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We Are the Champions: Becoming a Youth Champion webinar by Active Minds and Rise Vision

Did you know that youth with even one safe and responsive adult in their lives report significantly fewer mental health-related concerns? Active Minds is dedicated to help ensure that all youth have a Champion. Join this session to learn more about becoming a Youth Champion to ensure the young people in your life feel confident coming to you in times of crisis, celebration and every situation in between. 

What You'll Learn

In the hour-long dialogue, participants will:

  • Gain an understanding of the four main attributes that characterize a Youth Champion
  • Explore the data-backed impact of Youth Champions on the mental health and positive life outcomes of youth
  • Brainstorm what interpersonal work we may need to do to strengthen our own Youth Championship

Join us for We Are the Champions, the first dialogue in our Youth Champion Connections workshop.

Meet Active Minds

Driven by data that underscores rising rates of mental health stress and illness among youth and young adults, Active Minds, the nation’s leading nonprofit organization supporting mental health awareness and education for youth and young adults is harnessing the power of one of the greatest determining factors in youth mental health and wellness, the power of thoughtful, affirming, trustworthy adults, also known at Active Minds as Youth Champions. 

Hosted by:

Jennifer Jennings Jennifer Jennings Growth Marketing Manager Rise Vision Tyrrell Jeffries Tyrrell Jeffries Director K-12 Initiatives Active Minds Ashley Hill Ashley Hill Sr. Manager K-12 Partnerships Active Minds
Presented by: Rise Vision Logo Active Minds

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