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Crisis Management and School Security Webinar Series by CrisisGo and Rise Vision

Designed specifically for K-12 superintendents, directors of technology, and principals, this comprehensive 3-part series equips schools with the knowledge and strategies necessary to ensure a safe and secure learning environment. 

What You'll Learn

Part 1: Developing a Comprehensive Emergency Response Plan - Watch the recording on demand

  • In this session, discover the importance of emergency response planning in schools and gain a comprehensive understanding of the elements required for an effective emergency response plan.
  • Learn how to assess risks and vulnerabilities, establish communication protocols, evacuation plans, and recovery strategies.

Part  2: Improving Communication During a Crisis - Watch the recording on demand

  • Explore common communication challenges faced by schools and develop strategies for building a comprehensive crisis communication strategy.
  • From utilizing technology and various channels to crafting clear and timely messages, engaging with media and social media, and learning from real-life examples, this session equips you with the skills to navigate communication obstacles during critical moments.

Part 3: Security Measures to Prevent Unauthorized Access to School Grounds - Watch the recording on demand

  • Dive into assessing security risks and vulnerabilities, establishing access control systems, and enhancing physical security measures.
  • Discover strategies for personnel training, collaboration with law enforcement, responding to security threats, and implementing best practices.
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Hosted by:

Jennifer Jennings Jennifer Jennings Growth Marketing Manager Rise Vision Kelly Moore Kelly Moore Sr. School Safety Specialist CrisisGo
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