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    We Just Released 5 New Digital Signage Templates!

    New Digital Signage Templates

    They were designed based off of feedback from a number of higher education customers.

    However, they can be used in all sorts of settings. These templates are designed to be simple and easy to customize. You can use them in a set or, pick and choose, it’s up to you. The bright colours, transitions and movement help attract attention. We decided to keep the content brief so that a passerby can quickly take it all in. No need to bombard them with too much information at once!

    The templates are available in our store and as always we would love to hear what you think in our Community.

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    Note: Some of these templates use premium Widgets, and when you add the template to your account the trial period will start. But, we will not bill you unless you buy the Widget and schedule it to a display. You can see which of templates are using which premium Widgets in by reading their product descriptions here.

    To get an idea of what's possible here’s an example we created using one of them.

    demo university digital signage content

    Here are all of the templates:

    weather university digital signage content

    events university digital signage content

    YouTube university digital signage content

    Instagram university digital signage content

    facebook university digital signage tv

    Free templates are a great way to get started with your digital displays. They can be set up in a few minutes and can be customized and updated as needed.

    We hope you love them as much as we do! Let us know if you have any questions or need help creating more complex displays and we'd love to help.

    Want more digital signage design resources? Check out the links below!

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