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    Case Study: LaGrange Theatre Digital Signage

    LaGrange Theatre Case Study

    The Background

    The LaGrange Theatre has been entertaining residents of LaGrange, IL and surrounding Chicago suburbs for over 80 years. Built in 1925, it was originally a live theatre that brought the most popular acts of that time to town. As the entertainment industry changed, the theatre was converted to motion pictures in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s.

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    More recently, LaGrange Theatre owners carried out a 3 million dollar renovation to completely revitalize their popular 4-screen venue. To help them update the way that they advertise within the theatre, they enlisted the services of local technology consulting firm All Information Services, Inc., a Rise Vision partner.

    According to AIS President Jeff Pieta, “Prior to the renovation, on-screen advertising at the LaGrange Theatre was displayed using 1980’s technology slide projectors. Advertising in this way before the movies had proven to be effective, but the client desired a higher level of penetration.

    La Grange Theatre Digital Signage

    “AIS delivered this by installing two electronic displays by the ticket booth, four displays at the concession counters, a large display in the hallway, a large display outside the restrooms, in addition to a high-lumen LCD projector in each of the four theatres. The locations of the twelve displays provides for near-total traffic exposure.”

    Asked how they accomplished it all, Mr. Pieta replied, “AIS provided a turn-key solution: we managed the overall project, installed low voltage and electrical wiring to all the displays, engineered the entire A/V distribution system, programmed the central media player and developed a monitoring and control mechanism for the overall system.”

    Central to their multi-display solution was the implementation of their Rise Private Network software, which allowed AIS technicians, and now LaGrange Theatre staff, to connect and control the content of all twelve screens. Theatre owners now have the choice of scheduling and sending either the same message to all of their displays, or a unique targeted variation to each individual screen. Said Mr. Pieta, “The combination of the greater number of displays, the higher resolution, and the advanced features of the Rise Vision software created a more professional and effective product.”

    LaGrange Theatre owner David Rizner concurred: “AIS developed and installed an amazing custom advertising system that brought the LaGrange Theatre to the 21th Century while maintaining a classic look.”

    Mr. Pieta says that the project has been good for his business. “The client is most impressed with the presentation, made possible by our team of professional designers and Rise Vision. And after installing the Rise Vision system in the LaGrange Theatre, we have received inquiries from other locally owned theatres that are interested in having the same system installed.”

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