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    Are You Making These 4 Common Digital Signage Mistakes?

    Are You Making These 4 Common Digital Signage Mistakes?

    You’ve invested a lot of time and work into your digital signage, so why are people just walking by it and not giving it a second look? There are many things users do right with Rise Vision, but there are a few things that we see people do wrong. Below are four common mistakes users make when they create their presentation.

    1. The War and Peace Digital Display

    Pictures speak louder than words for most digital signs. Avoid long descriptions, lots of headers, and text in general--see the below example to see why having too much text can get in the way of your message. Focus on pictures that inspire, intrigue, and tell stories.

    Too Much Text

    2. The Image Splatter Display

    Images are great! Until they are not. Just as there can be too much text, there can also be too many images. Too many images will give your presentation a cluttered look that will turn off viewers--take a look at the example below. Viewers don’t want to see a bunch of photos thrown up on a display with very little thought.

    Too Many Photos on digital signage

    3. When Colors Collide

    Bright colors don’t always pop. Displays should have colors that don’t distract or contrast. Put on some sunglasses and take a look at the example below to see how colors can turn a presentation into a disaster. If you aren’t quite sure how to pick colors, there are plenty of free online tools that will help you make the right color choice (such as

    Contrasting Colors Design Example

    4. The Yawn Display

    Displays shouldn’t be boring. Many users fall into the trap of just using their displays as a photo slideshow. It’s tempting to do this--it’s easy after all! But easy doesn’t always engage viewers. You don’t have to be an artist to make your display attractive. You just have to take advantage of the tools out there to you.

    If you are a subscriber to the basic plan, then our Creative Team has new templates for you to use every month for free (non-paying users can also buy individual licenses for these templates). We also regularly add how-to’s for creating content that engages users--such as this one on streaming live events to your display or this one on turning displays into trivia games.

    Text + Images = Harmony

    The best displays are a marriage between all elements--text, videos, and images. Look at the image below and see how the University of Colorado Denver Business School was able to blend images, RSS, and school branding into a clean and uniformed design that uses both text and images.

    business school digital signage example

    If you are still a little lost, check out our article on digital signage best practices. You can also see even more problems your display might have in this post.

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