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Making an Emotional Connection With Your Enrollment Marketing Plan with CELPR and Rise Vision

Enrollment marketing plans are common for private schools, but what about public schools and districts? With declining birth rates and more choices for families, there is a renewed sense of urgency for marketing schools. How will you plan to attract and retain new students, families and staff?

Let’s explore strategic school marketing with school marketing experts CEL Marketing and PR, and walk away with the steps, tools and tactics for creating your marketing plan.

What You'll Learn

Did you know, in 2023, there were 1 million less students available to enroll into K-12 schools in the US. Every enrollment counts!

Watch this informative session lead by the school marketing experts from CEL Marketing | PR | Design. 

After this 45 minute webinar, you'll walk away with the steps, tools and tactics for creating your marketing plan.

Meet the Speakers

Janet Swiecichowski, EdD, APR

An award-winning leader in K-12 communications and marketing Janet has led school districts through a myriad of innovative opportunities over more than two decades in school marketing and public relations. As Vice President at CEL Marketing PR Design, she coaches school districts in launching new programs (i.e. language immersion, experiential learning, new technologies), gaining support for funding, and growing enrollment. Janet takes a strategic approach to messaging, engaging key audiences, and measuring results.

In all of her work, she prioritizes the fundamentals of relationship building, inspiring change, the four-step communications process, and applying ethics and law to build trust and advance key stakeholders toward visionary goals.

Chelsea Janke

Meet Chelsea Janke, Vice President of Integrated Marketing. With more than 15 years of dedicated service, Chelsea is known for her meticulous attention to detail and her drive for effective implementation, resulting in impactful outcomes for clients. 

An accomplished speaker, she regularly presents to diverse audiences ranging from school boards and professional association members to annual conferences and administrative staff events. Chelsea captivates audiences with her practical advice that can be applied in real-world contexts.

Chelsea Janke is a dynamic force in integrated marketing, driving client success through her technological acumen, strategic mindset, and collaborative spirit.

Hosted by:

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