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Digital Signage for Classrooms

Let’s face it … school classrooms are boring. Make yours exciting!

Digital Signage as a Teaching Aid
Teaching Aids
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How do you get started with digital signage?

Step 1

Pick a template

To get started with Rise Vision digital signage software,  you’ll need to first pick a template from our website or from this page and then sign up for a free Rise Vision trial account.

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Step 2

Activate your display

After picking a template and then creating a Rise Vision trial account, it's time to activate your display.

To share Rise Vision to digital signage you need a digital signage display or TV and a digital signage media player if it isn't built into the TV.

Share Digital Signage Anywhere Rise Vision
Step 3

Keep it interesting

Remember to continue communicating better by subscribing to our free weekly template recommendations and be sure to attend one of our free weekly training sessions. Also, we’re standing by if there’s any problem, feel free to contact us anytime.

Keep It Interesting Digital Signage
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“… the support [at Rise Vision] has been fantastic … instead of just receiving a generic email response, we were also given customized screencasts explaining solutions and options in great detail. I haven’t had that experience with any other tech company before.”

Iain Brew

“Rise Vision has been a great addition to our school communication system.”

Cassy Hansen

“We love our Rise Vision digital signage! Adding it to our lobby was a major upgrade in keeping our students, parents, and faculty informed about school happenings …”

National Presbyterian School

“Rise Vision has allowed us to have great looking, dynamic and interactive digital displays at a fraction of the cost compared to what other schools are doing, and ours look better!”

David Fassler

“Rise [Vision] is creative, competent, and eager for us to succeed.”

Gary Field
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