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    How to Use Digital Signage in Manufacturing to Avoid Accidents

    Occupational safety is one of the top priority concerns for many employers, especially in environments such as factories, production lines, and other manual-labor-focused establishments. Employers are continually searching for ways to increase safety and prevent workplace accidents, and digital signage is one great tool for doing so. There are several ways using digital signage software in manufacturing can help improve safety conditions, such as providing relevant information, broadcasting alerts, and more.

    The Importance of Safety in Manufacturing

    According to Enterprise Apps Today, the number of workplace fatalities globally is predicted to reach 160 million in 2023. In the United States, around 14 workers get injured every second, and almost 300 American workers get injured by falling, slipping, or tripping every day.

    In order to avoid these scenarios, employers need to abide by the rules and regulations put in place by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). However, according to Statista, it would take OSHA anywhere between 41 and 323 years to inspect all job sites in every state. This means that ensuring compliance with these regulations on a larger scale is practically impossible.

    For this reason, employers need to resort to other tools to ensure their staff is aware of and acquainted with the rules of conduct. This is where digital signage comes into play. Using digital signage in manufacturing is a great way to increase safety and help avoid workplace accidents.

    How Digital Signage Can Improve Safety in the Manufacturing SectorA factory worker wearing personal protection equipment.

    As we have already explained, there are multiple ways in which manufacturing facilities can use digital signage to improve workplace safety. Let us take a closer look at some of them.

    Providing Information Regarding Workplace Safety

    Employees need to have clear and correct information regarding workplace hazards, risks, and safety concerns. Digital signage is an easy way to ensure an uninterrupted and efficient flow of new and important information. 

    This information can be anything from real-time updates regarding workplace conditions to general tips and tricks on improving personal wellness and safety, to relevant policy changes. Basically, the sign can act as a digital bulletin board where all safety-related information will be displayed for the entire staff to see.

    Reminding Employees of the Rules of Conduct

    Digital signs are also an excellent way to remind staff of the rules and regulations they already know. For instance, the sign could remind employees to wear appropriate personal protection equipment (if applicable), take regular breaks to avoid overexertion, or abide by any other relevant rules of conduct to promote safety and avoid accidents.

    Broadcasting Emergency Alerts

    One of the most important ways that digital signage is effective in avoiding workplace accidents is through broadcasting emergency alerts. Although auditory alerts might grab the employees’ attention better, digital signage is an excellent supplementary tool for ensuring that everybody is aware of the situation. This is especially true in environments where staff is required to wear ear protection and might not be likely to hear an auditory alert.

    Boosting Safety-Focused Staff Engagement

    Another way to use digital signage to improve overall occupational safety is by raising awareness among staff through engagement-boosting messaging. There are several ways to do this. One suggestion is to put up a days-without-accidents counter. Another way to do this could be to share relevant safety statistics, either company- or industry-wide. While this type of messaging may seem redundant at first, it actually creates a common goal among staff to reach a higher number on the counter or improve the statistics. In other words, it boosts morale and motivates employees to be more aware of safety-related practices.

    Other Benefits of Digital Signage in ManufacturingFactory worker wearing a reflective vest and a helmet.While occupational safety is a major, and arguably the most important, benefit of using digital signage in manufacturing, it is far from the only one. Other benefits include:

    • Boosting productivity: Digital signs can make the staff more efficient by providing reminders of weekly, monthly, or quarterly targets, naming the most valuable employees, or otherwise motivating the staff to maintain a high level of productivity.
    • Improving employee communication: Not all the information displayed on your digital signs needs to be safety-related. You can also convey other relevant notices such as industry updates, planned inspection times, and more.
    • Promoting engagement: Staff should be kept in the loop in terms of current production processes, equipment status, and more, even if this information isn’t directly related to their specific role. Being aware of the “bigger picture” in manufacturing processes will boost employee engagement and the overall quality of work.

    Ensure Workplace Safety With Digital Signage

    With all the different ways you can use digital signage to improve occupational safety and decrease the chances of accidents, this is a tool most employers can’t afford not to have. In addition, beyond protecting the well-being of staff, digital signage can also bring many other benefits to manufacturing facilities, such as optimized processes and improved information flows.

    Are you looking to add digital signs to your manufacturing facility and add another layer of safety for your employees? If so, you will also need powerful digital signage software to be able to convey clear and timely messages. Test out our free digital signage software with the help of our team and experience first-hand just what digital signage can do for you.

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