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    Everything You Should Know About the Digital Signage Pitch

    When setting up a digital signage system, one of the most important tasks (if not the most important) is choosing the right LED displays. There are several factors that go into this decision, such as the brand and the model of the display, its dimension, price, mounting options, and so on. Another important factor to consider is the pixel pitch. While not as well-known as the other criteria, digital signage pitch is crucial when picking displays and it can make or break your whole setup. 

    What Is a Digital Signage Pitch?

    If you’ve been browsing for LED displays for your digital signage software, odds are you’ve already stumbled upon the term pixel pitch. But what does it mean, exactly?

    Pixel pitch is the distance between two pixels on an LED display. In this case, every single diode actually represents a pixel. So, for instance, a 6-millimeter pixel pitch means that there is a distance of 6 millimeters between the centers of each two pixels. The pixel pitch of displays is usually marked with the letter P. The number after the P indicates the value of the pitch. In other words, a 6-millimeter pitch will have the symbol P6. 

    Unlike with camera pixels, where the higher the number, the better the quality, a lower pixel pitch will produce a better-quality image. Put simply, a P6 LED display is better than a P10 LED display. 

    How to Choose the Right Digital Signage Pitch?

    A close-up of LED diodes.

    Now that you’re better acquainted with the pixel pitch, let’s tackle the main things to consider when choosing the right pitch for your digital signage setup. 


    The first thing to keep in mind is the location of your digital sign. If you plan on purchasing a large display that will be located further away (for instance, on the side of a building or at a sports arena), you can go with higher-pitch displays.

    On the other hand, if you’re planning to hang your digital sign in a room where people will stand much closer to it (such as in conference rooms, shopping malls, transportation hubs, etc.), you should go with a lower-pitch display.

    Don’t worry, the pitch values you should pick are not as arbitrary as they may seem. The easiest way to choose is to translate a display’s pixel pitch into the optimal viewing distance. In short, the pitch value in millimeters is the same as the optimal viewing distance in meters. In other words, a P6 LED display should ideally be viewed from 6 meters (circa 20 feet) away. 


    Another thing to consider when choosing the right digital signage pitch is the purpose of your signs, i.e. what will be displayed on them. Visuals with a lot of small details (such as text, graphs, and so on) need to be clearly visible and readable. For this reason, this type of content requires a lower pitch than, say, regular images.


    The last thing to consider when picking a digital signage display is your budget. Naturally, lower-quality displays (i.e. those with a higher pixel pitch) tend to cost less than those with low pitches. If you intend for your displays to be viewed at a distance of around 10 feet or more, you really don’t need to spend more on a super low pitch. 

    Additionally, low-pitch displays have a higher number of diodes than high-pitch displays of the same dimensions. This translates to higher power consumption and, by extension, higher expenses over time. 

    Set Up Your Digital Signage System With Rise Vision

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