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    LED Tickers - Not Just For Trading Floors & Sports Bars

    LED Tickers For Any Business

    When most people think of an LED Ticker, they picture a Wall Street trading floor, with stock quotes blurring by with cryptic symbols.  Or perhaps you envision sports scores and odds scrolling by at a casino sportsbook.  While these are very popular applications, architects and designers are coming up with unique and innovative ways to incorporate LED Tickers into artistic, but also informative displays.

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    Led Tickers

    An LED Ticker is a tremendous compliment to any business’ digital signage marketing strategy.  Not only is it unique, but the brightness, colors, and movement will attract a visitor's eye, as well.  Plus, you can broadcast much more than stock or sports information.  With easy to use browser-based software, you can input custom messages showcasing a new product, or welcome an important visitor all from your smartphone.  You can also stream your business’ Twitter feed, which is a fun way to promote your brand and can make your LED Ticker interactive with employees and guests.

    led tickers

    What Can You Show with an LED Ticker?

    LED tickers deliver cutting edge technology, using quality imaging for text or animated messaging designed to provide highly visible information to your target audience. We often see clients display their own information or advertising on one line and stream stock and financial data on the other.

    Engage Your Audience With the Right Content

    To make sure you get the most out of your LED ticker, it’s important to consider the type of content you may want to display. Below are some of the most common things we see.

    1) Your Business's Messages

    Use an LED ticker to inform your audience, promote events, or upsell products and services. A ticker is a great way to catch the attention of employees, visitors, and everyone in between, and the possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can communicate to your audience!

    2) Important News

    Looking for a continuous stream of content? Why not show financial or sports news? This is a great option if this type of information is important to your audience!

    3) Twitter

    As mentioned above, you can interact with your audience live from your ticker by displaying tweets straight from your Twitter account.

    Benefits of LED Tickers

    Besides looking pretty cool, LED tickers come with a lot of benefits including the following:

    • Inform, attract, and educate your audience with targeted and personalized messages
    • Promote your business to visitors, clients, and prospects
    • Save space while still being visible from a distance
    • Reduce marketing costs associated with static signs, posters, white boards, etc.
    • Designed to maximize your visibility as a business
    • An LED board makes your information truly live and eye-catching
    • LED signs can be programmed to be continuously moving, which attracts more eyeballs to the displayed message
    • Displays can be made flexible and fit practically any shape

    Although you may be used to seeing LED lights in more traditional applications, technological advancements have made it easier than ever for businesses of any kind to use them as a part of their communications strategy.

    Whether your Ticker is hanging from a wall in a straight line, curved into a circular arrangement, or is recessed into a wall as a unique design, your display will attract visitors 24/7.

    Don’t be boring, and consider standing out with an LED Ticker!

    For more information, a comprehensive photo gallery, and detailed specifications visit

    led tickers

    Led Tickers

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