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    8 Free Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Posters

    8 Free Social Emotional Learning Posters

    Are you feeling a little stressed, anxious, or worried lately? It's natural to have these sorts of feelings at times, but it's important to know how to handle them so they don't take over your life. One great way to do this is to practice self-talk. This is just a fancy word for how you talk to yourself, and you start by asking yourself how you're feeling. The next step is to think about what you're feeling. If you feel like it's something you can do something about, then ask yourself what you can do to solve the problem.

    Now that the school year has started once again, it is understandable to feel this way. Children are social beings, and as they grow up, they develop many social and emotional skills that help them with their daily interactions with others. In order for children to grow up to be happy, well-adjusted adults, they too need to be aware of their emotions and how to manage them.

    Our design team has created 8 social and emotional learning (SEL) posters that will encourage students and faculty to learn more about these concepts. These posters feature concepts and famous quotes which create inspiring and positive messages. These posters are an easy way for your schools to highlight the importance of providing an amazing learning environment and will help motivate your students and staff, encouraging them while they explore new interests and learning new skills!

    Download the entire collection of FREE Social and Emotional Learning posters!

    - 8 landscape-oriented posters

    - 8 portrait-oriented posters

    - available in high-resolution PDF formats

    Download Free SEL Posters

    social emotional learning relationship skills poster

    Social and Emotional Learning - Relationship Skills Poster

    Building relationship skills is important for children because it builds trust, empathy, and responsibility. Children are more likely to engage in types of relationships that build these skills, which may lead to them being more successful in the types of relationships they form as adults. If parents model these skills, it will help children develop these skills as well.

    Relationships are an important part of having a happy and fulfilling life. From business, to personal relationships, having relationship skills creates more opportunities to have a higher chance of succeeding in school. Children are more productive and those with good relationship skills are more likely to have successful relationships and a happier life.

    Download the Relationship Skills Poster.

    social emotional learning social awareness poster

    Social and Emotional Learning - Social Awareness Poster

    Social awareness is one of the most important skills that children can learn and understand at an early age. Children must learn the value of other people and their time and energy. They must be taught that a person's time and energy is important, and that they should treat it with respect. Children should be taught to live a life where they are thoughtful of others, thoughtful of their choices, and mindful of other people and their feelings. Social awareness brings a sense of civility to the world.

    Download the Social Awareness emotional learning self management poster

    Social and Emotional Learning - Self-Management Poster

    Self-management is important for children because it teachers them how to act in different situations and adapt to different environments. For example, with self-management, children will be able to control their anger and frustration in order to handle the situation in the best way possible. This will help them be more understanding of others and be more understanding of themselves. Teaching children self-management will make them more respectful to others and more self-respectful to themselves. They will learn how to resolve conflict and manage their emotions. Teaching self-management to children will also allow them to have a better understanding of how their behavior effects others.

    Download the Self-Management Poster.

    Download the entire collection of FREE Social and Emotional Learning posters!

    - 8 landscape-oriented posters

    - 8 portrait-oriented posters

    -available in high-resolution PDF formats

    Download Free SEL Posters

    social emotional learning self awareness poster

    Social and Emotional Learning - Self-Awareness Poster

    Self-awareness is an important factor when it comes to education. The importance of this factor is that it promotes certain skills. These skills are the key components of success. Firstly, self-awareness can lead to more independence. Independence is necessary for children to be able to be successful in life. Next, self-awareness can lead to students being more accepting. This is because they'll start to be able to understand their feelings and what others are feeling. As a result, kids can accept challenges better because it creates positive instincts.

    Download the Self-Awareness Poster.

    social emotional learning responsible decision making poster

    Social and Emotional Learning - Responsible Decision-Making Poster

    There are many, many reasons why responsible decision-making is important for children, but the most important is the long and short-term impact that irresponsible decisions have on the life of the children who made them. It's difficult for children to be successful adults if they haven't learned how to make responsible decisions. This is because in order to be successful adults they'll have to know how to manage their time, prioritize their tasks, and make smart and healthy decisions. The other important reason is that if children make irresponsible decisions in their childhood they tend to make the same decisions as adults. This means it's important to teach your children how to make responsible decisions now so they don't have to learn how to make them later.

    Download the Responsible Decision-Making Poster.

    social emotional learning compassion poster

    Social and Emotional Learning - Compassion Poster

    The word "compassion" means "to feel or show concern or pity" for another human being. The sentiment has a significant impact on health and well-being, including reduced stress and increases in happiness. This suggests that the sentiment is a valuable tool to manage chronic stress, which is linked to a variety of ailments, including depression. Compassion is important for children because not only does it have the ability to help them manage their chronic stress and mental health, it also helps them relate to others and be more empathetic.

    Download the Compassion Poster.

    Download the entire collection of FREE Social and Emotional Learning posters!

    - 8 landscape-oriented posters

    - 8 portrait-oriented posters

    -available in high-resolution PDF formats

    Download Free SEL Posters


    social emotional learning empathy poster

    Social and Emotional Learning - Empathy Poster

    Empathy is important for children because it teachers them to have a sense of understanding about the feelings of others. When children are empathetic they want to help others and are kind to those around them. When people are in a situation where they are feeling bad for themselves, having empathetic children will make them feel better. When children are empathetic they have better social skills and are more confident. Empathy also helps build a sense of confidence and responsibility in children. When children have empathy they are less likely to bully other children or spread rumors about other children. Empathy is also important because it can make the world a better place. 

    Download the Empathy Poster.

    social emotional learning competencies poster

    Social and Emotional Learning - Composite Poster

    Schools are learning environments. Children are not just learning facts about their subjects, but they are also learning how to be good people. There is an opportunity for children to learn to be good people throughout the course of the school day. Teachers are one of the first role models children's see, so they should lead by example. If teachers are kind to others and patient with children, it sends the message to children that they should be kind and patient to others, too. Behaviors modeled by teachers should always be followed in a respectful manner.

    Download the Composite Poster.

    The free social and emotional learning poster set is available in both portrait and landscape orientations in PDF format. This gives lots of options and flexibility for sharing this information with students, whether online through slide decks, on social media, or in emails. These back to school assets are ideal for use in classrooms, hallways or bulletin boards. Also, with Rise Vision, these posters can be accessed as free templates that can be shared on digital signage throughout your school.

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