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    Library Digital Signage Ideas and Examples

    Whether you are a small local library or a large public library, digital signage is an excellent tool for engaging patrons in the library environment. From wayfinding to book recommendations and events, there are many creative ways to use digital signage at the library.


    This article will explore library digital signage ideas and examples to help you create an effective digital signage strategy. With the right planning, technology, and content, you can build a powerful system to engage with patrons and communicate important information. Let's get started!

    Importance of Digital Signage in a Library

    Digital signage is an invaluable tool for libraries needing to communicate important information quickly and effectively. It allows library staff to display messages, announcements, events, and more in real-time on screens located throughout the facility. 

    This helps keep patrons informed of any changes or updates as soon as they occur, reducing confusion and keeping them better informed. 

    Digital signage can also be used to provide an interactive and engaging experience for patrons, allowing them to access additional information or resources easily. This can help increase the value of library services by providing an easy way to find out more about what’s available in the building. 

    From informing visitors about events and changes to providing interactive experiences, digital signs can be a powerful tool for libraries to enhance their services. With this technology, libraries can ensure that everyone visiting their facility is informed and up-to-date with the latest news and resources, providing a more enjoyable and efficient experience for all. 

    Best Library Digital Signage Ideas

    Digital signage in a library

    With digital signage, libraries can create an immersive environment that engages patrons in ways never before possible. Here are some ideas to help you incorporate free digital signage in your library. 

    Wayfinding Signage

    Library wayfinding signage is a key component of providing visitors with an enjoyable and informative library experience. It helps ensure they can easily navigate the library's physical space and access the resources they need. Library staff can use digital signs to direct people toward collections, reading rooms, facilities, and other areas within the building.

    Library Catalog

    A shelf of books in a library.

    Libraries have been using digital signage solutions to improve the user experience in their catalog sections. By displaying the most relevant information on screens, they can help library patrons quickly find what they are looking for.

    Games, Quiz & Other Contests

    Libraries are about more than just books! They can also hold fun activities like games, quizzes, and contests. Digital signage can alert visitors when these events are happening so they can take part in the fun. With interactive displays that make it easy to see what’s going on in the library, visitors won’t miss out on any of the excitement.

    Writer’s Wall of Fame

    To honor the creative minds that have shaped our culture, many libraries around the world have taken to adding a Writer's Wall of Fame feature in their branches. These digital signs provide a platform for recognizing influential authors, poets, playwrights, and other writers that have made a lasting mark on our world. 

    The Writer's Wall of Fame is often comprised of images, text, and videos that showcase the writer's life and work. The content can range from biographical information to excerpts from the writer’s works or discussions with the author. Libraries have even started to host events, such as book signings and talks with the writer, in order to further recognize their achievements.

    Special Suggestions & Highlights

    A digital display can be used to showcase recent arrivals, featured books, popular authors, or even upcoming events in the library. Digital signage also allows libraries to customize content for specific audiences, such as children or adults. 

    With the use of digital signage, library patrons are provided with more opportunities to find relevant and engaging materials that meet their needs. Additionally, this type of signage can be used to promote programming, community services, and other activities available at the library.

    Social Wall

    Adding social wall digital signage to libraries can be a great way to engage patrons and promote the library's services in an interactive, creative way. With it in place, the library allows visitors to interact with each other through comments or feedback as well as participate in surveys or polls. 

    The library can also use the wall to gather feedback, where patrons can provide their thoughts and opinions on various topics related to the library and its services.

    Digital Notice Board

    Digital signage is a great way to keep library patrons up-to-date with current events, programs, and services. It can also be used as an attractive way to promote the library's resources and collections. 

    With digital signage, libraries can easily provide real-time updates about new books, materials, events, or classes that are available. It also allows library staff to create a dynamic, ever-evolving display of information that can be customized for each individual user.

    Nearest Cafés Listing

    People on their laptops in a café

    Digital signage can enhance the user experience by providing a comprehensive list of nearby cafés along with other helpful information. This can help people quickly find what they are looking for and make their visit more enjoyable. 

    Furthermore, having this type of signage can help to increase foot traffic to the library, as patrons will be drawn in by the convenience and easy access to information.

    Local Business Directory

    With digital signage, libraries can easily display a variety of resources and services related to their local communities in an engaging and interactive manner. They can use it to showcase local businesses, restaurants, services, events, job postings, and other relevant community information.

    Library FAQ

    Digital signage in libraries allows users to easily find answers to common questions, like where to find a specific book or where the restrooms are located. Library staff can update content on digital displays, quickly changing messages when needed. 

    Digital signage also helps libraries to create dynamic and engaging experiences with sound, animation, and interactive elements that regular paper-based signs can’t provide.

    Weekly Top 5 Most Popular Books

    One popular use for digital signage is displaying the weekly top 5 most popular books. By providing this information on a digital display, library staff can ensure that patrons are aware of the most read books in their library each week. 

    This can help bring more patrons into the library to check out these titles, and can even encourage them to explore other new releases or genres they may not have otherwise considered. Additionally, the display can also be helpful by alerting patrons when the most popular books become unavailable due to high demand.

    Computer Terminal Availability

    Computer terminals in a library

    Digital signs can be used to quickly and accurately inform library patrons of which computers are available, allowing them to make informed decisions when selecting their workstation. This technology also allows library staff to manage their resources more efficiently and reduces wait times for users.

    Library Facilities, Membership Plans & Services

    Digital signage can be used for announcements such as opening and closing times, special events, or advertising new initiatives. It is also possible to use digital signage to showcase library services, such as membership plans & services or information about new books and databases. 

    By utilizing the power of multimedia, libraries can make their facilities more engaging and informative. Digital signage provides a great opportunity to attract new members while also keeping existing members up-to-date on important developments within the facility.

    Library Branding

    Digital signage can be an extremely effective tool for library branding. By displaying relevant and engaging content, libraries can improve visibility and promote their brand to both potential and existing customers in a way that is attention-grabbing and interactive.

    Library Event/Workshop Promotion

    Libraries are ideal places for hosting events and workshops, offering a safe, comfortable environment to learn, network, and explore. Adding digital signage to library spaces can help promote these types of activities and increase awareness of them among patrons.

    New Books and Media Arrivals

    Having digital signage which displays new book and media arrivals is an excellent way to engage members, boost library usage, and increase circulation. 

    Digital signage can quickly display all of the new materials that are available for checkout and allow members to browse through a library's newest bookshelves without having to physically get up.

    Café Menus and Nutritional Info

    Installing digital signage for café menus and nutritional information in libraries is a great way to make people aware of healthy options. By displaying relevant nutrition facts, customers can make informed decisions about the food they choose to eat while reading a book.

    Online Learning Opportunities

    Libraries can gain a significant advantage by embracing digital signage to showcase the various online learning opportunities available. Not only do digital signs make it easier for library visitors to discover what is offered, but they can also provide detailed information and visuals to help people understand exactly what they can get out of the education programs.

    Current Weather and Forecast

    Digital signage in libraries can be used to alert visitors of any weather-related closures or alerts that may be in effect. It can also help them plan their day by providing real-time updates on the current weather conditions. 

    This type of signage should provide important information such as temperature, wind speed, precipitation rate, and more while also showing graphic images of the forecast.

    Inspirational Quotes, Health Tips, and More

    Digital signs in libraries can be a great way to potentially inspire and educate library patrons. Inspirational quotes, health tips, and other informational content can be displayed on digital screens located in the library space. 

    This type of content helps provide library patrons with mental health resources, inspiring messages to help motivate them, and educational facts they may not already know.

    Digital signs are an effective way to increase the awareness of library offerings, engage customers with interesting content, and create a positive atmosphere in the library space. Libraries can even customize their digital signage content for different times of day or days of the week!

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