attractive Gateway 

    As they say, first impressions are crucial, and that’s true even in the case of small cities or establishments. Local governments and businesses are beginning to pass on static billboards and are turning to digital signs or electronic bulletin boards to welcome people in style and make a lasting impact. 


    Improve Tourism 

    When tourists visit a new place, they likely want to experience everything it has to offer — from the local delicacies to attractions and events. Community digital signage can be used to assist tourists and introduce them to places they can go and activities they can try. 

    It can also be used to supercharge tourism and promote local attractions and events, giving tourists a memorable experience that will entice them to return. Some cities have even utilized digital signs to help tourists navigate the area, such as in the form of a city directory, directional signs, or guides to public transportation

    Digital signs used in this manner can help local governments save on the costs of printing brochures, flyers, and travel itineraries. 


    Promote Public Safety 

    City billboard with public safety information.

    Probably the most important use of community digital signage is to promote public safety. Because of its large size and impressive visibility, it can easily alert locals of weather conditions, emergencies, evacuation orders, and health advisories, as well as provide advice on how to stay protected. 

    Outdoor digital signs have proven to be quite effective in delivering important safety messages, able to reach pedestrians, commuters, and motorists quickly and efficiently. Hence, many small towns use it as a primary means to give emergency alerts, supplemented by the news and other platforms. 


    Support Local Establishments

    Local establishments are the lifeblood of small towns and cities. Digital signs are often used in these settings to promote a business, introduce offers, or support local events and community drives. 

    They are far more effective than the traditional approach of printing posters and handing out flyers, most of which just end up in the trash. Digital signs are more effective at catching attention and generating interest among their viewers. 


    Keep Residents Informed 

    Small cities often have tight-knit communities, which makes digital signs all the more effective in sending updates and keeping locals informed. They can be used to announce things like volunteer drives, upcoming events and activities, important news updates, or newly opened businesses.

    In Etowah, North Carolina, a 16 mm outdoor digital sign that announced the recruitment of a firefighting and emergency rescue campaign was able to expand its volunteer base drastically, more than what it was able to yield with previous word-of-mouth announcements. 


    Raise Awareness for PSA Campaigns 

    High-rise digital signage displaying a logo.

    Small-town residents are naturally very involved in their local communities and are active when it comes to supporting advocacies and public service campaigns. Digital signs can help further this objective by raising awareness of community issues and giving every resident the chance to take action. 

    Community digital signs have been used for suicide awareness, social services, reminders for traffic and driving rules, etc. One of its most notable applications is lemonade manufacturer County Time’s DOOH campaign, which raised awareness of the absurd illegality of putting up kid-run lemonade stands and invited viewers to sign petitions to legalize it. 


    Advocate for Vulnerable Groups 

    Digital signs are public messaging tools that can be utilized to advocate for vulnerable or marginalized groups like the homeless, hungry, or abused. The purpose of which is often to raise awareness, ask for donations, or recruit volunteers. 

    With the use of dynamic content, strong images, engaging videos, and impactful copy, digital signs can boost awareness and resonance for advocacies more effectively. 


    Digital Signage for a Cause 

    Despite being more commonly used for advertising, digital signage is a communications tool and is finding its place for more meaningful purposes. With its ability to attract attention, its high visibility, and its power to engage and drive action, its application in small cities and communities is fundamental. 

    From promoting safety to raising awareness on advocacies, it’s a powerful tool to provide information, keep residents in the loop, and make a community a safer, better place to live. Sign up for a free trial of our digital signage software and see its positive impact.

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